Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is really execution by stoning?

I heard in the news couple of times that somebody sentenced to execution by stoning but I didn't have any clue how do they carry the ruling! even though I read about it but it was hard to even imagine. Finally I watched following clip.

Note: following clip is very disturbing!

Now what do you think? isn't it barbaric? Even I can't consider this rule was right for 1400 years ago (begining of Islam) because if something is cruel it is always cruel! If Muslims say this rule was right for that era! I would say Muhammad should be a very cruel humankind and that Allah (God) is an ugly Allah.

In Quran, Allah says We created man and we blessed him with life! If the Allah is blessed man with life, wisdom and mind to decide on his own; why should he punish him for his choice and decision? why should it be such cruel? isn't it supposed to be the center of love and forgiveness? what kind of God it is? is it a fantasy of humankind which kills by stoning?! doesn't he give you the right to choose or argue? so what is that? it is foolish to believe there is an Allah and Muhammad was a prophet? it's foolish!

No offence to Muslims. I love of you but as a writer I have the right to express my opinion! so don't take it personally. thanks.

Update on July 16, 2010: The video was removed from YouTube, like always, so I had to find the original one, put some subtitles and put it back here. Hopefully YouTube won't remove this one.


  1. Stoning executions in general and the Ashtiani case in particular struck such a nerve in me that I wrote the following article: http://rightlegalhelp.net/blog/modern-day-human-sacrifice-iran Unfortunately, even though she may not be stoned, she is still scheduled for execution. I hope that sufficient international exposure concerning her case will compel the Iranian government to release her.

  2. Barbaric? Worse, evil and demonic. "Jesus said He who is without sin cast the first stone" is a from a love and mercy Islam does not know, much less teach.