Sunday, August 19, 2007

Iran - Jordan female soccer game and Islamists hypocrisy

Note: Sorry that I change title of this post on Aug, 21 2007 because it's much relevant to the content.

Following is a concise part of Iran Jordan female soccer game in mainstream media

Iran's women national soccer team has defeated Jordan's women team 3-2 in a friendly game in Ararat Stadium in Tehran on Sunday. More than 200 spectators watched the game and encouraged the Iranian team. The players of both sides had full Islamic Hijab.

But what they forget to mention was Jordanian's head coach, he was the only man who watched the game. Sure, he should too. Oh! Wait a minute! So what happened to Islam? Although all players had their Hijab and no man could attend to watch their game, did Islamic law just have compassionate toward head coach and let them stay in field? And the rule of Islam isn’t applying to head coach? Still the rules apply to average men which they shouldn’t watch women (specially while they playing :))?

Is it Islam hypocrisy or Islam get moderate for some people times to times?


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