Friday, August 31, 2007

How to train teens to kill for Islam

You shouldn't be here!

They are a volunteer based Iranian paramilitary force (Basiji) which is subordinate to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Sepah-e Pasdaran). These guys are teen and very young and most of the time they are attending school (Intermediate/High schools or college). In Islamic Revolutionary Guards they brainwash to Islamic teachings and they are getting ready to fight for their religion. They will learn they should spare their life for their religion and they will get reward in heaven! At the end, these guys will be next-generation of Islamic terrorists. President Ahmadinejad was one of them and he still is. They had terrors in Iran and overseas.

Some of you would say, Islam is a religion and nothing is wrong with it but honesty these teachings are destructive for humanity and I couldn’t justify it with anything else but Islam itself. Don’t you believe?! Ok. Just go ahead and read Quran for yourself then you will find out how that God (Allah) is a killer and continually punish people and kill them! Specially it punish infidels (like me :) ) so bad and it asks his follower to do so. Revolutionary Guard has a long history massacre in Iran .e.g. Forgotten Massacre of 1988 in Iran; Now they are passing their experience of violent terrors and brutal manners to youngsters.

We have to hold them accountable for their Islamic crimes and insanity then sooner or later they will respond.

You should study science!

It's not fun to take photo with arm’s explosion!

That guy in the poster killed himself like a suicider, you shouldn’t!

It's not your way, your future is not in war and Islam!


  1. What the hell is wrong with those terrorists man! Why do they tell their kids that when you kill yourself, your a hero. Its stupid, everybody remembers them for being dumb fucks who killed themselves.
    Frankie Navarro

  2. Please excuse my language, I just feel deeply about this subject.

  3. They are implanting Jihadist attitudes and goals in the mind of little ones to build future jihadists army.