Thursday, September 6, 2007

Iran has hanged 21 men in the latest of a series of executions

well, last night I came to this article in bbc and so let me copy it here then I will have my questions.

Iran has hanged 21 men in the latest of a series of executions that have been criticised by the EU and human rights groups, state media have reported.

Authorities executed 17 convicted drug smugglers in the north-eastern province Razavi Khorasan and four criminals in the southern city of Shiraz.

The hanging of the four men in Shiraz was reportedly watched by large crowds.

The number of executions in Iran has risen since July, when police launched a crackdown on "immoral behaviour".

Murder, rape, adultery, armed robbery, apostasy and drug smuggling are all punishable by death under the Islamic state's particular version of Sharia law.

A justice department official said that at least one criminal had been executed each week in Fars province, of which Shiraz is the capital, since the Iranian New Year on 21 March.

"This shows the efforts of the judiciary system in bringing about permanent social security and a serious confrontation with those people who are corrupt," Abdolnabi Najibi told the Fars news agency.

Amnesty International has protested against the rising number of executions in Iran this year, which had reached 124 before Wednesday's hangings.

The European Union has criticised Tehran's human rights record and expressed concern about the use of the death penalty.

Here is my part, most of people that I know approve that some of people that executed by IRI's regime weren't thugs, probably they were political prisoners or just they had different belief systems which the latter is highly expected to be true.

My question is, why do they execute them in front of people? if we accept they convicted a crime (any kind that against Islam rules) why should they get punished in front of people in street? Iran is no exception because Saudi Arabia does the same. They punish people in public. Why is it so? Do they want to spread fear to public people? Is this part of Islam or is it just current politics and nothing to do with Islam?!


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