Saturday, September 29, 2007

Iranian poor people and sacred bread

Praying (blessing)

One of the traditions during Ramadan in Iran is (almost) free food giveaway. I say almost because you won’t pay money but you should read (say) an Islamic honorific (prayer or blessings) which they call it, salawat. Everybody is in the line to get a bread because it’s free but also some of them believe it’s sacred.

But the point is most of the people who are in the line, are very very poor. Well, more than %40 of Iranians are poor and unfortunately under Ahmadinejad's government, they refuse to define poverty threshold, or poverty line.
I do believe most of these people wouldn’t stay in line if they did have enough food to eat.

Just take a look at them and you will get the point:

Look at his face, his happy to get a bread

very poor


  1. hey man, don't be silly! it's a culture in Iran. in their holidays they cook something and give it together!

  2. My friend may I correct you and say more than 80% are in poverty and in need due to the cause of dirty islamic rule by greedy retards in smelly rags.As for holidays looks like dirty akhoonds have been on one since 1979 and are not willing to leave.Still all things come to an end and that includes stinky akhoonds for sure.May the thick heavy boot of the Iranian people kick their fat asses back to the cave that they came from.