Friday, September 14, 2007

Iranian women aerobic team

The following photos are very interesting and opposed to moral police reactions to women in the streets! I mean, women even can’t have that much makeup that they have on their face! You can’t even think about that outfit and dresses!

The one in the middle sticked to Islamic dress code which called chador. if you do have such dress, you are free to have any kind of cloth under it, even sexy clothes! who knows what do you put on under that long-black-dress?! no one. By the way, if you put on such thing, no matter what you do, it considers Islamic :)

A chador is an outer garment worn by some Iranian women when they venture out into public; it is one possible way in which a Muslim woman may follow the Islamic hijab dress code.

Hypocrisy, is how they react even to some women with very good Hijab but they don’t consider it Islamic! For example in following photo, they arrested the woman in the photo because of her scarf while her little son is crying and she is begging to forgive her!


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