Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Muslims can not take criticism about Islam

Last night I had a long and frustrating conversation with some Muslims about some flaws in Islam, Quran and even Prophet. Well, honesty I can’t call it discussion because it was a hate speech from them. These guys can’t stand a discussion about Islam. It seems, they taught to bash people who is seeing through Islam! It was personal attacks and name calling! And these guys, give themselves right to say we have the best and last religion and everybody should convert to Islam! Irony is even they don’t accept that Muslims fight and attack who criticize Islam! Duh! If didn’t you attack me so what was that? Let me refresh your memory, you killed and threat to kill whoever criticize or write something about Islam, like Theo van Gogh. How about Danish cartoons? How about Pope’s Benedict XVI's speech in Germany about Islam last year?

Let me show you again Muslim photos from around the world, in defend of Islam! Many Pakistani women joined the demonstrations, holding placards describing the comments as the opening salvo in a crusade:

There were similar scenes in the Jordanian capital Amman:

And crowds cheered as an effigy of the Pope and a German flag were set alight. Outcome; Muslims can not take a criticism about Islam but who cares?! We have to inform whole world about Islamic threat that’s endangering humanity.

This image is from a march in Jakarta, Indonesia:

A number of churches in Palestinian areas have been attacked. This one in the West Bank town of Tulkarm was gutted by fire:

and you can see all of them in Fresh anti-Pope protests.


  1. Peace be upon you

    I would like to invite you to read the Quran yourself and forget any Muslim that you hear or see. If I see bad Christians I don't blame the religion I blame the people who do not reflect the true values of Christianity or Islam.

    So if you wish to really understand what Islam is about read the Quran, that's if you really want to know about Islam and your not just criticizing for the sake of criticism!


  2. @ Mustafa

    Well, first let me clear that, I do have the right to criticize for the sake criticism. I mean everyone have the same right and nobody has the right not to be offended. If there is an idea, ideology, thought, in fact anything, real or fantasy that exist within society or a person, then it solely gives people right to criticize it.

    Mustafa, there is nothing quran. it is just a book full of false assumptions, fantasy stories and barbaric sadistic allah that has nothing to do in this world than torturing people for the sake of testing their loyalty.

    If that fantasy god of yours was so knowing all, why put people through such great miseries? let them die horribly with long lasting diseases for ages........and yet no cure from that fantasy god of yours.

    Instead of believing in a fantasy god and a supposedly book of him! Please ask yourself, why these fantasy gods didn't write a book providing medications for all diseases?!

    Trust me then all people in world would believe in their existnce and their knowledge.