Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prostitution in Islamic Iran

Some of people who I know wouldn’t even dare to ask do you have prostitutes in Iran? But in the middle of daily discussions over coffee, we are talking about local life issues then topics like this one, come up and then they ask, in Iran we can’t see such things?! (because of Islamic picture in the world).

For sure, it’s not something that to be proud of but it’s a reality. I say sure you can find prostitutes almost everywhere in the city. I repeat everywhere! Why? Before Islamic revolution -1979 it was specific area in Tehran something like Red Light District – Amsterdam although it wasn’t legalized like what it is in Amsterdam but at least it was in one specific area of city. During Islamic revolution, they killed some prostitutes in very barbaric way! They tore a woman apart while she was alive then burned her in street. So prostitution became a hidden deathful activity. It became an adultery crime but with less punishment for men because men just spelt with a prostitute! I don’t know how they justify hypocrisy in their Sharia law too.

Since that time prostitution has extended and extended in cities, in every corner and street. Guys usually pick up prostitutes in streets by a little negotiation on price.

Since the Islamic revolution prostitution has speeded through cities and even between teens from age 14 and there are many factors that we should consider here like high inflation rate usually more than %17, more than %35 unemployment rate specially between young generations 18-35 ages, poor economic status between more than %60 of people, high poverty between %40 – %50 of people, drug addiction like heroin, lack of fun for young generations, high rate of divorce it’s about %30 - %40 (I am not sure if it’s more) and lack of freedom for whole population extends the problem.

Prostitution will speed up more and more in the Islamic Republic of Iran as long as there are high rate of poverty and lack of social security. So far, Islam rulings in Iran have made more poor people, more poverty then more prostitutes.

Well, I wanted to introduce TEN by director Abbas Kiarostami. In 10 a divorcee who has remarried drives around the city taking different people in her car. Her passengers are her son, her sister, two mosque visiting women and a prostitute. In the course of these car trips a few things are revealed about their lives.
Just in following you will see episode that the passenger is a prostitute.

Part 1

Part 2


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