Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Strange swim suit!

Well, in my recent travel to Australia, I went to Bondi beach, a Sydney's suburb which is located in east side of it. it's well-known for sandy beach and surfing that's going on there.

On a sunny weekend I wanted to go out and where is better than beach? Nowhere! so after having breakfast, well it wasn't that much fast, it was something to give me energy for the long day ahead. I catch the train and bus to reach to Bondi beach. Transit system was good; for sure it's very much better than public transport system in Iran. I mean it's incomparable.
I reach there and I see a beautiful scene and a nice breeze which it made me feel to join to people and just enjoy the whole atmosphere. It wasn't topless, don't worry! :)

While I was walking and enjoying the time and praise myself for this good plan, I met two beautiful girls from South Africa. So we started to discover the beach and enjoy there altogether.

We were enjoying the water that all of sudden I saw something in black that passing by! I asked myself, what the heck is this?! and I came out of water to see what was it? Just you can't believe that! I saw a young lady covering herself from head to toe in a black robe! it was loose, not something like diving clothes. Unfortunately I didn't take a camera with myself because I knew taking picture is prohibited in the beach but I found something similar on the net. Like:

My South African friends planed to leave Sydney for Johannesburg that night so we hugged and we wished to meet again in the future.
That night the swim suit was on my mind that how would somebody enjoy swimming with that clothes and how could somebody just put clothes on like that in a beach where it supposed to have different outfit?!

I checked the net to see what can I find. Woohoo, it wasn’t that much hard! They call it Burkini and here's the storey about it. Interesting that the designer of this Islamic swim suit, Zanetti, has never worn a burqa (an Arabic Islamic style).

At the time I thought that there are some businesswomen try to make money by designing these kinda of suits for Muslim women, I found another rare photo:

This one is complete burqa, I mean just burqa! it seems that lady just went into water with all her clothes! it's very strange though. About Iran, ladies don't have the right to swim with other sexes in public places, with a strange cloth or without it!


  1. Some day young mnen and women in Muslim cultures will look back at the incredible «dress codes» their ancestors had to submit to wondering how one could be so stupid, given the fact that nothing in the Holy Kuran or the Hadiths justifies these in any way - they're all due to the incredible machismo of some right-wing fringe in Muslim societies. Catholic countries have known this too. There is a difference between a normal, decent, and comfortable dress (bathing suits included) and the fat of looking like a potato sack, a blanket, a walking advertisement for metres and metres of fabric. Equality for girls and women is the major challenge confronting the Muslim world, and the Arab world in particular, over the next twenty years.

  2. A suit like that is really not that strange, just different the what you are accustomed to.

  3. What ever happen to mind you own business. If the person isn't hurting themself or another. If you don't like what you see leave the area (don't let the door hit you, where the good creater split you.)Anyone who follows the bible is nuts. GENESIS 2 ver. 26 "And God Said, Let "US" make man in "OUR" image, after "OUR" likeness, and "let them, blah, blah,blah" (Who the fuck was he discussing this with if man wasn't created yet?)...I detest the idea of a self elected government creating my life standards thank-you

  4. Oh barbaric muslims do u think your ladies like to behave llike this .. funny

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  6. You people just want women as toys and tools for your pleasure.

    We Muslims respect our women, not because of the way they look.

    Once an Imam was asked why women wear Hijab.

    In reply, he gave the man two candies: one with a wrapper and one without a wrapper, exposed to all the germs and the air and contact outside.

    The Imam asked: "Which one would you prefer?"

    Woman has been selling her body since time immemorial. But never before was shamelessness given the glittering table of “art”. Never before was immodesty the accepted norm of life. It is in this age that woman has lost her sense of self -respect. There was a time when she was a coveted prize, to be pursued by man. Now she has put herself in show window. No more is she a hidden treasure to be discovered by her rightful husband. She is now a piece of beauty to be seen, selected and admired at every shop.

    And this hoax has been given a blinding name: “Freedom of woman”. But, as I see, it is man, not woman, who has made himself free to exploit the woman in every conceivable manner. Now in the name of freedom, she has been persuaded to discard all “Superfluous cloth” and appear in public in bikini only, thus providing the man a chance to feast his eyes.

    I suggest you read about the role of women in modern societies at

    And what real Islamic hijab is: