Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Columbia University students speak out on Ahmadinejad

Very good one, listen to them.

Here are my points about having Ahmadinejad to speech or not:

1. It should be a scholar from Iran who had the right to debate with him over Iranian issues that he addressed there which all of them are just lies. As long as there was not such opportunity from opposition or even real people to question him and cook him over issues so he shouldn't have such privilege.

2. You should know, the problem it's not all about Ahmadinejad. He is a puppet of the Islamic regime in Iran. Khatami was the same thing but he was good looking plus charming attitude so most people in overseas didn't have problem with Khatami. The problem is whole regime, not just Ahmadinejad. Although he is one of the worst but he is developed by this regime and is working for the dictator regime.

So put your finger on Islamic regime not just Ahmadinejad. He is just a tip of the problem. Thanks.


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