Monday, October 8, 2007

Iranian students call Ahmadinejad dictator

Today, Monday, The president was due to deliver a speech at the university later to mark the start of the academic year. Liberal-minded students and academics have criticized the president for clamping down on dissent on Iranian campuses.

The streets around Tehran University were full of police forces. They were stationed to avoid students from other universities and ordinary people to go in and join other students inside.

Dozens of students scuffled with hardline supporters of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Police on Tehran University campus and chanted "Death to the dictator" ahead of a speech there by the Iranian president.

Also students shouted "Ahmadinejad, source of pressure and discrimination", "Detained students should be released", "Free the political prisoners", "Fascist President, university is not your place", "We don’t want fascist regime", "We don’t want rule of force, we don’t want mercenary police" and they asked to boycott the elections.

The hardline regime supporter was shouted back, "Revolutionary president, we support you", "Hypocrites, leave the university", pushing and shoving students. The government gathered these supporters from Imam Hossein and Imam Sadegh universities which supported by Revolutionary guard. Also the area surrounded by police and plainclothes.

The student’s main question from President is “You went to Columbia University and answered to questions but you don’t want to hear Iranian students question? And answer to them

The type of free speech and constructive opposition that this regime insist they support is not the one that we can ask for our rights! it is the one that you shouldn't ask for anything!

Check the news from, autnews and Reuters.


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