Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anti-Islamic male haircuts :)

In Iran moral police is keeping busy cracking down on immoral female dress. Now it turns out that Quran has instructions for males too :) it's about a six months and so that males can't have Western-style hair cuts or clean their eyebrows. Government fed-up with Islamic non-sense and warned all barbers about new rules. Probably you're wondering what does it mean Western-style? does it mean punk hair-style? or what? Let me clarify here and now, don't even think about punk, generally any haircut that they don't get used to for sure fit in Western-style however certainly long-hairs, Bald, Braids, Dreadlocks, Flattop, Mohawk and so on is on the top of the list.

Well, there is no such thing as personal privacy and choice in Iran as long as Islamic regime has the higher right than yourself to decide what's right for you! isn't it so foolish? well, if you are crazy enough to violate these laws, get ready to receive lashes, imprisonment and fines. there is no joke about extending stupidity by Islamic laws in Iran.

Images from AutNews

News in Reuters


  1. we muslim know better wht is good or wht is foolishness . there is no need to tell us any thing . wht abt western governoment who never allow muslim girls to wear hejab only due to the reason that it is the part of the muslim dress. they r foolish

  2. Unfortunately in many western countries Muslim females have all the right to put their Hijab or even worst, their veils! But what you can't think of, is that, as you said, western countries! Those countries doesn't belong to Muslims.

    But these young generations in Iran, they want to leave they want and they don't give a damn to Islamic backwarded rules! and specially clergical atrocities.

    Hopefully you can distingush between these too ;)

  3. Forget about your western rules we know that you western ppl have changed the nature of human beings by allow gay marriage really shamfull lol...

  4. @ Anonymous

    write me your name, would you? anyway..

    do you really call these hair styles...western rules? I mean what are western rules? enlighten me :)

    although your gay comment is off-topic but seems to me your biased even gay concept.
    I know your from India, well, Muslim or Hindu doesn't matter but you should know that Gay concept has been in history and it didn't pop up eventually in this era. even if you look at Indians, you will find out many gays within Indian communities.

    In Islamic communities too... check this post for fun of it http://www.rottengods.com/2007/07/gay-islamic-clerics.html

  5. my name is seymore buttes disregard anything i say because im an idiot. i like to make up the fact that the western goverment doesnt allow the hijab because im ignorant.