Thursday, December 13, 2007

If Israel has to attack

While Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called the NIE report a "fatal blow" to the country's enemies (US and Israel), and Iranian foreign ministry spokesman called it a "great victory" but I think so there is possibility of military action against Iran and most likely from Israel than US.

At the meantime Israel is trying to rescue the remaining members of the Jewish community in Iran. Mike Evans in Jerusalem Prayer Team wrote "The Jews in Iran will have no chance of survival if Israel has to attack the nuclear reactors scattered throughout that country. They will be killed in retaliation. The more pressure that is placed on Iran, the more will be taken out on the Jews.

We need your help TODAY to rescue the remaining members of the Jewish community in Iran. These men, women and children are faced with another Holocaust if not provided a way out." and he continues "The largest population of Jews in the Middle East, outside of Israel, lives in Iran. The Jewish community is faced with constant suspicion of cooperating with the Zionist state and with "imperialistic America" — both such activities are punishable by death.

Jewish schools are controlled by Muslim principals, and the curriculum is strictly Islamic. Students are not permitted to celebrate the Shabbat on Saturday, but instead, are compelled to attend classes. And, although there are still three active synagogues, there is no rabbi in Iran.

Islamic fundamentalists blame the Jews for the ills of the world. Anti-Semitism is boiling. Jews are not allowed to display the Star of David, a menorah, or any Jewish symbol, nor are the men able to wear a yarmulke."

Sadly Mike is correct about how Jews are restricted in Iran like other minority religious group like Baha'i, Sunni, Sufi and even majority group, Shiites, it is obvious from the way that they treat Iranians. In a recent move, Police crack-downed and arrested many Sufis, just because their ideology is different than Shiite although Sufi and Sufism is a mystic tradition within Islam. It was a huge government ban (like always) on media coverage and nobody know what's really going on but at least Jews have good international media coverage which Islamic Republic can't censor them so if they mess with them like the way that treat others minority or even majority like Shiite then whole world will know about it.

As an Iranian, I see all Iranians no matter what kind of religion or ideology they have, an Iranian, a humankind like myself. so no matter what is your personal belief, you are an Iranian and I hope that all Iranians notice the huge hypocrisy, cruelty and barbarism against all Iranians which hopefully helps us to unify against inhuman ruling class then we can put these mullah in front of the justice and behind the bars and all of us will live freely and without fear.

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