Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kazemi death is a PR ploy

I followed Zahra Kazemi's case very close because it was very important for me to see how Islamic non-Republic of Iran is dealing with dual-citizen's matters while there is not any little human rights for just Iranians. Recently Iranian Judiciary supreme court decided to reopen the case, anybody has hope something good comes out of it? No but we wait and see.

Payam Akhavan McGill University law professor called "latest probe is little more than a public relations ploy. The Iranian judiciary is a notorious instrument for the suppression of dissidents" Kazemi's son, Montreal resident Stephan Hachemi, 30, would agree. "I'm not waiting for anything from them," he says. Hachemi recently launched a $17-million civil suit in Quebec against the Iranian government.

Maclean Magazine wrote:

Akhavan notes that Iran's apparent willingness to reopen the Kazemi case should be viewed within the context of its increasing diplomatic isolation. In March, the House human rights subcommittee recommended that Ottawa launch its own investigation (the Commons has yet to endorse this
proposal, says Akhavan). Iran's probe "may be a way of pre-empting any move on the part of the Canadian judiciary to investigate the case," he says. And while Kazemi's case is important, Akhavan emphasizes it's by no means unusual.
"The torture of dissidents goes on unabated," he says. "We just don't hear about them because [unlike Kazemi], they don't have the good fortune of dual citizenship."


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