Friday, December 28, 2007

Who benefits from Iranian businesses in the Middle East

The Associated Press In an article "Dubai's powerful Iranian business community is hurt by international sanctions" analysed how Iranian businesses in Emirates would affect by the new economic sanctions. In fact damages are inevitable but I am not going to write about it. just it's so odd why world powers instead of putting political sanctions against Islamic mullahs they do a little sanction and never extend sanctions to political leaders which that one is more effective than economic - banking sanction!

Interesting part of article is:

After the Islamic Revolution, the Emirates was the only country in the region to open its arms to Iranians, this time mostly Shiites. Some 450,000 Iranians now have residency here, and about 8,500 Iranian businesses are registered in the Emirates. The Emirates holds about US$300 billion (€208 billion) in assets from Iranians living abroad, the second largest amount after the United States.

So all year long, after the Islamic Revolution it's Emirates to make benefit out of Iranian businesses while people in Iran was getting poor and poverty is expanding all over the country Iranian businesses in Emirates was making big out of providing requirements to Iranians in Iran with much expensive prices! all these years along, we have paid price of their success.

By the way, we shouldn't forget how much money have gone from Iran to make business in Dubai because it's petrol money that Islamic thieves have been investing outside of Iran!

Reference International Herald Tribune


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