Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Final Move Beyond Iraq

I got an email from who asked to forward it and ask everybody to do the same! we got this kind of emails everyday but this one was different a little bit! I copy it in following then my comments.

The following article by Mike Evans is based on information from the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Final Move Beyond Iraq. Please forward this to everyone on your list, and ask them to do the same.

Iran calls its own bluff

For many months the terrorist masterminds of Teheran would play coy whenever they were accused of arming their proxy jihadists in their attempt to destroy Iraq’s budding democracy.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would play innocent, despite ample evidence that Iranian-made explosive charges that can penetrate the strongest armor are used daily to kill American troops – just as they were used last year by Iran’s Hizbullah proxy against Israeli armor in Lebanon. Iranian spokesmen deny reports by US officials to ABC News that American troops have intercepted shipments of the powerful new bombs at the Iran-Iraq border.

But while the allies fight to bring peace to Iraq, Iran subverts their efforts by doing everything it can to impose another Islamist republic on the Middle East. Members of its Revolutionary Guard – the same force it deployed to export its Islamist revolution to Lebanon – has thoroughly infiltrated key positions of power. Hundreds of Iranian mullahs and businessmen have established important footholds in the Iraqi religious and commercial communities.

Finally this week, Iran could no longer hide behind its denials: batteries of its rocket launchers were captured by US troops for all the world to see, aimed at a forward American base south of Baghdad.

After several of the rockets hit Base Hammer, killing one soldier, a search found 46 rocket launchers aimed at the base, 34 of them armed with 107-millimeter Iranian-made rockets. Twelve of the launchers had been fired.

US commanders have frequently blamed Iran for providing weapons and other support to jihadist groups in Iraq, supplying explosives for the daily toll of suicide car-bombings and the rockets fired at Baghdad's presumably secure Green Zone. In the crazy two-way street of Iranian terrorism, its Revolutionary Guard has been accused of importing Iran’s Hizbullah proxy fighters from Lebanon to train Iraqi jihadists to attack American troops.

Teheran has been playing the West for fools, using proxy fighters in Iraq and Lebanon to distract the world from its continuing pursuit of nuclear weapons. Despite the threat of UN Security Council sanctions, Iranian spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini announced at a press conference this week that, "The nuclear activities of Iran continue in a defined and clear framework." He denied reports Iran had slowed its uranium enrichment program.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan reported that Iran claims to have enough ballistic missiles to hit 600 Israeli targets. Apparently reacting to the uncovering of its rocket attack on the US base, Iran brazenly said it would use the missiles to retaliate against an attack by the United States or Israel.

News of the Iranian rocket launchers was released last week just before another hi-tech explosive device made in Iran was used in an attack in Baghdad in which two American soldiers were killed. The Iranians, of course, denied responsibility. They also deny supplying weapons to a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, despite recent reports by British troops there of seizing arms shipments with Iranian Army markings.

The Iranians are both the chief ideologues of the Islamic Revolution they mean to spread throughout the world and its main arms suppliers. It would be a foolish mistake to think that their target is just the West. They aim to subvert and take over any government with a moderate form of Islam.

To this end, hundreds of Iranian-supported Saudi jihadists have been returning from insurgency training in Iraq to fight against their own government at home. Iranian proxy groups are spreading like a virus all over the Islamic world, from last week's attack on Pakistan's Red Mosque in Islamabad, to fighting in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Gaza.

Dr. Mike Evans is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Final Move Beyond Iraq (http://www.beyondiraq.com/).

Well, it was the email that I have got. First of All I should complain about the writer who used Iranians instead of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and its adherents! Everybody knows that the most people in IRI don't approve regime's policy inside and outside of Iran.

Second, I would say you're right that IRI distracting the world from its continuing pursuit of nuclear weapons by using proxy fighters in Iraq and Lebanon.

Third, I am not sure about "hundreds of Iranian-supported Saudi jihadists have been returning from insurgency training in Iraq to fight against their own government". it can't be true, at least based on conflicts history between IRI and Arabs, it doesn't seem so something like this would happen.

Thanks for sending me this article. Also if you send me more of your articles I would happily criticize them.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Public execution by strangulation! Allah is great?!!

A bunch of people are praisaing Allah and they are yelling Allah is great while on the other side 3 folks are hanging by rope on their neck. it's beyond barbaric!

I can recall old movies and stuff like that just people didn't yell for Allah but something else!

Iranjan judiciary system said; they were criminals. who did examine this justice system? is this Islamic justice system that kills poor people but save celrics and with same exact crime?
why didn't apply this justice to Iranian paramilitary's (Basiji) who killed some people in Kerman? why didn't apply this justice to IRI intelligence service who killed iranian intellectuals in past decade?

This is the religion of peace! I can't see any peace in it. Killing people in this barbaric way has a fear message to people around We will kill you like this and praise God with happiness if you don't do in our favours!

We should educate people and let them know how IRI government is Islamofascist! and we all need to support the dismantling of this sinful activity in Iran.

This event occured in Tabriz on July 15, 2007.
Note: video is very disturbing and graphic

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Group Executions in Iran

I am not sure how to start this post. Just seeing how they kill people in Iran and they justify it with Islamic law it makes me sick! It’s barbaric!

I believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) government has utilized the death penalty to silence people and spread the fear in our streets and our minds! The group execution method came to Iran with Khomeini. After revolution they killed many innocent people who just didn’t agree with Islamic Republic or they were minorities! Clergies didn't have much time so they did implement group execution.

I believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) government has utilized the death penalty to silence people and spread the fear in our streets and our minds! The group execution method came to Iran with Khomeini. After revolution they killed many innocent people who just didn’t agree with Islamic Republic or minorities!

They execute people based on Islamic law; the question is why Islam is so harsh and barbaric? Why instead of looking for the root of problems just they kill people and get rid of them? Is it just easier for government to kill people and make them silent? Or just it’s the way it is and it’s something from God? Where is the kindness? Where is compassion to people? What kind of God does order to kill his own creature?

Even if they were criminals, I am sure society is the main factor to lead people to commit criminal activity. Almost in 30 years Islamic government in IRI, with their own utopia about Islamic governance, is this their outcome? To kill people and put any remark on them? How did you treat them while they were normal human in IRI? Why did they choose this path for their own life? What was your fault? What did you do to prevent them? The government should answer to this question instead of killing these people who actually are society mistreatment victims.

I didn’t ask about human rights because I’m sure some people out there would say at that era we didn’t have human right law! It’s something belong to nowadays! But I can say the death penalty is the ultimate violation of the right to life and nobody has the right to violate this right. No god can kill his own creature with some foolish orders!

God is a noun, please don’t give me any second hand god just I am tired of it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gay Islamic Clerics! Pedophile Islamic clerics?!!

It’s confusing, right? Sounds to me! as I grow up in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) after revolution - an extreme Islamic country – it was taboo even questioning gay concept! In school they taught us a story from Quran that how people with same-sex marriage all punished by allah and they got killed violently by allah's miracle!

So I understood that there can’t be a gay/lesbian out there but some people who choose to go that way, allah punishes them. I grew up with this fact and other legal news about execution of gay people. Till I heard some rumors about people who attend to Islamic schools and they have same sex practices. A Taboo! Even I couldn’t imagine in Islamic school people are committing one of the world biggest sins! Do you hear me, Islamic school?

I didn’t have any evidence and this rumor didn’t stop there. Actually when I started to research about it; almost more than 70% of people who I questioned, they knew it as an unquestionable fact! It was shocking news to me. Having 4 or more women is part of Islamic law and we heard alot about clerics bizzare sexual bahviour specially in their foreign trips but this one! I haven't had any clue.

I’m sure in IRI guys do not French kiss, at least it's not in our culture. also I am sure about it because I have had lots friends and we have never done it or even think about it. It is gross (No offence to gays, just this is the way I feel)! But I saw many pictures of some Islamic clerics that do French kiss!

Just take a look at them:

(Look at this picture, even the bald guy is laughing. I would do the same. lol)

I thought finally I found out all about them! Islamic clerics are executing gay people but they do it themselves! Double standard!

But it didn’t finish here till I noticed these clerics are worst than that! Some of them are pedophiles! Almost 60 percent of people who I asked, they said they heard rumors about pedophile clerics!

Just take a good look at pictures:

These pictures are evidence and even people around this clerics look at them like gross! Unfortunately our judiciary law is a little loose on child abuse and even if we had any law in that respect, mullahs still could get away with it!

We now know that there are pedophile priests. Their information is out there and people can be more protective about their children. How about Islamic clerics? unfortunately in Islamic countries, they were hiding any information about Islamic clergies' sex crime but one day this information will be out there and people understands clergies outrageous crimes.

What is admirable about democratic countries like the United States is how freedom of information act let people have access to this kind of information.

Here are a few of the highlights about priest pedophile facts:

  • US clerics accused of abuse from 1950-2002: 4,392. About 4% of the 109,694 serving during those 52 years.

  • Individuals making accusations: 10,667.

  • Victims' ages: 5.8% under 7; 16% ages 8-10; 50.9% ages 11-14; 27.3% ages 15-17.

  • Victims' gender: 81% male, 19% female

  • Duration of abuse: Among victims, 38.4% said all incidents occurred within one year; 21.8% said one to two years; 28%, two to four years; 11.8% longer.

  • Victims per priest: 55.7% with one victim; 26.9% with two or three; 13.9% with four to nine; 3.5% with 10 or more (these 149 priests caused 27% of allegations).

  • Abuse locations: 40.9% at priest's residence; 16.3% in church; 42.8% elsewhere.

  • Known cost to dioceses and religious orders: $572,507,094 (does not include the $85 million Boston settlement and other expenses after research was concluded). (Hartford Courant, 2/27/04)
For more information about Catholic Pedophile Priests, please study following report A Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States. This is the United State, how about your country? could we find such information about your country religious clergies? why not? some people think in any institutional religion we can find same problems but mostly they hide it. what do you think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is really execution by stoning?

I heard in the news couple of times that somebody sentenced to execution by stoning but I didn't have any clue how do they carry the ruling! even though I read about it but it was hard to even imagine. Finally I watched following clip.

Note: following clip is very disturbing!

Now what do you think? isn't it barbaric? Even I can't consider this rule was right for 1400 years ago (begining of Islam) because if something is cruel it is always cruel! If Muslims say this rule was right for that era! I would say Muhammad should be a very cruel humankind and that Allah (God) is an ugly Allah.

In Quran, Allah says We created man and we blessed him with life! If the Allah is blessed man with life, wisdom and mind to decide on his own; why should he punish him for his choice and decision? why should it be such cruel? isn't it supposed to be the center of love and forgiveness? what kind of God it is? is it a fantasy of humankind which kills by stoning?! doesn't he give you the right to choose or argue? so what is that? it is foolish to believe there is an Allah and Muhammad was a prophet? it's foolish!

No offence to Muslims. I love of you but as a writer I have the right to express my opinion! so don't take it personally. thanks.

Update on July 16, 2010: The video was removed from YouTube, like always, so I had to find the original one, put some subtitles and put it back here. Hopefully YouTube won't remove this one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Islam superstition and sovereignty over ordinary people

In the vey first impression in Muslim society what you can see is the sadness and superstition! The clergies try to keep people in an atmosphere of sadness and stupidity with some ceremonies which they put together in almost everyday ( :) trust me! if you are living in Iran, you know what I mean).

Actually a religious man will talk which I can say it's completely a trash talk then people start crying! the stories belong to 1400 years ago! DUH?!! people are crying for what?

I am out of word, please take a look at it and see for yourself (in English altough in Iran they speech in Farsi language)

I can call it Islam superstition and sovereignty over ordinary people in the form of religious ceremonies!

As long as there are people who crying for any stupid speeches! and there's no freedom to criticize these activities, there is no easy hope to see human rights in Iran.

A simple critic to these kind of activityis equall to death which Islamic law supports it, so is the government!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Dialogue Among Civilizations or Clash of Civilizations, which one is appropriate ...

"Dialogue Among Civilizations" is a one of a misleading terms I have ever heard! what does it mean? it means there are some civilizations which we are one of them and we are going to talk!
Duh! is this Islamic country civilized?! in what way? let's just review some news and see how much our country and Islamic regions are civilized!

Salman Rushdie was in the news last week! why? because he was appointed a Knight Bachelor for "services to literature" by Queen Elizabeth. well? good for him! honesty, he deserves it! if you don't like his novel, it's up to you but at least he spent years underground! so he deserves more than that because he is courageous man to write his own ideas and ignore Islamic regular fear and cruel on any free discussion! Again Muslim civilized civilization was protested against Rushdie's title! I'm happy his still alive but there are some sad stories about this foolish fatwa.

Also it's good to know Mr. Rushdie, himself is born into a Muslim family in Mumbai, India. he lived in England and some Moslems still believe there were no insult to prophet Mohammad or Islam in the novel and it's just a novel. I think so he had merely exposed Islam’s Traditions. so what's wrong with it?1 It seems Islam is so much corrupted which clergies should hide the truth about it for their own sake so they are terrifying people from more investigation and writing about those truth.
Will their 1400 years old doctrine collapse if people have freedom to know more? I think so yes.

In last couple of weeks, I spent sometime with my new Japanese friend and we discussed about their knowledge about Iran and Islam! I tried to write down as well as possible.

Hitoshi Igarashi (1947—July 11, 1991) was the Japanese translator of Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses. After Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa (religious edict) calling for the death of "Even if Salman Rushdie repents and becomes the most pious man of all time, it is incumbent on every Muslim to employ everything he has got, his life and wealth, to send him to Hell....", he was stabbed to death on July 11, 1991 at his workplace, the University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki because he was one of translators of the book and two other translators of the book survived attempted assassinations.

It's believed he has been murdered by an Iranian Shiite Muslim who carrying out the fatwa issued by ayatollah Khomeini!

As I know, Igarashi known to be an Islamic scholar who had lived in Iran and decided to translate Satanic Verses just to mediate between Islamic world and Rushdie. In his translation not only he didn't attempt to force the western form of freedom of expression to Muslims but also he tried to show common middle ground to end this foolish conflict. he had no clue that Islamic tolerance was completely intolerable! which he wished to demonstrate it.

Well, for me it wasn't news! we have had such stories about Shariati, Beheshti and others! (Either it doesn't necessarily mean I believed in their interpretation of Islam). These guys tried to bring new definitions of Islam which it was fun for youth and something acceptable but in reality most clergy people in Iran rejected them, burnt their writings and books! a total misery!

In fact in real Islam there is lack of tolerance to any idea and some people who wanted to demonstrate things in a tolerable way to Islam or from Islam, was banned (sometimes get killed) by real Muslims!

If Khomeini was smart clergy leader and he was sure about Islam, he could invite Rushdie to open discussion instead of calling his death with generous $1M bounty on the Iranian people's dime!
is this the way a leader should act in this era? or is this barbaric approach? Sometimes I feel humanity stopped in past 1400 years ago!

Well, I don't see any civilization in Islamic culture nor tolerance for other culture values (e.g. freedom of speech)! Unfortunately it is one way street and finally it leads us to Clash of human being! Don't get me wrong, I love to see people (from different cultures and religions) have a dialogue but what I see from human behavior and his stupidity (no offence), we would be lucky to see that day. So good luck to humankind!


Dialogue Among Civilizations

Clash of Civilizations

Salman Rushdie

Hitoshi Igarashi

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rotton Gods

Whenever I am travelling in overseas just it happens, I don't want to think about past or compare here and now topics and freedom in thinking and speech with what we have had in Iran so far.

All the years of my life that I spent in Iran, we have had religious courses which JUST TEACHERs (mostly religious people) keep talking what is Islam and why it is true last religion on it's own and prophet Mohammad is seald prophet!!! and GOD!

At that time, even you couldn't even think about it and say why? because already they had an answer for any of their assumptions! and if you would ask why even does god exist? there was an extreme answer: "if sombody didn't believe to God after you explain all you try, The last way is to beat him up"

So nobody has the courage to ask why?! and it was in my mind all my life! I hate this book I hate their teaching! I hate this religion and I hate all religious teachings! and all my life I wanted to yell at them I hate your Rotton Gods which doesn't let me ask!

The thing is I didn't know I hate it that much! I should pass these courses like everybody else! I knew I hated all religious courses in my schools and university! but I didn't know why? even when I grow older I didn't notice why? then suddenly one day I realized I have to find out what's wrong with me! why can't I get a good mark in this course which everybody else mostly they have had their best marks in this kind of courses!

For me, just I couldn't understand it at all! so I decided to study through myself and to see whats wrong! why do I hate this course? and at last, one day I discovered!

I didn't have any small chance to talk my mind!! obviously I should have had lots of chances to talk my mind in school but how could I? when there is a threat even in the book itself and your teacher keep repeating it! as a child I've got a fear, a threat was with me! always! and I have not had any clue about it! till the they I found what's the problem! I trace it back and I could see that fear again!

In school, just we were all ears to listen what their say and keep pushing in our minds to get good grades but in reality we were brainwashed! Even they've got our courage to ask why? why? why?

They taught us all their assumptions as a fact! like:
There is a God! Just one God! There were some prophets from God to guide people! They had miracles! Mohammad is the last prophet! Quran is his miracel! Quran is a book from God!

How did you prove them all? and if you did prove us why did you threat us (kids) "if you don't still believe us we are gonna beat you badly, then you will understand what we say!"?
so my religious teachers, you didn't prove it, you threat us!

It's been a while I tear into pieces all your miracle books! and all your fantasy stories about God and his prophet! I declared to be myself and to believe just in logic and science.
I declared to turn a flashlight to show every bits of your God and your religion and argue it with logic.

I've tried so hard to erase you from my mind and all your hatred memories which you were trying to push stupid religious topics in my mind! your God, your religion is gone forever because just I couldn't find any reasonable argument in your theories and books! right now there is no threat, there is no fear, there is no social boundries anymore! Here and now, I am writing to you,

Your rotton Gods, your rotton prophet and your rotton Book destroyed and it won't come back again!