Friday, November 30, 2007

Ongoing systematic human rights violations in Islamic Iran

Last week a United Nations panel rebuked Iran passing a resolution expressing "deep concern" at the "ongoing systematic violations" of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The vote in the assembly's human rights committee was 72 in favor, 50 against with 55 abstentions. It came after an Iranian motion for no action on the resolution was narrowly defeated.

The non-binding resolution expressed "very serious concern" at confirmed instances of "torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, including flogging and amputations."

Sponsored mainly by Canada, European countries, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Palau, it also denounced stoning and "increased discrimination and other human rights violations against persons belonging to religious, ethnic, linguistic and other minorities" in Iran.

The text particularly mentioned attacks on the Baha'i community in the state-sponsored media as well as "increased evidence of efforts by the state to identify and monitor Baha'is and prevention of the Baha'i faith from attending university and from sustaining themselves economically."

It called on Tehran to respect fully its human rights obligations, eliminate in law and in practice amputations and flogging and other forms of torture, and other acts designated as cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The resolution also urged Iran to "abolish, in law and in practice, public executions and other executions carried out in the absence of respect for internationally recognized standards."

I am very pleased that United nations leading by Canada, European countries, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Palau step up and recognized the Islamic Republic of Iran's brutality and violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms their own people.

For people who doesn't have any smallest clue about abusing human rights and inhuman or degrading treatment in Iran, I added following photos from Police actions towards people which supported by law and it's everyday practice in Iran.

Graphic photos!

Photos from autnews
News from AFP

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Extremist Islamist students protest against Annapolis

Yesterday about a hundred of Etreme Islamist students gathered outside of Jordan embassy in Tehran and angrily shout "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "Syria, shame on you"! All this show is just they wanted to show their protest against Arab government decisions to attend to peace meeting. As far as I concern, we should help to bring peace in Israel and Palestine region, but this crowd of Extremist Islamist Jihadist - Hamas lovers don't buy it. Well, Islamic Republic of Iran's regime know that after peace in Palestine region, uproar will come and catch this regime in Iran so they are pushing so hard to bring a new chaos in that region. Chaos in Middle-East is vital for Islamic Republic of Iran's dictatorship.

Anti-Islamic male haircuts :)

In Iran moral police is keeping busy cracking down on immoral female dress. Now it turns out that Quran has instructions for males too :) it's about a six months and so that males can't have Western-style hair cuts or clean their eyebrows. Government fed-up with Islamic non-sense and warned all barbers about new rules. Probably you're wondering what does it mean Western-style? does it mean punk hair-style? or what? Let me clarify here and now, don't even think about punk, generally any haircut that they don't get used to for sure fit in Western-style however certainly long-hairs, Bald, Braids, Dreadlocks, Flattop, Mohawk and so on is on the top of the list.

Well, there is no such thing as personal privacy and choice in Iran as long as Islamic regime has the higher right than yourself to decide what's right for you! isn't it so foolish? well, if you are crazy enough to violate these laws, get ready to receive lashes, imprisonment and fines. there is no joke about extending stupidity by Islamic laws in Iran.

Images from AutNews

News in Reuters

Monday, November 26, 2007

Islamic Iran is planning to have a hostage

Q: What is the mission of Iranian space agency?
A: We plan to have a hostage on the moon by the year 2020.

Q: What do you do for sex?
A: Like I said, I am bringing a goat.

Q: Are you Hamas?
A: No, I am straight.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ahmadinejad called names!

Ahmadinejad during his visit to a city east-side of Iran called names to non-believers of Imam Mahdi! He said “The scene is fully set to greet that glorious event; a day in which all the prophets, martyrs and good men will come and help. Some people might assume these things just a joke; that is because there is no belief in their hearts: They are modern Satanists and idolaters. They pretend to be intellectuals, but their understanding of the world is less than that of a Goat.” You can see his statement in Persian in

This guy is making fool of himself. Ahmadinejad! not only we don't believe in what you believe but also we spread the word all over the world that foolish people should wait to get help from sky!

Another tragedy, a new Zahra Kazemi

This time a female medical university student, young lady, being accused by Iranian Basij force (militant force a section of IRGC), held into custody for some hours. During that moment, they raped her and hanged her. Her name was Zahra Bani Yaghoub.

She was medical student and living in Hamadan, a city in west part of Iran. Her parents is living in Tehran and was looking forward that she joins to family in Tehran but what they got back was just her dead body.

It happened before to Zahra Kazemi, almost in a same barbaric manner they raped her then killed her. Iranian police raped another female human rights activist some months ago. Also these monsters raped male students in Evin prison and tortured them with bottle. What kind of regime shut down their people with the most disturbing barbaric approaches? How many of us should get killed till the time that finally, so-called religious majority Muslim of Iran wake up and kick this regime, all the way with all Islamic leaders out? is it going to happen?!

Till that time, I ask all human rights organizations inside and outside of Iran to keep updating people and condemn all inhuman actions toward innocent Iranians. Our only crime is just we are Iranian and it happened to be under ruling of cruel, barbaric Islamic Republic of Iran!

Don’t forget people in Iran.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Beyond Top Secret - Iran

Iran's nuclear weapons program remains so top secret that intelligence sources still don't know exactly how soon Iran could produce a bomb. At the height of their eight-year war with Iraq, Iran decided it needed nuclear weapons and, U.S. and Israeli intelligence were busy trying to thwart them. Learn about secret activity of the Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence agency, as well as a clandestine war the CIA is waging inside Iran right now. As the confrontation between Iran and the United States escalates, the question remains: will either country find a way to move back from the brink? In a fast-paced, graphic-intense style viewers will take a fascinating journey inside Iran. Please watch videos:

But conclusion at the end of part 5 of these series, is very much wrong. If the US attacks Iran, people in Iran won't involve in war with US just because people have had enough of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it's puppets.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

again buring US and Israeli flags

Today based on Islamic Republic of Iran is anniversary Takeover day of the former US embassy in Tehran which in calendar known as "Day of National Confrontation against World Imperialism".

The takeover, which occurred during Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, severely damaged relations between the two countries. The 52 Americans who were held hostage during the crisis were returned after 444 days, but the U.S. cut off diplomatic ties with Iran to protest the incident. (AP) I guess everybody in the US still blame Jimmy Carter for the incident, even though most Iranians who didn't believe in revolution expected very strong response from the US at that time.

Students (Intermediate and high school) should attend to these gathering along with their teachers so it doesn’t really mean that all of them intentionally attended to this gathering. Anyway there are some hardliner and Basiji (militant students) with them.

These students chanted “Death to America!”, “Death to Israel!” and they burnt the US and Israeli flags.

Irony, Iranian official on the other side are asking for diplomatic approach to their nuclear issues and here we are again, their barbaric behavior through street by student teenagers.

I am sick and tired of seeing these photos every now and then hence I am not sure when these people will learn to think and behave.

Foolish Islamic teaching

This clergy (sheikh) during his advices to Muslim women, compare Muslim women to kefirs (is an Arabic term used to describe an unbeliever, non-Muslims, apostate from Islam and even between Muslims of different sects. It is usually translated into English as "infidel" or "unbeliever.")

I have said these kinds of Islamic teachings are foolish and just separate people and they become enemies. Any religious teaching with the same magnitude is garbage.

I am not going to write about other parts of his Islamic advice! I guess you would know by now my opinion about this kind of stuff.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sanction on Iran and China will be slurping up oil from Iran

I think so Iran doesn't have any leverage on other countries as long as Iran don't have refine oil capacity on its own. But, while China and Russia is supporting Iran, it's gonna be very difficult situation to put pressure on Iran for stopping their nuclear ambition.

We, Iranian people should warn Chinese and Russian to the extend to stop them from any cooperation with this crazy dictator regime and save people in Iran. In fact, Islamic regime is leading Iranians to the sanctions and war which is just for fulfilling their ambitions towards to nuclear warheads.

Even now, people are despartely are looking for Petrol and even there is black market on the streets, following photos:

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Prostitution behind the veil

It's sad sad real story:

Minna and Fariba are neighbours and good friends. They support one another. Both have to live under the pervasive curtailment of women's rights and the double standards of today's Iranian society. They make a living walking the streets looking for men. They have a choice between leaving their small children at home alone or bringing them along when they have sex with men.

The film is a sympathetic portrait of the two women, exploring their day-to-day life and the workings of prostitution in a country that bans it and prosecutes adulterers, sometimes with the penalty of capital punishment.

Many of the clients find a way to buy sex and still comply with Muslim law: they marry the women in what is called 'Sighe', a temporary marriage encouraged in Shia Islam. Sighe can last from two hours up to 99 years. Both Minna and Fariba enter into Sighe with clients, and Fariba is in a Sighe marriage with a neighbour, Habib, that lasts six months. Giving his perspective on temporary marriage, Habib says that Sighe is a way to help poor women, it is an act of mercy in the name of Allah.

The film follows the two women for more than a year. It describes their middle-class backgrounds and their submission to treacherous men and drugs. We see how Fariba manages to quit drugs and prostitution, only to find herself temporarily married to a man who will not let her leave the house.

The film is narrated by the director, Nahid Persson, who fled Iran 20 years ago. Her commentary adds her perspective and contextual information to the film's events. An element of the film is the difficulties faced by a female director shooting a film. Filming prostitution in the street was hard and dangerous, as is evident in the film. The director has to submit to the same restraints as the film's two women in a ludicrously patriarchal society marked by religious restrictions, oppression of women, and social decline. The story of Minna and Fariba mirrors the greater story of Iranian society.

It may sound in odds when one talks about pandemic presence of prostitution in Iran, especially in major cities like Tehran, considering strict Islamic laws ruling the country. But it is pervasive and occasionally, if you have your eyes open, you may spot a "pick up" on even busy streets although it should not be imagined as Thialand's Potpang district with girls servicing under the veils.

Courtesy to ariakokoschka