Friday, July 25, 2008

Anwar Sadat was a Great Man

I was surfing the net that I came across to The Path You Take web page, it was started with this quote from former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat:

He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any progress.
It was very interesting because these days there is a buzz in Iranian media about Shut down of Iranian TV Station by Egypt which it caused by a documentary that justifies Anwar Sadat's killing by Islamic militants.

It portrays Sadat as a traitor for making peace with Israel and puts very positive light on Khaled el-Islambouli his killer which has been considered martyr in Islamic Iran. Also there is a street in his name in Tehran.

I think Anwar Sadat was a great man who negotiated peace with Israel in 1978, he saw what was best for Egyptians so he dropped Pan-Arabism hostility towards Israelis to make a better progress.

Check out "Assassination of a Pharaoh" and see Islamic Iran's view to Anwar Sadat and his killer.


  1. egypt once used to be leader of the arab world. the peace with israel caused frustrtion for all arabs, and no gain was achieved for causes of the arab world. palestinians are still killed on a daily routine. and egypt-israel relations are not in such good terms. anwar sadat was a dictator himself. don't forget that.

  2. "the peace with israel caused frustrtion for all arabs, and no gain was achieved for causes of the arab world"

    Because Arab world is ignorant to the fact that it could be Israel there and they can live in peace with Israelis! instead they chose to fight with Israel and condomn Egypt's peace with Israel. They spend thei money on Egyptian terroorists to kill Anwar Sadat!

  3. Anwar Sadat was a great man?


  4. Why not? Finally he understood that fight with Israel is not gonna help any side so he chose peace. Don't you think so you need a certain level of greatness to be accountable for wrongs and do the right thing at the end of the day?

  5. Thank you Fariborz Shamshiri

    I misplaced this quote and it has taken some time to find it. He said "change the very fabric of his thought". I am compelled to look forward to the one constant in the universe. We have the reverent ability to change our thoughts.