Thursday, July 17, 2008

Death to America is going to change to Salam American

The US flag in Iran

"Death to America" has been two famous slogans in Islamic Iran since 1979 Islamic revolution, in every governmental organized protests, marches you could hear people chanting these kind of slogans out it is going to be over soon. At least it's what I hope for.

If The Guardian is right about establishment a US interests section in next month in Iran, relationship between these two enemies could change for better gradually. The least is Iranians won't need to go to Emirates or Turkey to apply for US Visa. It has been a difficult process for Iranians in past 29 years.

I hope that no Iranians attack the US embassy or for that matter, any embassy in Iran and take hostage diplomats. It has had huge cost for people.


  1. You know what else had a huge cost? America and UK trying to control our country.

  2. I should disagree because I believe if Iran had a good policy towards it's own people and world, we shouldn't be worry about these things. It is all about how to deal with people.

    Let me give you an example, Norway, they have Oil and they sell it, have you ever heard that they have problem with world? No.

    So it's not about Oil and controlling. I won't and I am sure many people think alike. This regime is trustable to let them have nuclear arms.

    Let me give you another hint; I don't know that if you remember Iran-Iraq war although Iraq started war but at the end Iran didn't want to give up on war. Do you remember how did it end? That's the end of story, at the end of the day there is truce and negotiation but Islamic regime should act smart enough to negotiate from the beginning. But this regime doesn't care to people and how sanctions affect their lives. It's just about crazy mentality of Islamic regime in Iran.