Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Empowering Iranian citizens - son of the deposed Shah

Reza Pahlavi, son of the deposed Shah of Iran, in an interview with The Globe and Mail said "You have to understand that with this regime, when they hear about human rights, when they hear about democracy, when they hear about women's rights, everything like that to them is like cyanide."

"In my opinion, the only thing that will force the regime to change its behaviour is not any carrot you're dangling from the outside or any threat to strike them with weapons to neutralize their military capabilities. The biggest fear over which [the leaders] lose sleep overnight is the fear that one day the people on the street will rise against them."

"There's a short window of time before it really gets ugly, It would be historically criminal, criminal for the future of our planet if the world community doesn't give this process a chance, because by then it would too late."

"The Achilles heel of this regime is certainly not by taking up arms and fighting them in decades-long wars and conflicts. Let [the Iranian people] gain back their freedom with your support. You're not there to dictate to them a solution. You're not there to dictate to them an outcome. Let them make their own decision."

As he said current regime is playing a delay game to develop nuclear bombs, and to my opinion this small window of opportunity is very tighter than what we expect. In fact I should stress there is no time. As I said before, world should target Ayatollahs, power structure members and their family members, in sanctions and bar them from travelling, doing business and seize their assets outside of Iran then you will see how change will come.

And one more thing, nowadays regime is in a terrible situation and under constant fear of sudden air strike by Israel or USA. But this fear is not doing anything at all. It needs action from people too.

Courtesy: The globe and mail
Help Iranian people change government, Shah's son urges


  1. Yeah, like his father gave a fuck about the people. Please, no more revolutions, child.

  2. @madali His father the late great Shah of Iran did care for his people more than can be said about the dirty murdering thief the mollahs.So wash your dirty little mouth child and then go and read the history.