Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flogging is a barbaric punishment

Please take a look at this video and see how they flog publicly in Iran. In Islam, flogging is a form of punishment for offenders who there is a hope to get a lesson and do good afterwards. Well, if there wasn't any hope they would hang them right there. The question is, how an offender will do good when there is no dignity, self-respect left for him? Obviously these kind of punishments belong barbaric era of human race which they didn't care for human itself.

Do you find flogging educational punishment or barbaric punishment? How does barbaric law like this still exist? and Why people let such laws to govern over them? What do you think? What steps do you take to stop such laws?


  1. i am shocked,to be very honest, at how unreasonable, indoctrinated-to-hate-and-contempt-and-despise, ludicrous, you are, my dear fellow man! Something does not become 'barbaric' just because you think it is barbaric! You can make a video of someone being punished with flogging, upload it in high-definition form, provide video properties which enable viewers to view it even better than when they are at the actual place of happening. What does it mean? It simply shows how unreasonable and incapacitated-to-reason you are!

    It is really funny ... Floggin is a punishment that does not take away from a man any of his fundamental rights (right to life, right to property, right to free movement, right to family, right to education, ..... All it does is embarass the person in front of the public - a kind of psychological punishment to make him ashamed. Physically, while flogging may obviously cause some pain, Islamic flogging is strictly regulated so as to allow not any serious or grievous bodily injury or harm, or even anything near to it.

    Your "EXTREMELY CCCIIIIVVVVIIIILLLLIIIISSSEEEDDDD" punishment of imprisonment - while ashames the person in front of the public just as flogging does, takes away all the fundamental rights of a person from him, and potentially destroys a man's whole life, and has actually destroyed the lives of countless millions of human beings over centuries.

    In your hatred of Islam, you seem to be unable to see obvious truths! For God's sake, stop that funny claim, and admit that it is not even a debatable question! Imprisonment - and what it does to countless millions of people, and what it makes possible to happen to countless millions of people - is a really barbaric, inhumane, and unjust punishment (it punishes, unlike flogging, the convicted person's family by depriving them of his/her support, presence, love and care, and it punishes the society by wasting millions, sometimes billions, of money on incarceration facilities, from the tax-payers' money). If you have no knowledge of what happens to people in those CCCIIIVVIIILLLLIIIIZZZEEDDD prison facilities to human beings, PLEASE GO AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF, AND EDUCATE YOURSELF about the horrendous atrocities committed against people - including innocent people - in there. Torture, rape, mental and psychological harresment and what and what not! Flogging, face it man, DOESN'T DO ANY OF THESE BARBARIC HARMS TO THE SOCIETY, and is a far more humane, just, and reasonable and kind punishment!

  2. Either you are ignorant to the fact that flogging is barbaric form of punishment or you really used to the medieval style punishments.

    You know why do you defend flogging? because you have not punished by flogging and you have no idea how it ends up on your body. you just made an assumption and I think it is good!

    No, flogging it is not like what you read in your text book, so good and nice and appropriate punishment. no, it is not in real life. first off, it is bloody punishment. when you get leeches on your back, blood runs from your back and you get bloody scars on your back forever.

    Second, something called dignity which it seems you have no regard to human dignity & in your law books there is none too.
    human dignity should be preserved at any cost, it is very valuable. flogging someone in public degrades human dignity. The psychological impact is tremendous can make one to do more crime and can drive someone to never ending depression. There are tremendous side-effect that seems you have no interest to care for.