Friday, July 4, 2008

Is it Serious?

Last night, the Israeli channel 2 news company announced that the Iranian regime is willing to suspend its nuclear program in exchange for suspending the sanctions. According to the report, the Iranian government negotiated with European countries and with the United States (via third party) and this was the Iranian offer.

I wonder, is it serious? My first instinct will be No, it isn't.

The Iranian leadership is fooling all of the world like they did for the past years. They are the masters of diplomacy and negotiating. They will continue enriching Uranium in hiding.
After thinking about it again, optimism started rushing through my veins. Could it be? Is it possible that the economic situation changed the priorities of the leader? Is the burden on the Iranian citizen to high that the ministers and religious leaders are afraid for their own jobs?

I have always thought that there shouldn't be discrimination between nation. Whatever one have, the other is entitled to have it as well. Same rule for nuclear energy. "Growing up" made me see it differently. Government that is calling publicly to the elimination of another country shouldn't have Atomic weapon. Khatami didn't used to make statements regarding the nuclear program but I'm sure it was in process. Most of the Iranian religious leadership doesn't want Israel to exist. Whether the president is saying it publicly or not. He's not the one calling the shots as we all know. The "Big Boss" doesn't like us Israelis.

This is the reason why I'm positive that the latest development is just another mean to delay the world from fronting Iran (Economically). I hope we won't come to an armed conflict, all the sides will loose. Perhaps the Iranian people could do more to change something in the Iranian leadership Agenda. They did it once, I think it's time to do It again.

Please write me your thoughts and remarks about the above. I'm more than interested.



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