Monday, August 18, 2008

Does Allah encourage you to lie?

A fellow blogger, here, wrote a piece over my post and nytimes news about Iranian swimmer who called in sick in Beijing Olympic because another competitor was an Israeli . At the end he asked "Doesn’t their common god forbid lying?"

Very nice question, so let me explain it. Although Islam forbids lying but under some situations it encourages Muslims to lie. There is a concept in Islam called al-Taqiyya which literally means: "Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or mental injury." A one-word translation would be "Dissimulation."

The best term to explain al-Taqiyya is diplomacy and as Isaac Goldberg said "Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest things in the nicest way."

Two major branches of Islam Sunnis and Shiites have different view on al-Taqiyya. Shiites practice al-Taqiyya but Sunnies reject the idea of al-Taqiyya and consider it hypocrisy but they practice it whenever there is a need to justify their actions. You can easily find the more recent example of using al-Taqiyya practice by Sunnis in 9/11 terrorist attack. In 9/11 all participant terrorists were Sunnis and they have provided all necessary lies to do what they meant to do. Even if you look at the videos of Wahhabi hatred teachings in UK schools, and their Imams denial after they got caught.

I found Sunnis practice al-Taqiyya but publicly reject it but Shiites just practice it. In my point of view, Shiites are hypocrites and Sunnis are double-hypocrites in this matter. I know
Daniel Pipes has different opinion on Shiites and Sunnis point of view to al-Taqiyya but I respectably disagree because I see how they practice in reality rather than just listening to them.

So it's good to know that Allah encourage Muslims to lie if they are vis-a-vis of unbelievers in Allah.


  1. Thanks for the explanation. I asked that question thinking that Muslims, like Christians, do have some kind of mechanism to justify what is otherwise written in the original religious books. As you wrote, but of course, there is. It is as if the legal profession existed since the beginning of human kind.

  2. Your very welcome and thanks for bringing that nice question up.

    I am not sure but I guess if we look back to the history of legal profession we will find out they came from religious schools.

  3. Not all Muslims practice Al-taqqiya, Sunni Muslims don't..and they all believe that lying is forbidden in all forms. Please differentiate between what Shiites believe and what Muslim Sunni believe, and read more about their huge differences before accusing all Muslims of practicing Al-taqiyya

  4. Well, I explained up there that Sunni Muslims don't have a concept of Al-taqqiya but in reality they do lie when they caught up, like 9/11 or bombings in London and terrors in Pakkistan and Afghanistan. You should know that those terrors has happened buy fanatic Sunnies.

    and if we look at Iraq, Shiite and Sunni terrorist would kill each other, specially innocent people just to get more power, but they believe they are fighting for Allah and blah blah .... and both side would expect to go to heaven :))

    I guess lying is part of nature of Islam, even Muslim leaders lie all the time! C'mon man, just look at evidences!

  5. The fact that Sunnis reject Taqiyya is enough proof that it is not inherent to islam. Whether individual muslims (or any other group) lie is another question. Christians lied too (for example war in iraq), is christianity a religion which practise lying now? The terrorists of 9-11 who lied are not even muslim since islam forbids suicide. Suicide bombing is forbidden in islam. Another myth. Why call these people muslims then if they do things forbidden in Islam?

  6. I dont know which religion u belong to, but if i am not wrong all Religions had lied to save their lifes, and if u dont know the meaning of Taqiyya, u have no right to set misconceptions about that and make ur own decisions and perceptions into what muslims are doing is wrong and the others( ur fucking religion) are right...

  7. @ Anonymous 1:

    I should have been very careful when i wrote Sunnis reject Taqiyya. Not all Sunnis reject it. there are prominent Sunnis who believe Taqiyya is part of Islam and is inseparable. I should mind you that the traditional Taqiyya is different than contemporary Taqiyya.

    In traditional Taqiyya, the imminent fear or danger of death was the reason supporting this concept but contemporary Taqiyya, deceiving enemies of Islam is the main objective here.

    I should have elaborate more on what I meant.
    and I am sorry for long delay to get back at you.

  8. @ Anonymous (recent):

    Well, contemporary Taqiyya is anything but saving lives. As I wrote, its main objective is deceiving enemies of Islam. who are these enemies? anyone who is first, against Islam, then, not muslim!

    One more thing, I am not comparing wrong doings of different ideologies or morally corrupt practices here. But I guess it would be nice if you pick up from here and there and give us a comparative analysis of them. are you up to the job?