Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Iranian athletes refuse to compete with Israeli athletes?

Iranian swimmer Mohammad Alirezaei refused to compete because an Israeli was competing. Although he told International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials he was sick but it was a lie. Iranian newspapers proudly reported Alirezaei didn't compete in presence of Israeli athlete. I hope they could examine him right away and find out the truth.

You should know that Iranian athletes have no say in this issue. Let me explain. First of all sport is not just sport in Islamic Iran it is a political element and Iranian fundamentalists use it everywhere and every time they need. e.g. U.S. - Iran soccer match - June 1998

Second, Iranian officials in charge of Iranian teams get their orders right from Islamic Iran's supreme leader office by intelligence services agents related to the office. These orders determine that Iranian athletes could attend or should refuse competition.

Third, Iranian athletes who obey orders and refuse to compete with Israeli athletes will be rewarded very much better than athletes who win medals.

So athletes have no other choice rather than refusing to compete or compete and get punishments by Iranian authorities and even disqualify from sport in Iran.

I never forget that during the Athens Olympics in 2004, Iran's president, Mohammad Khatami said "the Iranian athlete's actions will be recorded in the history of Iranian glories" when Iran's judo world champion, Arash Miresmaeili, refused to compete with an Israeli athlete. What a fool!

This is the whole mentality of Islamic extremist clerical regime and there is no way around it. So it is better that IOC practice very harsh rules against Iranian athletes who refuse to play with Israeli athletes. It's just not acceptable. All athletes should be disqualified and athletes from other countries that did not qualify should be substituted.

That's the way it should be.

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  1. What an idiotic and fake name you have
    Anyway, the dude didn't compete, that's his loss.