Thursday, August 7, 2008

First executed Iranian blogger: Yaghoob Mehrnehad

In 05 July, 2008 Islamic Iran regime carried out the first execution of an Iranian blogger, Yaghoob Mehrnehad (Mirnehad) while allegedly accused him of being a terrorist, enemy of God (Mohareb)1 and corrupt on earth (Mofsed fi al-Arz)2. You can read full detail in Stop Torturing Us and my past post, Journalist death sentence in Islamic Iran .

It seems Islamic Ayatollahs covered this crime by announcement of stoning suspension by the spokesperson for judiciary. Sadly, Amnesty International and Human Rights watch organizations didn't even bother to write about the issue. Thanks to Israel Matzav that brought this part of story to my attention. He wrote about unbelievable silence about execution of Yaghoob Mehrnehad and Abdolnasser Taheri in above organizations.

Unfortunately in Iranian blogosphere there are a couple of blogs that are trying to justify recent executions including execution of Yaghoob Mehrnehad and Abdolnasser Taheri and the necessity of practicing executions in society; of course with all their sick Islamic barbaric ideologies and lack of a little wisdom to open their eyes and see how many innocent dissidents have been executed by Islamic regime of Iran so far.

Outcome of those executions didn't do anything but have uprooted freedom in our society by instilling fear. The outcome of this country couldn't be anything better than what it is right now, an Islamic totalitarian chaos which doesn't have any good intention for Iranians except a possible greater damage by confronting with the US and Israel.

Our country Iran and our people deserve very much better leaders than bunch of extreme crazy Islamofacists.

Campaign against execution of Yaghoob Mehrnehad is linked to Yaghoob's blog

1"Mohareb" means enemy of God and 2"Mofsed fi al-Arz" means corrupt on earth and both are capital punishments under Islamic law in Iran and unfortunately there is a vague definition about these two serious crimes in Islamic law. They can prosecute any dissidents by accusing them enemy of God and/or corrupt on earth. They have done it before, here are two examples:

Iran’s Hard-Liners Fight Back With Rally, Death Threats

'Iran After the Elections' Conference


  1. Have you heard the story of Haik Hovsepian? He was an Iranian pastor killed because he was protesting the arrest of a Christian brother for converting out of Islam?

    Dear friend, God has led me to you today. He loves you very much. I do not know you. But God knows you, and He loves you. He knows all your sins, and I can prove to you that He will forgive you and wash away your sin. He will do this for you because He wants you to be close to Him forever. Abrahim offered his son and a lamb died instead of his son. That lamb died as part of God's plan. Isa is the lamb of God. I can prove that. Read in the Injil John chapter 1 verse 29. It says of Isa, "Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world". Isa was born of the virgin. He was born without sin. He came to die in your place. You have sin, but Isa was the lamb of God, Who was the sacrifice for your sin. Just as Abrahim offered his son for God, so God offered His Son for Abrahim, for you, and for me. Isa died for you as part of God's plan to save you and forgive your sin. Isa rose from the dead. That proves that His promise to forgive you all your sin is true. If you talk to Him today, He will hear you and answer you because He loves you. You need His love. You can only have true peace if you receive the spirit of God to live in your heart by faith in Isa, the Son of God. I love you.

  2. Yeah, I read and heard that his killing was part of the series of political murders of authors, activists and dissidents which later on government officials said it was ordered by Saeed Emami. well we know Saeed Emami didn't do this murders on his own.