Friday, September 5, 2008

Iranian Polygamist parliament members slowed it down

Did you know that in past (7th) Iranian parliament 65 members and in current (8th) parliament at least 50 parliament members have two wives?1

Iranian Judiciary proposed some changes through a controversial bill known as "Family Support Bill" to parliament which it would make it easier for rich men to marry second and more wives. In current law, second marriage or more needs first wife consent.

Women rights activists fight back till three days ago, parliament has delayed a vote on the bill. Good luck for women rights activists in their fight with deep-rooted traditional Islamic culture.

I think these activists can't change a lot because they are committed to Islam themselves, so as a Muslim they have a limitation on changes they ask for, specially about traditional Islamic culture.

Polygamy is part of Islamic culture and Muhammad (prophet) was the master Polygamist, so what can we expect from his followers other than polygamy bill?!

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  1. The IRI is a Gender Apartheid. Misogyny is its"holy" commitment.