Monday, October 20, 2008

Forced Prostitution in Arab World

Iraqi refugee girls forced to prostitution by whom?! Arabs mostly from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Some of the girls are very young even at age 6 years old.

Seriously, how sick someone could be to force somebody else in prostitution? Specially kids at age 6! I know some of Muslims believe it's prophet way so it's ok but trust me, it's sickening even Mohammad was sick too.


  1. I wonder who started this war. I wonder who drove these women into this barbarity, that you call "forced prostitution". The report doesn't mention the prophet at all, neither does it include any Islamic teachings. Most of these girls may not even be Muslim to start with, please do yourself a favor and educate yourself: not all Muslims are Arabs, and not all Arabs are Muslims.

    As for the the "war victims", they are nothing but victims, victimized by themselves. They can easily quit this job and seek ANY other job - as waitresses, cleaning ladies, maids, babysitters, etc. No one is forcing them to live in sin, nor is anyone forcing them to be victims.

    And for ignorance sake, even if the majority of the club "visitors" are Saudi Arabian or Kuwaiti citizens doesn't mean that Saudi Arabia or Kuwait - as countries - encourage this type of behavior. You can't judge the nation on the acts of individuals. What then would you call the States if you were to judge it by, say Ted Bundy the notorious serial killer? And by that logic, does that mean that every German person is a live portrayal of Hitler?

    Please don't generalize, or drag the Prophet into this. Think wisely of what you're accusing others of before you speak. By the end of the day, stereotypes are not facts - they are simply STEREOTYPES.

  2. Most Muslims are Arabs and that's the fact. but not vice versa.

    This war started on many factors which it happens that all Iraq’s Arab neighbors asked from US to attack Iraq, also Iraqis asked for the very same thing and they were very happy after Saddam ran away. do you remember how people were happy to see American soldier were on city and they were not under Saddam dictatorship anymore..just check the YouTube and you will see Iraqis were dancing on the streets.

    Suicide bombers were inside job and you should point fingers at Iraqis and neighbor countries.

    About mohammad, he married to Aisha at age 6. so this culture has been there among Arab tribes and still it's between them somehow.

  3. What would happen to th citizens of America and the neighbors of America if they asked anotherr country to attack America? Diamond

  4. You could say not all bad persons are muslims. But if you take all the terrorism that is going on around the world, i bet more than 90% of these cases will be muslims.

    Hence, it is safe to say that all muslims are not bad, but among bad people, most of them are muslims!!!

    The same applies here, if we compare various civilizations, how many of them treat women as badly as the ISLAM? If you ask all the muslim ladies, how many of them like the kind of conditions enforced on them, you would not get many who would not agree on this concept. And this whole thing generates from there!!!

  5. Indonesia 203 million
    Pakistan 174 million
    India 161 million
    Bangladesh 145 million
    Egypt 79 million
    Nigeria 78 million
    Iran 74 million
    Turkey 74 million
    Algeria 34 million
    Morocco 32 million
    Iraq 30 million
    Sudan 30 million
    Afghanistan 28 million
    Ethiopia 28 million
    Uzbekistan 26 million
    Saudi Arabia 25 million
    Yemen 23 million
    China 22 million
    Syria 20 million
    Russia 16 million

    Fariborz Shamshiri @ Most muslims are non arabs, where did you get your numbers from?

  6. Oh, it is in the comment section, I was about to answer to comment above myslef. I wanted to say "Most Arabs are Muslims" not the vice versa which mistakenly I thought of something but I wrote something else. sorry about it and thanks for bringing it up.

  7. Thiere's no clear documented proof yet to show child sex slavery in thr arab countries. It is mostly prevalent in combodia,thailand,colombia,ivory costa,brasil etc. again most of the tourists are mostly from north america and sometimes europe.

    Pedophilia prevalence isnt religion or race dependant. If u take the eg of Mohammed(s). How would u explain most cases of pedophilia occuring in Catholics? If available. Watch "Salo or 120 days of sodom"

    Whom do u think these catholic priests r following?

    Sexually perveraions r some states of mind, mostly not governed by relifions. Mohammed(s) cant be be utterily classified as "sick" as because he wasnt a pedophile(naujubillah!). Though he married Ayesha at a very young age, he didnt live with her even after puberty. Now it may sound sick, but you have to create mind setup of 6th century AD, and not 2011.

    Pedophiles are those who 'predominantly' enyoy sexual activity of any kind. Like any other perverts, normal sexual activity with suitable aged partner doesnt arouse them. These r the sick people. They fly from north america all way to Combodia, just for this.