Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Humanist, Atheist campaign in England

This is what I applaud and seriously I like to run something like this campaign in Iran but you know, Muslim clergies will kill us before we start anything that has to do with atheism. Good News is, I am doing something and I will let you know later.

The British campaign exceeded their target donation and so far they received about £ 63,000 pound more than what they hope to raise £5,500.

Although I am not in England but I help them to spread the word because they are in a right direction with this smart campaign to make people think and that's what humanists and atheists are all about. So if you want to donate or support the campaign, visit here.

Hat tips Jon Worth

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  1. I think England should throw them all in jail before it get out of control.
    Radicals like this are looking for trouble.