Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Price of Silence is too high for Human rights

These are not just words tattooed on paper
No prison cell, no border fence, no torture well will stop our plea
No stone, no stain will mar the river of our dignity
My child, for you today our voice befriends the winds-

(I don't know who is the poet though)

It seems what we have not had in Iranian society is some sort of community works that push individuals to use their talents towards common goal for community. Just take Actor and Actresses in Iran, I have never seen they come out and show that there is a better use for their talent too. It is good to earn money and donate once in a while but it is better if we there far more important things that we can take care of.

Why did I start this? Well, because I saw following video that actor Laurence Fishburne deliver the prologue of this video for Amnesty USA, seriously I have never seen any actor/actress in Iran to do anything for greater good like this; or it's probably my loose mind that can't recollect things!


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