Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will you temporarily marry me?

Ziauddin Sardar editor of ‘Futures’ and Professor of School of Arts in "Will you marry me - temporarily?" article in New Statesman explained why Muta (sigheh) is a good thing for frustrated Iranian youth and promoted it! Well, you can follow the article in above link and here is my comments:

I guess you missed the most important problem here. Anything Islamic Muta (temporary marriage) contract or Islamic permanent marriage contract is legal if a mullah endorses that contract. So they make mullahs indispensable for basic needs like sex. I don’t see any necessity for mullahs or any Islamic figure in life including basic needs such as sex so any contract that mullah’s endorsement is obligatory won’t last long.

And about Iran's frustrated youth I should say they didn’t frustrate over a night, they frustrated over a three decade Islamic fanatic rulings which for instance have prohibited music, dance, any sort of happiness, any sort of relationship between sexes such as simple friendships and have initiated sex segregations in all aspect of life from elementary schools, universities to government jobs and it has gone on for three decades.

So how on the earth do you think involvement of government in our private life is a good thing? No way that you can justify this. Remember, nobody should seek permission from mullahs and government to fulfill his/her basic needs. I don’t know about you but I know it’s degrading to human dignity to seek permission for every basic needs.

I see Muta a form of extending Islamic rules, rulings and government to our private life which at the end of day, deprive us from our basic rights as human.

one more thing, I see Muta as a political Islam ideology and I say if Islamist still push for political Islam which suggests Islamic teachings should be preeminent in all facets of society and Muslims must return to earlier models of Islam and practice Sharia, or Islamic law, into their society, I would say watch out, because these days nobody pay you the respect that you don't deserve anymore and your idols such as muhammad, Allah or whatever you worship and is good for you; perhaps it's good but just for you and yourself, so keep it that way or it will destroy you and your ideology, altogether!

We, people, ran out of patient, here is an example

Monday, February 25, 2008

Iran's Zoroastrian community has shrunk

Recently Koroush Niknam, a Zoroastrian MP in Iran in an interview with Fredrik Dahl (Reuters) said "Iran's Zoroastrian community has shrunk by half to 45,000 people since the country's 1979 Islamic revolution. I'm personally worried and I would want the community to return." he added, "Iran is our birth place ... our prophet was born in this country".

Although he rejected that minorities face discrimination in the predominantly Shiite Muslim state of 70 million people but honesty everybody knows that religious minorities are struggling with Islamic regime discrimination. for instance, minorities can't hold senior government or military positions, with the exception that 5 of a total 270 seats in the Parliament are reserved for religious minorities. I think Mr. Niknam twists facts with lies to secure his seat in the Parliament.

Niknam represents the pre-Islamic religion in Iran's 290-seat legislature and has registered to stand for re-election in a March 14 parliamentary poll, so if he would say the truth behind the immigration of minorities he would be rejected by Guardian Council.

Niknam said "poor job prospects in Iran were the main factor of immigrating Jews, Armenians and Zoroastrian in the last three decades". "If there are any problems we are trying to resolve them through the Islamic establishment and there is no need to have a third party step in," Niknam said in his office, adorned with images of Zoroaster and Islamic Republic's founding father Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

But Niknam also said there were problems with Iranian legislation under which a member of a minority religion who converts to Islam gets all the family inheritance. "What do you think will happen to the family? It will be undermined," he said. Niknam said he had petitioned Khomeini's successor, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, about the issue and suggested he was hopeful for a change of the rules.

Frankly, I don't know how he can justify these dishonest answers but also I know he is part of minority and perhaps his voice won't count at all in Iran. If he had a choice he wouldn't mount Khomeini's image in his office. Like all other Iranian businesses, even in small convenience stores, every business should mount Khomeini's image on the wall!

And look at the Iranian legislation?!! isn't it discrimination?! I think so it is all the way. it's against human rights and it's called religious segregation.

Struggle between people and police

anti-Islamic dress code

They arrested her because of anti Islamic dress code (improper Hijab), she resisted going to police van so police officers beat her brutally with their batons and blood covered her head and face.
Police officers pushed young lady into police van and speed up to get her into police station; people stopped the van and resisted to let the lady go and struggle between people and police started with booing Police and people shouted “We don’t want Islamic regime”!

Anti-riot police came in and fired in the air to scatter angry people. It seems police arrested some in this struggle. The following video is from the scene just taken yesterday.

Desirable Islamic dress code

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seyyed Ali Khamenei is the world 7th dictators

Seyyed Ali Khamenei according to parade.com is the world 7th dictators in year 2008. While he had the third rank last year and repression is increased than the year before such as increased public hangings, amputations, stoning, persecute and imprisonment of dissidents, murder of students in prison, torture, media censorship, shut down newspapers, music studios, internet cafes and nuclear weapons program and increased poverty; I think he deserves much better ranks than 7th! at least he could get 4th position instead of King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia! actually it's shameful for such a repressive regime to get 7 out of 10.

No wait, I guess the world won't wake up until mullah's Islamic fascism repress the world with their mass destruction weapons then perhaps world will try to come up with something to adjust the problem!

Poverty in Iran - Kerman

It's a village in Kerman province in Iran. just take a look at the photos and see how poor people are and I don't know how on the earth Islamic Iran regime can spend money on Lebanon, Syria and related terrorist groups, Shiite shrines in Iraq and terrorists there and also spend huge amount of undisclosed country's revenue through oil, mining and so on for arms and still justifying that Iranians need nuclear power more than anything else?!!! Open your eyes and see that people are next to dying because of poverty, they don't have enough food to eat, house to live and ... People don't need nuclear power at the moment. Islamic regime is required to bring justice and freedom to spend fair amount of country's revenue on people to advance their lives. That's what people want.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Journalist death sentence in Islamic Iran

A journalist accused of involvement in a terrorist group in southeastern Iran has been sentenced to death. Yaghoob Mirnehad was sentenced to death for "membership in the terrorist Jundallah group as well as for crimes against national security," said judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi. He did not give details of Mirnehad's alleged crimes. The sentence may be appealed to Iran's Supreme Court.

Mirnehad is a reporter in southeastern Iran for a Tehran-based daily newspaper, Mardomsalari. He also runs a charity that focuses on childhood education.
Mirnehad was arrested last May in Zahedan, provincial capital of Sistan-Baluchistan province.

The area near Pakistan and Afghanistan is a key crossing point for narcotics and often sees clashes between police and drug gangs. It is also home to a large number of Iran's minority Sunni Muslims. The Jundallah group, or God's Brigade, is active there and has been blamed for attacks on Iranian troops. Jamshidi did not specify Mirnehad's alleged role in the group.

In December, Iranian police killed 12 people suspected of membership in Jundallah. Early last year, Iran hanged a Jundallah member who was convicted in a bombing that killed 11 members of the Revolutionary Guards. The government has also accused Jundallah of having links to al-Qaeda.


my comment:

He is not a terrorist he is just a reporter being accused by Iranian regime for terrorism! Iranian regime has a long history of planting evidence against opponent of regime and here in the middle, journalists and media are the most innocent victims of Islamic regime’s hostility towards people, freedom of speech and press. They have tried to hide their crimes everywhere in Iran and every time that someone tried to expose them, this regime just has killed and threats them or legally by illegal laws has executed them.

Yaghoob Mirnehad is not a first case nor the last one. Adnan Hassanpour was recent journalist who sentenced to death. The problem is resides in all Islamic regimes, for instance Parviz Kambakhsh death penalty in Afghanistan (Islamic republic of) so there is a systematic resistance and punishments against freedom of speech and press in all Islamic countries. World should realize by supporting Islamic regimes just they help to spread this virus around the world and consume all. We should stand up now and forever like Danish (with their cartoons) against Islamic atrocity and don't let them to move forward.

Signature collection endangered Islamic Iran national security

Ehteram Shadfar sentenced to six months suspended imprisonment for endangering national security. She is a 62-year-old member of the Women’s Cultural Centre, who has been active collecting signatures for the “Campaign for Equality” which aims to collect a million signatures of Iranians to a petition demanding an end to legalized discrimination against women in Iran.

As you know, in Muslim women doesn’t have the same rights as men, in fact women are considered half men in Islamic law so any petition against Islamic rules/laws will danger Islam and it will danger Islamic Iran national security! Now it's easy to figure out how mullahs and Ayatollahs will punish Iranians, it’s all for Islam and by Islam, isn’t it time to get rid of them and everything that belong to them, like these foolish laws.

This campaign is very good but don’t you guys (campaigners) think it’s better to campaign for secular regime than Islamic regime, secular laws than Islamic laws?! You can't change Islam because it's rotten although if you believe in it, it's fine just keep it personal for your own, but country's law can't stay Islamic or our life stay in misery, well, yours included.

Why music is forbidden in Islam?

Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi is one of the most influential Ayatollahs currently in Iran and he is a spiritual guide for many shi'a Muslims answered to a question with some ridiculous reasons, just read it:

Q: Why Islam is forbidden music and what's the philosophy behind of it?

A: Although music is popular and it makes it difficult that people to think logical and straight about it's harms but realistic people will search and find out the realities although it's popular so here some of the reasons why Islam is forbidden music:

1. The best and pleasing songs, has the most ill effect on nerves specially when weather is warm it gets worse!

2. Music categorically fits in drugs family because it has addiction and no one can deny it! So human can get addicted to anything! For instance, in a concert when human listen to music they will go numb and they are not in normal states so they can’t focus on anything else but music so we can conclude that it is addictive like Heroin! Actually people get the most enjoyment from music because they are in narcotization state like a drug addict.

3. From the medical perspective it has proven that one of the reasons behind unexpected death in our era is music because music enforces excitement and excitement means an instable neurological function so people who get bombard by music are under threshold of cardiac standstill or stroke.

My comment: It was one of the most foolish things that I have ever heard. In a second thought he is joking or kinda transferred magically, oh I am sorry, by Allah, to a stand-up comedian or something like that! but no way, he is serious! Well he is a Muslim scholar! one of a kind who Muslims follow him! so go figure where is the problem in Islam world. by the way, my answer to the question is, Islam didn't like to see people live happy because if they live happily they will start to question this non-sense Allah and Muhammad, so Ayatollahs like you, couldn't have business like this. Islam and you want misery for people, like what have you done to Iranian people so far, in a rich country like Iran, 90 percent are living under poverty threshold, so will you tell me what have happened to the money that Islamic regime have sold the Iranian rich natural resources during past 29 years?!

I am familiar with Ayatollah's misery (for people) philosophy so don't lie anymore!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Islamic Iran MPs asked for action on Danish over cartoons

Tehrantimes one the most right wing papers wrote:

"In a letter to President Ahmadinejad, some 215 MPs in Iran’s 290-seat assembly said Iran should review trade and political links with Denmark and the Netherlands to respond to 'an anti-Islamic and Islamophobic current' in the two countries.

'We, representatives of the honorable Iranian nation (but you're representatives of an Islamic terrorist regime) , condemn this devil measure. We ask the president ... to seriously review Iran’s political and trade ties with these countries,' the lawmakers wrote in the letter, state radio said.

Iran has also urged the Netherlands to prevent the screening of a film in which a right-wing populist lawmaker plans to lay out his view of Islam’s holy book, the Koran (Quran). Comments by the Dutch MP about the Koran were condemned by Iran last year."

My comment: Well, the question is who cares to these super fanatics Islamist terrorist supporters MPs?! I mean have ever these so-called religion-of-peace-lovers cared to our request to stop barbaric executions?! Have they ever respected human rights? Or all the time they have abused it.

By the way, isn't that Iranian regime always has asked the world to stay out of their business?!! Why would they interfere in Danish business?! Are they breaching international law?! Or supporting Islamic terrorism throughout the world?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Muslims boycott Wikipedia

An Iranian official has urged Muslim states to boycott Wikipedia after the encyclopedia published series of muhammad cartoons. In Islamic states like Iran they considered blasphemous cartoons and punishment is death penalty for this kind of crimes.
Remember Salman Rushdie?!

He said that the Wikipedia's organizers are well aware of the insulting nature of the cartoons of the Prophet of Islam and their refusal to remove them is a deliberate and offensive move against Muslims. They refused to unpublish the cartoons although more than 180,000 letters of protest had been sent to Wikipedia, he added. The official called on Muslim states to boycott and block the web site to counter the divisive and anti-Islamic move.

As far as I know, the officials in Iran are using any chance to censor any website specially anything that expose their sick-twisted agendas. just look how many weblogs and websites they have censored so far. This case is a little but different because it's about Islam and it's prophet but why would Wikipedia cares to your request?! have you ever cared about the world request that they have asked you to stop execution by stoning?! to stop executions?! to respect human rights?! did you do anything about them?
No, you didn't so why on the earth would you expect anything from the world?!

Remember mankind's freedom is much more important than your religion. so don't ask people to give up on their freedom to serve your Islamofascism. I know i
n response to these fanatic people we should respond strongly back and we should never ever pay attention to their requests because they have already deprived millions of people freedom in Iran and other Islamic countries and they try to extend their Islamofascism to all other countries. If today you don't stop them, tomorrow will be late.
This is how I support freedom of speech and press:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Child offender facing imminent execution in Iran

Yet again another disturbing news about an unfair justice for a child which lead him to execution.

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Iranian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LDDHI) have been informed about the imminent execution of Mr. Behnam Zare, a child offender convicted of murder, committed when he was 15 years old. We strongly urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately halt the execution, and to respect its obligations under international human rights law, as it is party to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which expressly prohibits the execution of child offenders.

Child offender Behnam Zare is now facing execution, since the order to carry out his execution was sent to the Adelabad prison, in the south-western city of Shiraz, where he is detained since his arrest. Behnam Zare was convicted of the murder by knife, when he was 15, of a man named Mehrad. He has been detained since November 2005 and was sentenced by the Fars Criminal Court to execution for premeditated murder. The sentence was upheld by the Iranian Supreme Court. The Iranian authorities have been waiting for him to turn 18 years old in order to carry out the execution.

Despite several calls addressed to the authorities to halt the planned execution of Behnam Zare, and to commute his death sentence, his family was informed that the only way to cancel the execution is to obtain the victim’s family pardon by means of reimbursement. Under Iran’s Criminal Code, only by paying the « blood cost » of the murder to the victim’s family, it is possible to avoid the death penalty.

FIDH and LDDHI express, once again, their deep concern regarding the broad application of death penalty in Iran. We urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect international human rights law, in particular the international standards on death penalty.

courtesy of fidh.org

Thanks to danish cartoonist and editors

I am so happy that finally in one of this European countries they come to understanding that they should stand up against these so-called 'religion pf peace' lovers who always deprive us from our rights while we should respect their traditions and religion fanatic ideology!

Just I wanted to show my appreciation for your courage and understanding. Thank you.

Islamic Iran regime didn't like Danish press approach so they arranged a protest in front of Denmark Embassy by Basij (Iranian paramilitary force) personnel. In February 2006, these Basij and IRGC force plainclothes burned the Danish flag and attacked Denmark embassy. Well, Iran agreed to pay US$ 110,000 in damages to Denmark.

Photo from AAP

Friday, February 15, 2008

how is the world after Imad Mugniyah?!

For sure a better place! Any element that IRGC protect or sponsor is a source of fanatic radicalism which just brings death, terror and misery so elimination of any of these elements will make world better place to live.

I am confused a little here; probably someone could help me out here. We know that IRGC has supported terrorism and has funded Islamic Jihad movement in Shiite section of Muslim world right after Iranian revolution and according nytimes "Mugniyah, who was killed Tuesday in a car bombing in Damascus, Syria, was the leader of the Islamic Jihad Organization. He was at the violent center of the Shiite group Hezbollah, acting under the auspices of radical Iranian sponsors, according to Western authorities and terrorism experts.

He is thought to have moved frequently between Beirut, Lebanon, Damascus and Tehran. His expertise and his protection by the leaders of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Revolutionary Guards Corps in Iran made him hard to capture or to kill, according to intelligence experts. He was considered an agent of a wing of the Revolutionary Guards, which the United States says has sponsored terrorist attacks around the world since the Iranian revolution."

Also as you know of the US put IRGC in the foreign terrorist organizations list just in 2007. The question is, we have had huge amount of intelligence about IRGC and their activities, why didn't the US put it in the foreign terrorist organizations list much earlier?!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Iran spent 1bn for extending on Imam Ali Shrine

Just take a look at following pictures and tell me which one deserves attention and actually is in need of money?

What would you feel if I tell you the Iranian Islamic regime spends 1bn US dollar on the building in the last photo instead of spending on poor people in Iran!

Once on Jan. 21 2008, an Iranian MP, Mohammad Abbaspour said "90 percent of the population are living under the poverty line and only ten percent of the people have access to social services provided by the government". He warned that Iran was becoming a country with vastly separated social classes. He continued "In the past 25 years … we have witnessed immense pressures in society, indicating social injustice. This phenomenon has led to the rise of social ills such as homeless tramps, higher divorce rates, poverty, and prostitution."

UNDP Human Development 2007/2008 Report indicates, at least 7.3 percent of people are living below $2 a day and other stats about poverty line is unavailable. It means while Iranian regime totally aware of situation in Iran just they don't give a damn thing to people situation. I thin so people better off without these holy things and clerical existence. They should start erasing these shrines and give up on misleading Islamic theocracy which led them to live under poverty line.

UNDP Report: Human Development 2007/2008 Report - Iran

Can you believe that?! I would love to hear that somehow these so-called holy shrines get erase in a holy way by holier things :-) perhaps you would ask me why?! Because at the moment more than 90 percent of Iranians are under poverty line and Islamic regime of Iran is going to spend 1bn on shrine! Ridiculous!

Anniversary of Islamic revolution

On Feb 12, 2008 Islamic Republic of Iran celebrated the 29th anniversary of the victory of its Islamic revolution with the crowd of people who most of them are government employees and military personnel. On any government events like this, they should show up or they will lose their job and reputation. so most of them even don't believe in what they showed up for or chanted. just they do it for the sake of end of month paycheck!

Well there were typical Muslim slogans against the US and Israel!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gaza crisis and Iran

I didn't want to write about Palestine area anymore because I know that Hamas gangs are governing that area and firing missiles to Israel to bring back chaos to the area. Well, we know for sure that Hamas backed by Islamic Non-Republic of Iran is going to establish Islamic chaos doctrine in the region and ordinary people in the both sides are the first target of this chaos.

Although I feel so sorry for people in Gaza that they left their house and fled to Egypt so I think so it's the best time that Israel should attack all the way to Hamas and all Iran funded terrorist groups in that area and really do a good cleaning there. I think Palestinians should request and support Israel air strike attacks to Hamas till none of these terrorists have chance to terrorize mankind.

On Feb 5, 2008 a group of Basij (Iranian paramilitary) fanatic backed students had a protest to crisis Gaza while they misguided by Islamic mullah chaos lovers that mullahs arranged for the crisis in the Gaza! The silly part is these group like every other Islamic fanatic group, claimed "Palestine is part of Islam" and they threaten "Arab leaders should break the silence and get lessen from Saddam Hussein's fate"! Silly! As long as there some foolish mullah's supporters in Iran and there is no free speech to educate these young basiji funded people, we can't change their mind! They are just brainwashed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

International day of action to free imprisoned students in Iran

From the Students Freedom Campaign, Tehran, Jan. 27

February 16th, 2007:
International Day of Protest against Islamic Republic of IranFor Freedom of All Imprisoned Students!

Incarceration, torture, pressure, arrest, and prosecution of egalitarian, freedom-loving students (in Iran) is continuing. While more than forty of egalitarian, freedom-loving students are still in jails, yet another group of ten students that had gathered in Tehran to discuss their next moves to free their comrades, have been arrested and sent to Evin prison by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In cities of Mash'had, Sanandaj, Marivaun, Ghazvin, and Isfahaun students were attacked in their houses, arrested and sent to jails.

In order to intimidate other prisoners the Islamic regime displays the severely tortured students to other prisoners. Mr. Payman Peerun with a broken right foot and shoulder, and Mr. Behrooz Karimi with deep wounds on his body have been displayed numerous times. Security forces have subjected our comrades to severe torture in order to force them to confess to baseless accusations, and participate in the sham television programs organized by the security forces. Individuals, whose only "crime" is defense of freedom, equality, and humanity, are forced to confess to baseless accusations of connection with opposition parties.

We, freedom-loving egalitarian students are the spokespersons and standard-bearers of humanity, freedom, and equality in Iran. By suppressing us, Islamic regime is trying to suppress the entire movement for freedom and equality in Iran.

Because of the pressures applied to it, the regime has been forced to free a few of our comrades, with very high bails. Before releasing these beloveds, the Islamic regime had put them through the most severe pressures. Through intimidation and psychological pressures the regime is attempting to take back a part of our victorious protest, so it could impose an atmosphere of fear and dismay on the struggle for students' freedom. This struggle is now under way through out the world. Families of the incarcerated are under most severe pressures.

Freedom-loving people!

We, imprisoned students, families of the incarcerated, and the entire movement for liberty, and equality need your support now more than ever. Our call for freedom of incarcerated students on Dec 22 was met with your incomparable support. We, sincerely thank you for all your efforts. The actions on Dec. 28 through out the world were a great and unforgettable victory that delivered Iranian people’s voice of freedom and liberty to the world. But these efforts and struggles are not sufficient yet. Our comrades, freedom-loving, egalitarian students are still in torture chambers; the movement for freedom and equality is still under pressures of the security forces. This suppression must be shattered, and for this we need your help.

We have designated February 16th as an international day of protest against Islamic Republic, for freedom of all incarcerated students. We call upon all of you, wherever you might be, through whatever means available to you, to demand the immediate release of all the arrested (students), and immediate halt to all suppression of freedom-loving, egalitarians.

Future is ours!
Long live liberty!
Long live equality!

Freedom-loving, egalitarian students, from campuses through out the country
January 27, 2007- 7th of Dey 1386

Courtesy of ww4report

Friday, February 8, 2008

Women magazine shut down

Zanan (means women) premier women’s magazine in Iran shut down by Islamic non-Republic of Iran to silence yet another Iranian's voice! Just to mention, they shut it down because of its cover page and related story which is a report about "Iranian martyrdom (suicide-bomber) women who get killed to kill" so the Islamic warmonger mullahs couldn't permit these kind of stories go public in Iran.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Parviz Kambakhsh death penalty

To: Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Parviz Kambakhsh is one of the very recent victims of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan who, because of his personal beliefs, opinions and his political opposition to the Islamic regime, has been kept in the awful detention center of the National Security Department (SND) in Mazar e Sharif for the last three months.

Kambakhsh is a 23-year-old youth and a third year journalism student at the Mazar e Sharif University. He was a reporter for Jahan e Naw (The New World) newspaper.

Kambakhsh was detained after the SND identified him as “secular, Marxist and [in] opposition” to the regime. He was accused of printing out “atheist” articles from the internet which points out controversial verses of the Quran regarding women’s rights and distributing them to his fellow students. The book “Religion in the History of Civilization” (by Will Durant) taken from his living room has been kept as an evidence against him in the court! He has been constantly physically and mentally tortured, and threatened with death unless he “confessed”. He has had no access to a lawyer, or to family or friends.

According to the Religious Experts Council of Balkh province, “Kambakhsh disgraced Islam … and broke the constitution”. During an interview with Kelid Radio on January 23, he stated that not only had Kambakhsh “printed and written anti-religion articles but also he was an active Marxist who propagandized his opinions”.

The Religious Experts Council of Balkh province and the SND all demanded Kambakhsh to be stoned to death. The death sentence was handed down on January 23.

In a country where for the last six years there are many claims regarding “democracy”, “human rights”, and “freedom of press”, the religious fascists have their grip on justice and try every possible way to mute anyone who criticizes or comments about the Afghan Northern Alliance criminals.

Imprisonment of Parviz Kambakhsh is not only for his enlightening articles in a local newspaper, Jahan-e-Now (The New World), but also because of his brother Yaqub Ibrahimi, who is a well-known, brave and realistic reporter and exposed many criminal faces from Jehadi mafia in Northern Afghanistan to the world public.

The Jehadi criminals, who could not silence Ibrahimi, now try to pursue a traitorous agenda by unlawfully imprisoning his brother and kill him in order to hush him.

Although foreign forces toppled the Taliban’s dark and oppressive regime but unfortunately current government of Afghanistan consists mainly of Islamic fundamentalist forces that possess the same beliefs and objectives as the Taliban and in every chance they push their beliefs to Afghanis.

Now we kindly ask all freedom loving individuals and organizations who believe in human rights and democracy to stand up against the unjust imprisonment and death sentence of Parviz Kambakhsh, and ask for his immediate release. Only your strong support for justice and freedom can stop the mediaeval acts of the Islamic Afghan government, which are in the style of the brutal Islamic Iranian regime.

Here is the petition to sign: Free Afghan Journalist Perwez Kambakhsh

Also please email your protest letters to:

Presidential Office:

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

The Supreme Court of Afghanistan

I think it would be helpful if you can send letters to Canada, US and other countries that participated in Afghanistan freedom because they should consider this act against human rights!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Solouki and anti government propaganda and endangering national security charges

Mehrnoush Solouki an Iranian-French citizen who had permanent residency in Canada finally was released and since January 18 she has been back in Paris to her family.

She traveled to Tehran in late 2006 to research a documentary about the burial rites of Iran’s religious minorities. But when she accidentally stumbled upon a mass grave of regime opponents summarily executed in 1988, she was quickly thrown in prison. She spent a month at Evin in solitary confinement and released on $124,000 bail. She was in trial on charges that included making antigovernment propaganda and endangering national security but at the end, under pressure of “Reporters Without Borders”, Iranian judiciary just fined around $2,000 for her activities!

Because she was dual national and had support from overseas, they couldn't kill her inside of prison like recent death of Ebrahim Lotfollahi and Zahra Bani Yaghoub. Well, the UN pressure on Iran after Zahra Kazemi's death in prison taught Islamic fundamentalist that their actions won't go unnoticed specially if people have connections in overseas. Unfortunately manytimes people get killed by authorities inside of prison and nobody notice!

Solouki has some facial injuries from an unknown assailant attack in Tehran which required four separate operations but the memories of her imprisonment are most haunting than her facial injuries pain. she said I heard the cries and yelling of other women prisoners, I thought that they were terrorists, but when I asked about it, the answer was that they were women activists arrested during the ceremony of March 8 (International Women's Day). I couldn't tell whether this answer was tragic or comic. I have heard some things about Guantanamo Bay -- that terrorists are kept there, But I can’t believe there could be a place in the world with so many students, intellectuals, writers, and women's rights activists (Evin prison)."

Solouki crime was taking film from a Cemetery which contains a mass grave of regime opponents executed in the summer and fall of 1988. How many people were buried there has never been established.

Solouki is free and I am happy for her. Now my question is, how about people in Iran who don't have two passports and some connections in overseas? is this sequel is gonna stop one day?

Ballistic missiles to Israel and US

Well, it's the beginning of the problem for whole world if fundamentalist Iran could put together this kind of missile and nuclear head, then world is gonna end in a mess that we just could see in our nightmares and where are we going exactly?! I guess from nuclear crisis to nuclear ballistic missile crisis! Congratulations to you guys that could stop this mess from the beginning! but you didn't!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Islamic terrorists wedding gift

Eventually I found this video in youtube.com and I am shocked that a bunch of Islam lovers who shout Islam is religion of peace but in contrary we don't see any peace where they are! Perhaps they are gonna leave us in to pieces.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Unease and uncertainty surround policy of Iran

In a rare meeting in DAVOS – Switzerland about how the international community should engage Iran in the context of energy security, nuclear non-proliferation and regional stability, Manouchehr Mottaki, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyed Mojtaba Samare Hashemi Shajareh, First Adviser to the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of Iran, Lilia Shevtsova, Senior Associate, Carnegie Moscow Center, Russian Federation and Zalmay Khalilzad, US Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations participated.

In a nutshell nothing good came out of this meeting because Islamic Iran representatives played their game and didn’t respond to questions; instead they went after their agenda. Like always Iranian, were talking about stability in the region and peace however we know that Islamic Iran supports Hamas to bring instability to Palestine and Israel, they support insurgent in Iraq and Afghanistan to have an instable atmosphere for foreign armies from overcoming to situations in those countries. In contrary to what Manouchehr Mottaki said about “who doesn’t want peace” I should say instability is vital to mullah-Islam-o-fascism regime in Iran because they know if the region see peaceful days then world powers don’t let they stay in power anymore.

Iranian representatives didn’t say much but misleading people in Davos in a wrong direction with their blame throwing game and asking for peace while they have been right after nukes.

Here is the video:

Bill Gates on corporate social responsibility

Bill Gates, this computer business genius - in Davous - World Economic Forum gave an speech on corporate social responsibility and how private sector can make a huge deal of difference in poor people’s life around the world with balancing between self-interest and caring for others, profit and poor which always have been keeping distance. Here is his speech: