Monday, June 30, 2008

How to eat Pasta in Burqa?

It's funny how these Arab Muslim women eat Pasta while keeping Hijab in Burqa! Just I can't get it why these people act like this? It's 21 century.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Iran fired Anti-Aircraft guns in capital

Last night in the west side of Tehran, capital of Iran, somewhere around MehrAbad Airport and Azadi Soccer Stadium, Islamic Iran were firing Anti-Aircraft guns to an unknown object.

Some say it was an spy aircraft.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are Iranian Atomic Sites Suspended?

Based on what I heard, they suspended work for almost a day because it was a rumor going on about attack, or Air Assault to the sites. It seems it was just a safety concern.

Links - June 24

Iran dismisses new sanctions on Tehran

The European Union named Iran's largest commercial bank, the chief of the Revolutionary Guards and the head of the country's nuclear program on Tuesday as the targets of new sanctions imposed over Tehran's nuclear defiance.

Iran said Tuesday that it would not be hurt by the sanctions and hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for a special international court to be formed to punish what he called "tyrants" for their attempts to thwart the nuclear program.

The new measures mark a more assertive move by the Europeans over Iran's nuclear program, which the United States and some of its allies say is intended to produce weapons — a claim Iran denies. But EU officials say they avoided harsher steps to avoid undermining a package of economic incentives aimed at persuading Iran to halt uranium enrichment.

But Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said Tuesday that the "carrot and stick policy" by the 27-nation EU bloc won't stop Iran's "pursuit to realize its nuclear rights."

Hosseini said the new sanctions would only damage European interests in Iran, calling the decision "narrow-minded" in a statement. "It will not help create a suitable atmosphere for a diplomatic solution" to the nuclear dispute, he said.

In his first comments since the EU sanctions were announced Monday, Ahmadinejad told a gathering of judges that "a court should be formed to try and punish all world criminals who invade the rights of the Iranian nation," according to the state IRNA news agency. He did not elaborate on where or how the world powers should be punished for sanctioning Tehran. Ahmadinejad denounced the West for "issuing a verdict" against Iran without taking Iran's side into account.

My comment: At the end of the day, just people who are not involved in any decision making hurt most and these crazy Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejads like, all get away from consequences!

IAEA Chief: Iran Could Have Nukes in 'Six Months'

Mohamed ElBaradei: "If Iran wants to turn to the production of nuclear weapons, it must leave the NPT [Non-Proliferation Treaty], expel the IAEA inspectors, and then it would need at least... six months to one year...

Interviewer: "Excuse me, I would like to clarify this for our viewers. If Iran decides today to expel the IAEA from the country, it will need six months..."

ElBaradei: "Or one year, at least..."

Interviewer:"... to produce [nuclear] weapons?"

ElBaradei: "It would need this period to produce a weapon, and to obtain highly-enriched uranium in sufficient quantities for a single nuclear weapon."

Diplomacy must work
from David Miliband - the British foreign secretary

Behind the regime's tough rhetoric of defiance and nationalism is the knowledge that Iran must not become isolated again. The Iranian people do not enjoy seeing their proud nation in pariah status. The Iranian economy badly needs to be part of the global economy, not cut off from capital, technology and markets.

So we will continue to give Iran that clear and increasingly stark choice about its future - the so-called "dual track" approach. On June 14 we took another step in this. I sent the Foreign Office's political director to Tehran, along with his French, German, Chinese and Russian counterparts and the EU's High Representative, Javier Solana. They were there to give Iran a new offer.

It is not the first offer we have made the Iranians, but it is the most far-reaching. We need a rapid response from Iran.

Part of that offer is actually a willingness to help Iran develop nuclear technology. The Iranian regime tells its people the international community is trying to deny Iran its right to nuclear power. They have turned it into a nationalist issue. But if they were honest with their own people, they would have to say that the opposite is true....

Our aim is clear: We simply want to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It is not regime change in Tehran. The new deal is also clear. It includes specific proposals to assist Iran to acquire everything it needs for a modern nuclear power industry, including technological and financial assistance, legally binding fuel supply guarantees and cooperation on radioactive waste....

Our offer to Tehran is a further reminder - to the Iranian people, and to the world - that our approach is not just one of isolation and pressure. There is a massive prize for Iran on offer from the international community if Iran is willing to behave like a responsible member of that community. We are determined to balance the tough punitive measures with generous incentives....

As we have once again made clear, Iran has a choice. If it continues to make the wrong choice, then it will not be the international community's policy that has failed, but the Iranian regime's.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Holy Islamic crap plunge

Reuters reported: "Bulgaria's Alevi Muslims celebrate the coming of spring with a festival known as "Hadrelez" or Sacred Day, by bathing in holy water. Alevi Muslims in Bulgaria's Rhodope mountains gather at the sacred Dambala peak to bathe in a spring which they believe possesses healing powers. They believe that the spring heals mute or stuttering children, but only for five minutes after midnight on the morning of 'Hadrelez'. "

It's kinda new for me. It's healing system works just for 5 minutes annually?! Thanks, at lease holiness divine doesn't want to waste poor people's time and it works in a fast pace environment! He is quite BUSY.

It's another stupid religious story in 21 century. Unbelievable! Actually it reminds of me ZamZam which Muslim pilgrims like idiots go around the ZamZam well and call it holy, divinely blessed and they believe it cures illness. Reality is, it's just a water and it drops times to times and I am wondering if any of these idiots, have ever thought that why divinely blessed water would drop? Just I don't think so.

I don't know how can we fight with Islamic superstition that covered all our lives in Islamic societies?!

Watch video clip in Reuters if you difficulty to watch it here.

RIP George Carlin

Rest in Peace to George Carlin which I really liked his stand up specially his comments about religion.

George Carlin and Religion

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Iranians in World Refugee Day

In Islamic Republic of Iran, religious minorities including Iranian Christians, Iranian Bahai's, Iranian Zoroastrians and etc. are among the major refugee seekers in the world. They decry lack of freedom and opportunities, also Bahai's are fleeing religious persecutions and the denial of civil rights and liberties, and the denial of access to higher education and employment.

Most Iranians are Muslims, I can say at least they were born in Muslim family, about 89% belong to Twelver Shia's denomination of Islam, the official state religion and about 9% belong to Sunni denomination. Bahai's are second largest religious minorities after Sunnis, with one big exception that Baha'i religion is not officially recognized by Islamic regime of Iran.

Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians are considered as People of the Book, and little oppression is on them but Baha'i religion is outlawed and sometimes systematically discriminated and persecuted against and often tolerated.

Other group of Iranian refugee claimants have been political refugees. They were among the most scrutinized by UNHCR and/or authorities in destination countries but the problem has been how they have been assessed by authorities based on some documents or media reports which is the worst approach for Iranian refugees because usually Iranian refugees can't provide enough documents and necessary evidences about their situations while Iranian intelligent service moles are quick to provide some documents that's impossible to gather such as prosecution documents!

During reform movement, President Mohammad Khatami's era some of these people with journalist and student titles have got refugees status from western countries specially from North American countries but if you look at their work in the meantime you will notice that most of them are Islamic Iran apologists and even they are against free speech which lack of these two were among their major reasons to apply for refugee!

These moles with pre-planned missions came and have done nothing but bugging Iranian dissidents in diaspora. If you look at their action, these group of refugees still get together with Iranian embassies and plan their exhibitions there (if they are artist/writer), or in their articles defend Islamic regime and their deeds while they are quick to attack individuals who are against Islamic totalitarian of Iran. I am not going to name names, you can find them easily by studying their works and materials.

I am working on a project which it distinguishes between moles and real people in refugee system and hopefully the outcome of this project will be in practice and moles will get caught by foreign authorities before they can go other countries with dissident title and act totally against of what they have said they were doing in Iran. I suggest that we use the final project to reassess on already accepted political refugees, I mean some of them who meet the selection criteria which this application targets. Some of these people's work in
destination countries have been so far disgrace to the status that they are getting protection under.

The other small group of Iranian refugees are homosexuals, HIV+ people and so on. That's about Iranian Refugees.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Links - June 20

Britain pushes EU over sanctions against Iran

The problem the Europeans face is what steps to take and when. Hitting Iran's oil and gas sector could further push up energy prices, which have prompted disruptive protests around Europe by fishermen, truckers and farmers in recent weeks.

"There are no good options with regard to sanctions on oil and gas in Iran," said Mark Thomas of the Royal United Services Institute in Qatar. "With oil prices as they are it's not even an option."

The EU is Iran's biggest trading partner, with two-way trade totaling $39 billion in 2006. Iran supplies nearly 4 percent of EU energy imports, according to latest figures from the bloc's trade department.

My comment: Exactly, EU needs Iran's oil and gas sector so Europeans support Ayatollahs and as long as they support Ayatollahs, it will be hard for Iranian people to live a human life.

U.S. says exercise by Israel seemed directed at Iran

More than 100 Israeli F-16 and F-15 fighters participated in the maneuvers, which were carried out over the eastern Mediterranean and over Greece during the first week of June, American officials said.

The exercise also included Israeli helicopters that could be used to rescue downed pilots. The helicopters and refueling tankers flew more than 900 miles, which is about the same distance between Israel and Iran's uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, American officials said.

A senior Pentagon official who has been briefed on the exercise, and who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the political delicacy of the matter, said the exercise appeared to serve multiple purposes.

One Israeli goal, the Pentagon official said, was to practice flight tactics, aerial refueling and all other details of a possible strike against Iran's nuclear installations and its long-range conventional missiles.

A second, the official said, was to send a clear message to the United States and other countries that Israel was prepared to act militarily if diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from producing bomb-grade uranium continued to falter.

My comment: Well, These maneuvers and truce deal between Israel and Hamas which will give Israel a little time to carry huge attacks on Iran nuclear sites. But here is the thing, we know that truce is very fragile because first, Hamas says they can't make sure other groups won't attack Israel because Hamas don't have anything to do with them! Second, if Israel attack Iran I guess there won't be any truce between those groups in Gaza and Israel, at least for short time.

Israelis know beyond belief that Islamic Iran with nuclear bomb is contrary to their existence so they are ready to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facalities at any cost. I guess if it happens, it would be a chaos in the beginning then later there would be chance that Isarelis could reach to some sort of agreement with Arab groups in Palestine.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

American Jewish Organizations group addresses Iranian people

Subtitles in Persian and Arabic

Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, in a first-ever speech directly address to the Iranian People.

Please listen to him and pick notes that Israeli/Jewish people don't hate you, as Muslim clergies including Supreme Leader, Ali Khamene'i, other Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad minded people are suggesting.

Please put your feet in their shoes, everyday these fundamentalist groups shout "death to Israel" or "Israel should wipe out from the map"! what on the earth are they accomplish? Let me tell you, hate! and nothing more and at the end of the day, we, people who are nothing to do with those extremists and in contrary we are very open to friendship, we lose.

Even in Malcolm message you can see, he is talking honestly and express his deep feelings towards Iranian people and I met a few myself, they didn't have any problem with people in Iran.

Hat tips: Amir.Kolner
Video clip in youtube, in case that you can't difficulty to watch it here!


I don't know why they put Arabic Subtitle?! because we don't talk Arabic.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Links - June 17

Bush wins British backing over Iran sanctions

"So today, Britain will urge Europe and Europe will agree to take further sanctions against Iran," British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told a news conference. "First of all we will take action today that will freeze the overseas assets of the biggest bank in Iran, the Bank Melli."
A British Foreign Office spokesman later clarified that EU states had agreed to a freeze on Bank Melli's assets and were working on technical steps for it to be put in place, but that there were still discussions for more sanctions.

Iran police start wider crackdown on un-Islamic dress

Iranian police have launched a more extensive crackdown on "social corruption" such as women flouting Islamic dress codes. "In its wider crackdown which has started from Saturday, police will confront those who appear in public in an indecent way and will also seal off shops selling un-Islamic dress," the newspaper said, quoting an unnamed police official.

My comment: It's no news, every summer they have this extensive crackdown! Summer is hot and Islamic brainless mind of these backwarded regime can't find anything wrong except in dresses.

Iran withdraws $75 billion from Europe: report

Iran has withdrawn around $75 billion from Europe to prevent the assets from being blocked under threatened new sanctions over Tehran's disputed nuclear ambitions, an Iranian weekly said. "Part of Iran's assets in European banks have been converted to gold and shares and another part has been transferred to Asian banks," Mohsen Talaie, deputy foreign minister in charge of economic affairs, was quoted as saying.

Bush and Brown's warning to Iran

Gordon Brown and President George Bush have warned Iran to accept their "offers of partnership" or face tough sanctions and international isolation.
The UK prime minister said he wanted to maintain a dialogue with Tehran, but if Iran ignores UN resolutions then sanctions would be intensified.

Iran has no plans to move money out of Europe

"No money from Iranian banks has been transferred out of European banks to Iran or other countries. And it will not be (moved)," the managing director of Bank Mellat, Ali Divandari, was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency.
"There is no reason for the transfer of this money," said Divandari, whose bank is one of Iran's major state banks.

My comment: See this is what I am talking about, while Islamic Iran is paying benefit to European countries, these countries will back Ayatollahs with their nuclear ambitions.


It's better by Tom Baxter.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sex Schools

Some Basij (a volunteer based Iranian paramilitary force founded by order of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini) students caught a university's deputy in Iran while he were close to do something (which we don't know what was that) but they found a female student without scarf with university's deputy.

I am not sure she was a bait and they planned to get to him but it's quite common between people of ranking positions to allure their female employees to sleep with, and specially in universities between university employees, professors and students. It's unfortunately a common issue in Islamic Iran.

There is other side to this issue too that most Iranians try to avoid it but it's there. I know it's about pride but you can't hide facts. Female students would sleep with professors/university employees if they can get good grades and pass exams easily. It's quite a common problem even in high rank universities.

I am not stereotyping, it's a problem that has been ruining our education system, some pass exams just by providing sexual services to professors and it is in every school, government funded or private schools, all same.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday, I came across this quote that somehow reminds me of my people, my country, Iran. E.B. White once said "There is nothing more likely to start disagreement among people or countries than an agreement."

For example, in the meantime, dissident groups have agreed that Ayatollahs are destroying this country and we should get rid of them, but these groups can't unite to finish the job. I don't want to go there, so we leave it at that for now and let's get back to our topic. I thought disagreement is the beginning of thought, and I think so the problem within Iranians and their objectives for Iran, is, they haven't disagreed appropriately, I mean with open mind and haven't dealt with its consequences. It has been lack of freedom of thought, speech and discussion which are the essential basics for developing thoughts out of disagreements and finally making logical agreements.

Lack of freedom of speech and thought, which is very appropriate for Iranians case, if a humankind doesn't have freedom of expression to express his personal thoughts and let people to judge and debate about it which gives him an opportunity to develop his thoughts more; his thoughts more likely would be undeveloped or less developed than one who had the opportunity to express his thoughts. This is the fruit of totalitarian environment.

This is the basic fundamental problem with us in Iran and as long as we haven't developed the ability to give others the opportunity to exercise their rights, we can't expect to disagree logically and fairly.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Israeli TV advertisement hosted Ahmadinejad

Here we go again, Ahmadinejad is on the rise and this time on an Israeli TV advertisement.

Hat tips to Lisa at "On The Face"

In Persian and Hebrew Languages

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

About the Mofaz's remark about Iran

I really don't know why he said it and I guess it's because of political reasons. Mofaz, as a former head of the military, feels that he has advantages over his political rival, Tzipi Livni, for their party leadership. Olmert, the current Prime minister will be out soon enough and election is getting closer.

Mofaz probably thinks that by saying these thinks, Kadima (the name of the party) voter's will thing that he's more suitable for the job of being a prime minister then Livni (who is a women by the way).

Mofaz was born In Iran. I can understand that in respect to Ahmadinejad's statements regarding Israel, the army and the government should be ready, but almost anyone I talked to, thinks that it was an unnecessary remark.

I read that the Iranian regime filed an official complaint to the UN and I wonder how it's wrong when Israel said these things (regardless the question right or wrong) but when the Iranian president say it, it's ok.

I guess it's reality we can't avoid of but I'm sure it'll be much better if instead of war threats, we could all book a ticket and visit Mofaz's home town, don't you agree?

Perhaps eat Chelo Kabab and drink something.

Links - June 10

When I read following news day after day, I noticed it looks like a game, just both countries, Iran and Israel sit down and threat each other and then take plea to UN, are you kidding? just follow brief news from past couple of day's events.

Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops: minister

"If Iran continues with its program for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective," Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz told the mass-circulation Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper. "Attacking Iran, in order to stop its nuclear plans, will be unavoidable," said the former army chief who has also been defense minister.

U.S. sidesteps questions on Israeli threat against Iran

"I understand that Israel is very concerned about their future and their safety when they have a neighbor in their region -- Iran -- that says they want to wipe them off the map," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters. "We are trying to solve this diplomatically," she said.

Iran demands Security Council action on Israel threat

"Such a dangerous threat against a sovereign state and a member of the United Nations constitutes a manifest violation of international law and contravenes the most fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and, thus, requires a resolute and clear response on the part of the United Nations, particularly the Security Council," Khazaee's letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, dated June 6, said.

Iran warns of "painful" response if Israel attacks

"Our armed forces are at the height of their readiness and if anyone should want to undertake such a foolish job the response would be very painful," the state Iran daily quoted Iranian Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar as saying.

Monday, June 9, 2008

An Israeli young man thoughts about Iran and Iranians

I thought carefully about the above title and I decided that a clear distinction between my personal opinions about Iran is required: The Iranian regime and the Iranian people. In my view, it's different and I hope I'm not wrong.

As I learn to understand in my life, trust between two sides is something that is built. Many Iranians people that I've been talking to during the years expressed, at first, somewhat suspicion toward me and my motives: Who are you? Why do you want to learn about the Iranian lifestyle? Why do you need this knowledge?

It wasn't easy to explain and some of them didn't answer my e-mails or said directly that don't (or can't) talk to me. I fully understand, by the way, but in order to make it easier, I'll write in my first post here in I'll write a bit about myself.

First of all: I'm finishing writing my thesis about the Iranian banking system these days and I hope to continue for a PhD degree straight ahead. I started learning about Iran in my second BA year. I was required to take a few courses in Middle Eastern languages and I chose Farsi. From there it was easy to fall in love….in the language, culture and more. Many of that I owe to the teacher, whom herself was Tehran born woman in her late 30's. She was amazing and I think that she inspired me to learn more about Iran (She came to Israel in the 90's). The current political situation made me curious about the Iranian people and not about the regime. I wanted to know what do people in Iran think about me. This process is still in movement and writing here is a stage in it. My current Farsi level is not quite good in order to write here in it but I can read (slowly and with the help of a dictionary).

I'm 28.5 years old. I live in a city called Ramat Gan and it's next to Tel-Aviv. I live with my girlfriend and we're getting married in September 24th, 2008. Her name is Meytal which is in Hebrew similar to SHABNAM in Farsi. My name, by the way, means in Hebrew the top of the tree.

My grandparents were born in what used to be Poland before the second world war. Most of their family members were killed in the Holocaust (yes, it actually existed for those who questioned it) and then they came to Israel which was just established. If someone wants to, I can elaborate on it in the future.

I think it's enough for the first time, I don't want you to think I'm too eager (-:

Hope to establish a fertile dialogue with everyone here,
Please feel free to write me to: or post a comment here.

Talk soon,
به امیددیدار


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Are arab papers insisting on bigotry?

Persian gulf has been called to a gulf between Iran and Arab countries since ancient times which it signifies the first major nation-state in that area, Persian Empire. Countries on the shore line of Persian Gulf are Iran, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq and obviously most of these countries are Arab and since 1960s, Arab countries began to call the Persian Gulf, Arabian Gulf. However, the Iranian government led two resolutions in the United Nations to officially recognize that body of water as the "Persian Gulf".

It has been a long dispute between Iranian and Arabs although all Arab countries have signed the UN documents but still we see these arab bigots are printing their same old non-sense which it proves these ignorant people are insisting on their stupidity without checking the documents that their government signed!

That's true that Iran is not Persian Empire anymore and Islamic fascism has gotten power in Iran but it doesn't mean that Iranians bend over this bigotry too! So an Iranian hacker team, hacked Al Khaleej website, leading UAE newspaper, posted a map from Persian Gulf with the message "The correct name is Persian Gulf".

Al Khaleej newspaper website hacked
Leading UAE newspaper's website hacked

You know what the problem is within Iranians who accept and respect Islam and read Quran in Arabic, they have to tear apart everything Islamic in Iran first then we will gain back the respect that we had had. I mean how can we expect Arab countries to respect Iranian territories and names while we have chosen descendant of Muhammad, arab prophet, as supreme leader? or even using arabic Islamic sentences for marriage contracts?! We gotta get rid of anything Islamoarab backwarded culture that doesn't respect anything except praising itself. we have to take a long distance from Islamic culture and come close to advanced world.

Maps in UN documents that mention Persian Gulf:

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I got it, you're not fan of Ahmadinejad either. Well it's no news, he's just making things difficult for everybody. ynetnews reports from Ahmadinejad's travel to Italy that "Iranian president drops by Rome for UN summit, tells EU Israel a political, economical burden to it. He later says Israel is a 'fabricated regime' which will disappear with or without Iranian involvement. Italian government, seemingly embarrassed by outspoken guest, drops him from summit's gala closing event."

Just I don't know what to say except Ahmadinejad is beyond crazy. well, following picture caught my attention that a female in an Islamic dress protests against Ahmadinejad travel to Italy. It's kinda contrary between Islamic dress and saying "Not welcome" to Ahmadinejad. To my knowledge, most Muslims believe that Israel has occupied Palestinian lands so they don't recognize Israel's right to exist or even as a country, just they consider it an occupied lands that at formost it belongs to Palestinian people. So in Islamic states, Ahmadinejad is consider a true Muslim defender of Palestine and Palestinians rights, for example, many Pakistanis or Indonesian people, are loving him because he defends Palestine and attacks (by words) Israel and probably he would be the one to save Palestine!