Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flogging is a barbaric punishment

Please take a look at this video and see how they flog publicly in Iran. In Islam, flogging is a form of punishment for offenders who there is a hope to get a lesson and do good afterwards. Well, if there wasn't any hope they would hang them right there. The question is, how an offender will do good when there is no dignity, self-respect left for him? Obviously these kind of punishments belong barbaric era of human race which they didn't care for human itself.

Do you find flogging educational punishment or barbaric punishment? How does barbaric law like this still exist? and Why people let such laws to govern over them? What do you think? What steps do you take to stop such laws?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Transexuals and sex change operations in Iran

This is very interesting documentary about Iranian transsexuals and their problems that they go through. Aside from cultural issues in our society and how it drives people to see transsexuality a moral issue against social norms rather than accepting what it is, the regime consider transsexuals as immoral people who act intentionally sinful (unlawful).

Transexuals in Iran - Part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7

The original documentary called "Be Like Others" directed by Tanaz Eshaghian.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stop Executions

Here is the post from Stop Torturing us:

Today, Iran executed 29 people which is the biggest
known mass execution event in recent years.


In January, Iran hanged 13 people including the mother of two young children who had been found guilty of murdering her husband.

Iran has so far hanged at least 155 in this year. Iran doesn't publish official execution stats but we know so far at least 355 people were put to death row last year and 215 in 2006.

Adultery, armed robbery, apostasy, serious drug trafficking, male homosexuality, murder and rape are punishable by death under Iran's sharia law, practiced since the 1979 Islamic revolution.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crackdown people in Iran

Friday, July 25, 2008

Anwar Sadat was a Great Man

I was surfing the net that I came across to The Path You Take web page, it was started with this quote from former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat:

He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any progress.
It was very interesting because these days there is a buzz in Iranian media about Shut down of Iranian TV Station by Egypt which it caused by a documentary that justifies Anwar Sadat's killing by Islamic militants.

It portrays Sadat as a traitor for making peace with Israel and puts very positive light on Khaled el-Islambouli his killer which has been considered martyr in Islamic Iran. Also there is a street in his name in Tehran.

I think Anwar Sadat was a great man who negotiated peace with Israel in 1978, he saw what was best for Egyptians so he dropped Pan-Arabism hostility towards Israelis to make a better progress.

Check out "Assassination of a Pharaoh" and see Islamic Iran's view to Anwar Sadat and his killer.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crisis in Iran's Economy

1. Inflation is running more than 26 percent,
2. food costs are skyrocketing,
3. Housing is unbelievably expensive and most people can't afford to rent an house/apartment. Don't even think about buying,
4. Unemployment rate is something between 35 to 40 percent,
5. Frequent electrical outages in Iran, blackout timetables are getting publish in newspapers,
6. Gas is expensive and usually people buy it from black market, and
7. Manufacturer labour forces mostly haven't get paid for some months so some of them are on strike.

And all of these are happening despite 140 dollars a barrel oil! Sanctions are crimping on Iran's stagnating economy which comes from inept Islamic Iran's regime to manage resources and huge oil export revenue.

For sure sanctions are going to break people, I am not sure about regime in Iran.

Human Kidney for Sale in Iran

This is Iran where poor is very poor to the point that they don't have any other way for surviving except to sell their kidney. Following is an ad that says "Kidney for urgent sale - 25 years old, cell phone ...". You can find these kinds of ads all around hospitals and Kidney Transplant center in Tehran.

Hat tips Copy Weblog (in Persian Language)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dictators change their clothes but not their attitudes!

I didn't wonder when Islamic Iran regime backed Sudanese regime and Sudan's president, Omar Al-Bashir. After all even dictators support their networks, right? Set aside that Islamic Iran regime is spending lots of money in Sudan with Free Medical institutes and etc.

After International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo on Monday asked the court for an arrest warrant for President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, charging him of leading a campaign of genocide that has killed 35,000 people and displaced 2.5 million in Sudan's western region, Iranian regime considered it "unpleasant". Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Iran had always supported the "legitimate" government of Sudan led by Bashir.

Everyone who knows what happened in Sudan by Sudanese regime, would simply could say they behaved with savage brutality exactly like their inhuman forefather Arabs. People who were dead, raped and displaced, they were subject to ethnic cleansing just because they were not Arab! and think about it, what kind of regime supports such savage Sudanese regime? Who can deny such barbaric actions against innocent human? Let me tell you, Islamic Iran, Arab countries and African Union.

I still think ICC should acted much earlier before the genocide happen to this scale because it send a strong message directly to people in power who is responsible. We shouldn't let these kind of regimes to bring the worst for their own people then we take action. International community should have take action much earlier and probably would have stopped them in the beginning.

Courtesy: AssociatedPress and Reuters.

Iran says Sudan leader's genocide charge "unpleasant"

Ayatollahs looking for hackers

In website of Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology in Iran, there is a summon from hackers, Iranian or non-Iranian, to hack Google. It mentioned that they are going to hack Google because they use "Arabian Gulf" instead of "Persian Gulf".

Irony is in Iran fundamentalists and Ayatollahs don't care about anything Persian. They have destroyed many Persian historic sites and pay no attention to anything left over from the past, specially if those historic pieces, sites belong to sometime in history that Persian kings were ruling. Ayatollahs try to invent new Islamic culture and Islamic history by destroying real Iranian history which consists of many empires specially before Islamic conquest of Persian.

So why all of sudden they gather hackers to hack Google over a name?! Because at the meantime, Islamic Iran is in a bad situation, USA and Israel are pressing Iran over nuclear issues and there is a fear of attack to Iran everywhere, so Ayatollahs trying to show affection to Iranian nationalistic icons and prove that they care. Well, Iranian blogosphere called it a big joke and nobody take their foolish moves seriously.

The funny thing in the summon is, they asked to hack Google with consideration to national and international laws! what does it mean seriously? Hey mullah! Hacking is against law.

When I read this news about Israeli Web site manager who thinks might Iranian hackers were behind an attack to their website to disrupt message from US Jewish leader, I have to reassure them about it! Don't second guess yourself.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Burning Orphans Inhumanly

This photo are from three Iranian orphan kids who are living in government orphanage organization (behzisty) in Zanjan city, they burned by some hot instruments and no one took responsibility so far.

Zahra, Mohamad and Mohamad Mehdi, three kids who were burned by some inhuman people who were supposed to take care of them, are just it's a piece of iceberg of huge problems in Islamic Iran social system.

Unfortunately, no one from judiciary system followed the story and or replied to it.

hat tips

Links - July 22

Now Bush Is Appeasing Iran

On May 31, 2006, Condoleezza Rice drew a red line in front of Tehran's nuclear enrichment program. "The Iranian government's choices are clear," she said. "The negative choice is for the regime to maintain its current course. . . . If the regime does so, it will incur only great costs." She also offered an olive branch: "As soon as Iran fully and verifiably suspends its enrichment and reprocessing activities, the United States will come to the table with our EU-3 colleagues and meet with Iran's representatives."

Iran's gasoline imports prime target for sanctions

The most likely target of those sanctions this time are Iranian gasoline supplies. The Bush administration is also reportedly looking to impede Iranian shipping in the Persian Gulf and put the squeeze on the banks that finance oil transactions.

Even though Iran is the world's fourth-largest oil producer, its ability to convert that crude into usable refined products, such as gasoline and diesel, remains limited. So it imports what it can't make.

Israel, Iran and the Bomb

Tehran's efforts to intimidate the United States and Israel from using military force against its nuclear program, combined with yet another diplomatic charm offensive with the Europeans, are two sides of the same policy coin. The regime is buying the short additional period of time it needs to produce deliverable nuclear weapons, the strategic objective it has been pursuing clandestinely for 20 years.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Death to America is going to change to Salam American

The US flag in Iran

"Death to America" has been two famous slogans in Islamic Iran since 1979 Islamic revolution, in every governmental organized protests, marches you could hear people chanting these kind of slogans out it is going to be over soon. At least it's what I hope for.

If The Guardian is right about establishment a US interests section in next month in Iran, relationship between these two enemies could change for better gradually. The least is Iranians won't need to go to Emirates or Turkey to apply for US Visa. It has been a difficult process for Iranians in past 29 years.

I hope that no Iranians attack the US embassy or for that matter, any embassy in Iran and take hostage diplomats. It has had huge cost for people.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Empowering Iranian citizens - son of the deposed Shah

Reza Pahlavi, son of the deposed Shah of Iran, in an interview with The Globe and Mail said "You have to understand that with this regime, when they hear about human rights, when they hear about democracy, when they hear about women's rights, everything like that to them is like cyanide."

"In my opinion, the only thing that will force the regime to change its behaviour is not any carrot you're dangling from the outside or any threat to strike them with weapons to neutralize their military capabilities. The biggest fear over which [the leaders] lose sleep overnight is the fear that one day the people on the street will rise against them."

"There's a short window of time before it really gets ugly, It would be historically criminal, criminal for the future of our planet if the world community doesn't give this process a chance, because by then it would too late."

"The Achilles heel of this regime is certainly not by taking up arms and fighting them in decades-long wars and conflicts. Let [the Iranian people] gain back their freedom with your support. You're not there to dictate to them a solution. You're not there to dictate to them an outcome. Let them make their own decision."

As he said current regime is playing a delay game to develop nuclear bombs, and to my opinion this small window of opportunity is very tighter than what we expect. In fact I should stress there is no time. As I said before, world should target Ayatollahs, power structure members and their family members, in sanctions and bar them from travelling, doing business and seize their assets outside of Iran then you will see how change will come.

And one more thing, nowadays regime is in a terrible situation and under constant fear of sudden air strike by Israel or USA. But this fear is not doing anything at all. It needs action from people too.

Courtesy: The globe and mail
Help Iranian people change government, Shah's son urges

Can Iran continue enrichment under these sanctions?

William Burns - Undersecretary of State said "Iran has not yet perfected enrichment."

Are you serious?! If it's true would you tell us why west couturiers asking Ayatollahs to stop enrichment. As far as I concern they are using "stop" term, not "don't start" term!

He continued "Key individuals involved in Iran's procurement activities have been barred from travel, cut off from international financial system."

All these Ayatollahs, their families, IRGC members and Basij militants all are free to continue left over job, enrichment! Ok, you cut ties from some of their front companies with world's business but they have already started many bogus companies outside of Iran for this time.

They do business with the name of the country that they have established business, not Iran. They have been sending whatever in Iran needed to their companies to Emirates and forward it to Iran and nobody would suspect. They have sent many airplane parts that was under sanction from the USA to Iran and long after that, your government noticed!

It's true that is very hard under sanctions to operate but it's hard for everyday people, Ayatollahs and IRGC high members, security forces and others, they don't have problem and they won't. Today you barred some of them from travelling but tomorrow they go under plastic surgery and travel under new documentations.

Sanctions should target whole system, you should bar whole Islamic Iran's power structure members, all Ayatollahs and their families from travelling and from doing business outside of Iran, then you will see how this rhetoric power structure would collapse within.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Islam in crisis

Another Muslim man confession in a letter to the editor of Ottawa Citizen:

When the non-Muslim world says with clear conviction that Islam propagates extremism, Muslims all around the world, even the terrorists, cry foul and declare that they are maligning Islam.

But is there a loophole some where in this faith that can make a follower an extremist? How can the so-called
religion of peace be twisted in such a way that it becomes a weapon of murder? This everyday carnage in the name of Islam has not been taken seriously by the Muslims, thinking this is a kind of protest against oppression.

I went to many mosques to hear the sermons provided by the clerics but was totally disappointed to note that there is no pragmatic approach to this serious issue.
They still spread fear in the name of Islam and criminally keep the worshippers in the dark.

The so-called modern educated Muslims play a more vicious
role than these illiterate mullahs, because they never touch the real issue, but bring logic to such dastardly and senseless attacks on innocent human beings.

I am appalled to see that, in my opinion, the majority of Muslims are not concerned about this crisis in their faith which they follow with such strong conviction.

A faith that does not value human lives is a cult.
The main problem with Islam is its reluctance to embrace reason and logic.

The entire paraphernalia of Islam is protected by the poisonous tentacles of immovable dogmas and ignorance. This dark side is supported by fear and the followers are innumerable. I don’t see any escape route.

Akbar Hussain,
North York

Thanks to this guy but unfortunately many Muslims are in denial, educated or non-educated, peaceful or fundamental.

I remember when I was writing in mideastyouth which their slogan was "Promoting a fierce but respectful dialogue among the highly diverse youth of the Middle East"! They couldn't take my questions and my thoughts about Islam so they started verbal personal attacks and accusations. These youths that I saw, they are worst than their fundamental forefathers. Irony is their director and others who are living in free countries, were among the first to attack any question or thought about Islam.

Hat tip: LGF

Friday, July 11, 2008

I should be able to say it

Salman Rushdie in an interview with Guardian said: "...I may not like the things you believe and, by the way, the fact that you believe them makes me think less of you as a person. I may despise you personally for what you believe, but I should be able to say it. Everybody needs to get thicker skins. There is this culture of offence, as though offending someone is the worst thing anyone can do. Again, there is an assumption that our first duty is to be respectful. But what would a respectful cartoon look like? Really boring! You wouldn't publish it. The nature of the form is irreverence and disrespect."

I don't know about ticker skin thing because I am sure fundamentalists have very much ticker skins than us, but when it comes to their fear ideology, religion or whatever that they advocate then they turn to hateful, against free speech sword-mongers. It's authors and free thinkers that we asked them to use thick shells to cover yourself and don't let these free speech haters stop you from what you are doing.

Hat tip: 'Everybody needs to get thicker skins'

Is It Iran or IRAM?!

The Washington Post wrote about a new powerful rocket-propelled bombs that Shiite militiamen in Iraq using to attack U.S. military. This device called Improvised Rocket Assisted Munitions, or IRAMs.

IRAM,'s too close! U.S. military officials suggest that IRAMs parts come from Iran. Well, here is a a photo from 107mm rockets and it seems anybody can build such weapon with every available material. It's obviously low-tech but reports suggest it's deadly.

I can't believe that Iran is just blowing this fire more!

Related News: U.S. Troops in Iraq Face A Powerful New Weapon

Test new missiles footage from Iran

Courtesy to AP and BBC

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missles forgery

Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Sepah or Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps "IRGC") caught up with a new photoshop forgery in their missile test lunch. They have been used to this kind of work in Iranian TV and because there is no other free media in Iran, so people won't find out about fake photos and video clips.

Here are photos:

First photo

Faked photo - photoshoped

These areas are photoshoped:

As Haaretz says: "The whole purpose of this testing was to send a signal so Iran both exaggerated the capabilities of the missile in their prose and apparently doctored the photos as well."

Read in media:

Did Iran doctor an image of its missile test launch?

In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many

Mahmoud the Fauxtographer

Iran's Photoshopped Missile Launch

McCain Jokes About Killing Iranians!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Islamic Iran carckdowns on photographers

In Iran during weddings, usually, and parties, sometimes ladies don't cover their head with Hijab as they supposed to do based on Islamic law. They invite professional photographers to take photos and just they want to look good for their photos and you know, to keep happy memories. Now Iran is cracking down on photographers who don't take Islamic laws into consideration while taking photos!

If they found any un-Islamic photo, they will seize photographer's tools, accessories, photos, albums and almost anything and also more punishments based on your un-Islamic photos!

Just beware, if you have any un-Islamic photos hanging in your home, perhaps they are gonna come, take it and charge you!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Capital punishment for disturbing mental security in Iran!

In the new legislation that was introduced in Iran's Parliament on 2 July 2008, it expands capital punishment to certain blogs and websites activities, ambiguously defined as the “Establishment and operation of blogs and websites promoting corruption, pornography, and atheism.”

Based on this legislation, blogging about pornography and atheism has equal punishment as "banditry and armed robbery", "rape", "formation of corruption and pornography gangs", "human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation", "viciousness" and "kidnapping for ransom or rape".

Unfortunately this legislation is going to have huge impact on blogosphere community in Iran because

1. They are going to categorize any political blog or website under corruption definition, and harshly punish political bloggers.

2. Atheist bloggers which are relatively new to Iranian blogosphere community will halt on writing about atheism and introducing logical thinking to religion and specially Islam.
Even now, before introducing this legislation, accepting atheism has death penalty under Islamic Penal Code. So nobody can come out and say I am an atheist!

3. I am not sure about porn blogs because usually Iranians residing outside of Iran would publish such blogs due to open access to porn website and copying material to their own blogs. So I don't think so that's going to affect much on porn blogs proportion.

I guess they are going to charge me for! you know, the name of rottengods is too immoral!

Courtesy Iran Human Rights Campaign

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Islamic Iran regime will not suspend nuclear program

I don't know where and how media started off to rumor that "Iran is willing to suspend its nuclear program in exchange for suspending the sanctions"! but it's not true, in state medias and newspapers all they say, it's against this. They reject any idea of giving up on nuclear program or even suspend it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Using Bluetooth technology on cellphone become illegal in Iran!

Using Bluetooth on your cellphone became illegal in Iran! Police force intended to crack down on people who use Bluetooth in public places.

So If you have decided to send an image or video to your friend while you're sitting on subway, just don't do it because you considered criminal and police will arrest you.

Is it Serious?

Last night, the Israeli channel 2 news company announced that the Iranian regime is willing to suspend its nuclear program in exchange for suspending the sanctions. According to the report, the Iranian government negotiated with European countries and with the United States (via third party) and this was the Iranian offer.

I wonder, is it serious? My first instinct will be No, it isn't.

The Iranian leadership is fooling all of the world like they did for the past years. They are the masters of diplomacy and negotiating. They will continue enriching Uranium in hiding.
After thinking about it again, optimism started rushing through my veins. Could it be? Is it possible that the economic situation changed the priorities of the leader? Is the burden on the Iranian citizen to high that the ministers and religious leaders are afraid for their own jobs?

I have always thought that there shouldn't be discrimination between nation. Whatever one have, the other is entitled to have it as well. Same rule for nuclear energy. "Growing up" made me see it differently. Government that is calling publicly to the elimination of another country shouldn't have Atomic weapon. Khatami didn't used to make statements regarding the nuclear program but I'm sure it was in process. Most of the Iranian religious leadership doesn't want Israel to exist. Whether the president is saying it publicly or not. He's not the one calling the shots as we all know. The "Big Boss" doesn't like us Israelis.

This is the reason why I'm positive that the latest development is just another mean to delay the world from fronting Iran (Economically). I hope we won't come to an armed conflict, all the sides will loose. Perhaps the Iranian people could do more to change something in the Iranian leadership Agenda. They did it once, I think it's time to do It again.

Please write me your thoughts and remarks about the above. I'm more than interested.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is UN Human Rights Council against free speech?!

Ali Mostofi wrote:

Muslim countries have won a battle to prevent
Islam from being criticised during debates by the UN Human Rights Council. Religions deserve special protection because any debate about faith is bound to
be “very complex, very sensitive and very intense”, council President Doru-Romulus Costea said Wednesday.

It seems that day after day it becomes harder or even impossible to have free speech in every corner of this world. Religion is simply abusing every other rights that humankind could carry out through history and it extends bigotry from the day that it started off.

Take stoning in Islamic law for example, Islam suggests stoning, therefore Islam should be criticized at the first place, then clergies in Islamic countries. It's Islam stupid law which no human should be subject to these kind of laws that doesn't respect human dignity.

Hat tip to Ali

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Links - July 01

Preparing the Battlefield

Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran, according to current and former military, intelligence, and congressional sources. These operations, for which the President sought up to four hundred million dollars, were described in a Presidential Finding signed by Bush, and are designed to destabilize the country’s religious leadership. The covert activities involve support of the minority Ahwazi Arab and Baluchi groups and other dissident organizations. They also include gathering intelligence about Iran’s suspected nuclear-weapons program.

My comment: It comes as a news to newyorker and Seymour M. Hersh draw its here but religious clergies in Iran were very well aware of this 400 million dollars and so any movement in Iran cracked heavily by police and intelligence services in Iran just because they could claim US is behind of these movements! No one can even do anything, simply intelligence services in Iran charge people on spying and working with foreign intelligence services like CIA and Mossad! Another question here is, how come all this secret information comes out of closet but still Islamic revolution (1979)
documents are not declassified from CIA?!

Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza shake truce

Palestinian militants fired three homemade rockets into southern Israel on Tuesday, threatening to unravel a cease-fire days after it began, and Israel responded by closing vital border crossings into Gaza.

My comment: Frankly, there won't be any truce in that area while Iran and Saudi Arabia are still in power and remotely manage powers and deadly attacks in that area.

Two Businessmen Are Charged in Sale of Military Parts to Iran

Two American businessmen were charged Monday with selling military parts to Iran to help prop up its aging air fleet, the latest in a string of cases that American prosecutors say violate longstanding bans on exports to Tehran.

My comment: They deserve to be punish harshly. These group of people don't care how religious clergies have been oppressing people in Iran and just they think about their own personal benefits. Living in peace in the US and making money out of selling parts to Islamic clerical rulers in Iran! No way!