Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stop Islamic Discrimination in Iran

On October 15, 2008 it was a soccer match between Iran and North Korea and here in following photos you can see North Korean fans (female and male) are watching the game that's despite the fact that Iranian women have not been able to attend soccer matches since Islamic Revolution.

Muslim Clergies have two reasons to forbid women from soccer stadiums; First, they believe "it is un-Islamic for a woman to look at a strange man's legs - even if she didn't take pleasure from it" and second is that men swear and use offensive terms in stadiums. Muslim clergies believe that they have responsibility to protect their citizens from doing or involve in evil things.

So probably you wonder that why Islamic Iran's officials permit North Korean women to watch the game? Here is the answer for you, all above reasons are for Iranian women whom mostly considered Muslims but North Koreans are not Muslims nor Iranian citizens so clergies have no say on foreign non-Muslim groups so they could enjoy the game. So what about men swearing?! Who cares while it's not Muslim women there to listen?

This is what I call Islamic hypocrisy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Islamic Iran calls Israel approach "fictious religious teachings"

Center for Strategic Research published "A Different Outlook towards Israel" (No. 10) April 2008 by Dehghani. In abstract he writes:

The main pillar of Israel’s regional and national security approach based on fictious religious teachings aimed at expanding territories to obtain a strategic depth and of course the greater Israel in order to fulfill the promises of the Old Testament.
Seems pot dares to call the Kettle Black?! Just you guys should check your Islamic ideology first then go criticize the others.

Probably I should remind writer that Islamic Iran dreaming about conquering Palestine and Qods just on fictious religious teachings, so wouldn't you better off to write about fictious Islamic teachings first?

By the way, you guys use a big name "Center for Strategic Research" to produce garbage, don't waste our money on this waste of paper that you call research!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Humanist, Atheist campaign in England

This is what I applaud and seriously I like to run something like this campaign in Iran but you know, Muslim clergies will kill us before we start anything that has to do with atheism. Good News is, I am doing something and I will let you know later.

The British campaign exceeded their target donation and so far they received about £ 63,000 pound more than what they hope to raise £5,500.

Although I am not in England but I help them to spread the word because they are in a right direction with this smart campaign to make people think and that's what humanists and atheists are all about. So if you want to donate or support the campaign, visit here.

Hat tips Jon Worth

Monday, October 20, 2008

From Iran to Canada for Freedom

I guess you would agree with me that immigration is very difficult job and people who choose to migrate they are truly courageous.

This is story of an Iranian family who chose to move to Carbonear, Newfoundland, a remote Canadian maritime outpost, to gain freedom and just live a life without pretending living it. I shall remind you they are educated people, a chemist and a physician but they couldn’t afford to waste their lives under Islamic hypocritical regime.

Forced Prostitution in Arab World

Iraqi refugee girls forced to prostitution by whom?! Arabs mostly from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Some of the girls are very young even at age 6 years old.

Seriously, how sick someone could be to force somebody else in prostitution? Specially kids at age 6! I know some of Muslims believe it's prophet way so it's ok but trust me, it's sickening even Mohammad was sick too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Iranian women didn't choose compulsory Hijab

On every flight from Iran to other countries, women take off their scarf and long clothes as soon as airplane leave Iranian border on air, if they use foreign airline they take off those scarf right from the beginning, no waiting for border or take off.

Iranian actress, Golshifteh Farahani left her scarf back home like many other Iranian women that naturally leave scarves and long tick clothing back home, since then she was talk of town for a while like Shirin Ebadi and her appearance without scarf outside of Iran.

Iranian women didn't choose hijab and they take every chance to take off the scarf and get rid of compulsory hijab and they show it on every trip to outside of Iranian borders.

Golshifteh Farahani in Iran
Shirin Ebadi in Iran

Hat tips Vista blog
Photos Courtesy of Getty Images & Pressens Bild AB 2003, John McConnico and others

Iranian Christians on persecution

Iranian Christians are crying out loud and seeking help from international community to stop persecutions of Iranian Christians specially those who convert from Islam, they face death penalty.

Since the Islamic revolution in Iran, converts has been killed by Iranian intelligence services even though Iranian judiciary didn’t charge them under pressure from human rights and other organizations but now Islamic regime are tightening the situation by introducing a new draft bill to define conversion from Islam and impose death penalty in criminal code! Check this one too.

We are in dark ages in Iran.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dogma of Halal and Haram

By Jahanshah Rashidian

If you walk at random in any Muslim district in Europe, you will certainly find somewhere, at least in one corner, an Islamic butchery with the word ”halal” written on its shop-window. For the products of meat, the word “halal” is a badge of Islamic quality.

Muslims believe that since blood is not ritually a pure substance, slaughter is necessary to inhibit the thorough draining of all of the animal’s blood. Furthermore, the verse” Bismillah al Rahman Al Rahim”, in the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, is necessary to render the meat halal or lawful to eat.

The word halal refers, here, to meat killed and prepared in line with Islamic dietary laws. Jewish and Islamic religions demand that slaughter is carried out with a cut to the neck or throat, rather than the more widespread method of stunning with a bolt into the head before slaughter.

Generally, halal means anything permissible under Islamic law, in contrast to haram, that which is forbidden. This includes behaviour, speech, dress, conduct. The term halal is also used to judge the right of sexuality after marriage, even temporarily marriage that is a Shiite tradition called “Sigheh” which is believed by some as a legalised prostitution. To rape his own female slave or even a non Muslim prisoner of war is halal-in this light, many political female prisoners of the Islamic Republic of Iran who were considered “non-Muslims”, were ”legally” raped by their Islamist torturers before being executed.

In an extended sense, halal means fairness of business dealings or other types of transaction or activity. Therefore, it represents values that are held in high regard by Muslims. It contains standards for social norms, morals, foods and other services that meet Islamic regulations. Needless to mention, in Islamic countries, these are the only available standards for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Slaughter is an old tradition of Jewish and Islamic clan society. As a matter of best practice, the killed animal is supposed to be distributed among the members of the clan right after being slaughtered so that each family can often have fresh meat to eat. Like many other traditions, this one was also accepted as a principle in Islam.

Slaughter reminds us of an old instinct of pre-historical hominoid, to which a prey must be killed by the hunter-the instinct can be seen by a great number of beasts of prey. In another perspective, we see a characteristic disposition of this instinct beyond Islamic laws (Sharia), where beheading and amputation of the accused resemble routine rituals, where blood of the accused is figuratively considered as halal and the executer does a halal job.

Halal blood can be also a reason for honour killing in the Islamic societies. Honour killing is committed by male family members against female family members who are perceived to have brought dishonour upon the family. A female can be targeted by her family for a variety of reasons, including: refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, having sex outside marriage, or even being the victim of a sexual assault.

Halal has nothing to do with prophylactic, hygienic, precautions or medical meaning. To better understand halal, we must see what its opposite term “haram” means. Haram has roots in revulsion which is an old instinct of evolution. Revulsion is a sense of loathing without any logical reason or clear explanation. As an instinct, it was a necessary reaction of early human beings when exposed to an unknown food, unknown object, or an unconventional situation.

Object of revulsion is culturally conditioned. It means whatever is repulsive for the members of a given society do not necessarily provoke the same revulsion for others. In a historical sense, the terms like halal, haram, and negis are nothing but the instinctive reflections which were integrated into Islam. In many cases, Islamic commandments and rituals are not only the traditional reflections of desert dwellers of pre-Islamic Arabia, but also based on the Prophet Muhammad’s habits, his sexual preferences, his favourite things, and his dietary habits.

Since sexuality is taboo in Islam, sexual organs, vaginal secretion and sperm are considered as “negis” (loathing and impure). Therefore, they should not be touched —if unintentionally touched, ceremonial washing and rituals must be done. Blood and any slimy substance secreted by a mucous membrane of the body have more or less a similar sense of negis. Needless to mention, all these secreted or mucous substances, regardless of their odour and colour, belong to normal function of our body.

Not only non Muslims, ethnic groups, slaves and women, but even animals in Islam are not freed from this discrimination. Dogs and pigs are the most negis animals. Term of “negis” characterises their absolute and unchangeable impurity. Pork meat is absolutely haram and dog as a “negis” animal can never be proper pet in a Muslim house. Touching a dog, especially a dog’s saliva, requires ritually hygienic procedure to get the hand clean-if a dog eats from a dish, the dish must be ceremonially washed 7 times, the first time with sand. Dog, despite all its uses in many ways, is discriminated as a negis creature.

While Marriage of Muslim men with women of the Book (Muslims, Christians and Jews), based on Islamic rituals, can be permitted, all other varieties of marriage between Muslim women and non Muslim men are considered haram. As a patriarchal religion, Islam granted a little concession only to Muslim men. Muslim women are not allowed to marry men outside of Islam (unless they convert to Islam). No marriage is permitted between Muslims and “Mushriks” (atheists, polytheists, other belief systems which are considered by Muslims negis). The Koran says, “A believing slave woman is better than a mushrik woman”!

As mentioned, terms like halal, haram, and negis are not more than rituals of particular conditions and environment. These terms have no logic and scientific credentials at all. They are only the legacy of per-Islamic values of the Arabian clan- society which still impose themselves on today’s society.

What is Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Well, reading Universal Declaration of Human Rights for some people, specially teens could be difficult sometime so Amnesty International developed an animation that brings all 30 articles to life and makes it easier to spread the message specially in dictatorship countries like Iran. Although Youtube is banned in Iran but there are some other ways to get the video and inform people about their rights.

During watching this video suddenly Mr. Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh came to my mind. He was an Iranian author and translator who killed by Iranian intelligence services. He was working on a book called "Questions & Answer about Human Rights" before his death.

Iranians are renouncing Islam: Ayatollahs get mad!

Although renouncing Islam is punishable by death in Iran under Sharia, frustrated Iranians convert secretly to other religions or either atheism. It drives Ayatollahs crazy because Islamic revolution in 1979 started off with nice messages by Muslim clergies and now that they have failed, people turn back on ayatollahs and specially the religion that they advocate, Islam.

Ayatollahs are very well aware of consequences of people converting out of Islam for their regime so they are trying to pass a new draft bill that impose death penalty for giving up Islam in Iranian criminal code. For sure it will slow down converts but in the long run, Ayatollahs can't change people's mind.

Youtube user Esfandeor wrote:

An extract from State Television in Iran showing a Mullah's frustration over how Iranian youths are converting out of Islam...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crimes by Muslim clergies

In a nutshell following video shows what people in Iran go through under Muslim clergy rulers and Islamic law:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heaven and Hell in Islam

Just take a good look at following video and see how Islamic Iran's regime portray heaven, hell and purgatory in people's mind through Iran's state-owned television.

At 1:37 it shows some women and men in heaven, I guess suicide bombers are going after those women. by the way, do all men in heaven grow beards?! Why Allah wants them to grow beards? Isn't there any electric shaver?

This heaven just disappoints me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Zoroastrians in cirsis - A documentary about crisis in Zoroastrian faith

They shot this documentary in Iran and it's about Zoroastrians society. Well, it seems their priests' obvious senseless approach is pushing them to die out numerically.

When I look back at history I wonder how Arabs could conquer Persia while Sasanians were great empire for themselves and when I took a good look at how was society at that time, I noticed that Sasanians build an authoritarian Zoroastrian church-state empire and Zoroastrianism became oppressive and intolerable so Persians were discontent from Zoroastrianism and they couldn't take it anymore so Persians just didn't defend Persia under influence of Zoroastrianism in war.

By the end of the Sasanian period the authoritarian Zoroastrian church-state was immensely wealthy. This had positive and negative effects on the religion. The umbrella of the Persian church kept Zoroastrianism dominant in Persia. This meant Zoroastrianism stayed free from the influence of other religions becoming popular at the time (Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism etc). However, Zoroastrianism became more ritualised and oppressive under this church, demanding a large amount of time and money from ordinary Persians. BBC

For sure Islamic Arabs invasion and conquering Persia had devastating impact on Zoroastrians and Zoroastrianism but there is no one to blame but Zoroastrians themselves.

Absurd mentality has always been with religion and it will be and it is the main reason that religions come and go.

Take a look at following videos:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Iranian Women - Martyrdom Lover Brigades

They call themselves martyrdom lover Brigades and it is in the news that "they are carrying out a maneuver in north east hills of Tehran for six days to show their power to enemies!"

Following photos just shows that those imaginary enemies are people of Iran who would likely want to defend their rights in protests and these paramilitary forces (Basij) are training for those days to oppress people. Considering Iran's poor economy situation, extreme inflation rate, blackouts, limited access to gasoline through gasoline rationing system with a high possibility to get tighter, skyrocketing basic foods and housing prices, unrest in different cities in Iran specially between university students, labor unions, teacher unions and so on; so Islamic Iran leaders are forecasting some protests in near future so they are preparing for that.

By the way, these kinds of women were involved in oppressing women rights activists’ protests in Iran. Irony is both were women, just a group of them were fighting for their rights but they got beaten up by another group of women!

Hopefully you won't be able to see to shot anyone in reality!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stop child labor in Iran

These Iranian children are working in a brick factory, very hard job. Unofficial figures suggests that between three million to five million Iranain children are living under poverty line, less than a dollar a day and about 25 percent of them are working.

Official government figures estimate that there are about 20,000 street children in the country, but NGOs say there are at least 35,000 in the capital Tehran alone. According to an article published in an Iranian daily four years ago, 100 to 150 street kids die each month from malnutrition and dangerous working conditions.

Iran has not ratified international conventions defining a minimum age for work, but it has set its own rules to prevent child labour. A child in Iran cannot legally work under the age of 15. However, there is a loophole that is open to exploitation.

"There is one major problem to this law: domestic work is excluded, which means many children are employed at home or in domestic workshops without any legal prosecutions," Mahsa Kayyal, head of the child rights committee of the human rights group. Source IRIN News
These kids didn't ask for this life, Iran should spend petrol money on these kids than Palestine, Syria, Hezbollah, Quds force and etc.


Photos courtesy of Mehrnews

Ahmadinejad and Ayatollahs and Allah relationship

You know when Muslim clergies (Ayatollahs) want to say something without taking responsibility, they use Allah term to show that they have nothing to do with what they said, but it's Allah's will and statement.

Ahmadinejad noticed what Ayatollahs are doing so he copied the same manner again when in the UN he said "American empire is near collapse".

Here is a terror analyst view about what Ahmadinejad said:

Check "Allah punishes America!" too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Iranian Style - Brand New Noses

Damagh Be Sabke Irani (aka Nose Iranian Style) is an Iranian documentary that explores the obsession to get nose job among Iranians in particular young people. While Iranians are leading world on nose job and even some called Tehran world capital of nose jobs and there is no doubt that compulsory hijabs and restricted Islamic rules which has been enforced by authorities are the main reasons that drove people to be more superficial than before. Although there is nothing wrong to be more attractive and/or beautiful but it raises concern when it becomes epidemic at the national level.

Here are some lines of documentary that it would probably give you an idea of director's vision:

Boy: We have a change of culture in our country in the past 25 years. It has destroyed many of our values. Many judgments are based upon appearance.

Boy: They banned everything and then opened them suddenly. The youth doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly they are faced with an open field. He doesn’t know which way to go. How far he has to withhold himself. Where the boundary lies. Where the limit is. He doesn’t know these things.

Girl: The main thing that women are free to do is to do something with their face in order to be seen.
I think so Mehrdad has done very good job by putting spotlight on issues that Iranian youth face nowadays. Also here are two reviews about Mehrdad Oskouei's documentary:

"While a number of filmmakers and sociologists have weighed in on the growing popularity of plastic surgery among young people in America and what this says about the self-image of teens, what few people know is that more nose jobs are performed in Iran each year than in any other country in the world -- between sixty and seventy thousand annually. A large and growing percentage of young people in Iran, hoping to adopt a more "western" appearance, have their noses made smaller through rhinoplasty, even young Moslem women who hide most of their faces with traditional scarves. Filmmaker Mehrdad Oskouei explores this phenomenon in his documentary Damagh Be Sakbe Irani (aka Nose Iranian Style), in which he interviews a number of teens who have either had the operation or are considering it, the parents to give their blessings to this practice (and their money to the plastic surgeon), and trends in Middle Eastern culture which may be contributing to this wave of new noses." ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide - The New York Times review

"Mehrdad Oskouei uses feather-light humor to suggest how far his country has back-tracked since the 1979 revolution and war with Iraq.

School girls, but also boys, look forward to their nose operations, which they hope will make them attractive to the opposite sex. Model noses are found in Western fashion mags, but Michael Jackson is also cited. Entire families follow the cookie-cutter fashion, rarely motivated by any real need. Possible reasons behind this rhinoplasty epidemic are the emphasis that scarves and hijabs put on women's faces, and a general feeling of loss of identity among the younger generation. Oskouei and his editors wisely let the patients and surgeons speak for themselves with minimal comment." ~ DEBORAH YOUNG, Variety's Festivals & Markets

It seems that world are very well aware of Iranians nose job problem so there has been some other documentaries, and I think "Nose Job - Iran" from Journeyman Pictures is a good one to watch too.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My dream for Iran

A compatriot's dream for Iran, I wish her dreams come true because I have same dream for Iran too.

Religious minorities under surveillance in Iran

Iranian Zoroastrians pray during the historic Mehregan celebration in Tehran October 1, 2008
Photo from Reuters Pictures

Iranian Zoroastrians once again announced that they don't have permission to convert any non-Zoroastrian to Zoroastrian and etc. right before Mehrgan celebration in here, they wrote:

With all respect to intellectuals who have studied and researched about Zoroastrian religion and now they want to get to know Iranian Zoroastrian society, we should let you know that Iranian Zoroastrian society doesn't have permission to convert anybody to Zoroastrian religion. Any non-Zoroastrian Iranian could attend just only in two festivals; Mehrgan and Sarde and only with official permission from Iranian government. (translated from Persian to English language)
Unfortunately this is an unwritten law that goes for all religious minorities in Iran, they don’t have right to convert any Muslim to their religion or even publicize their religion to Muslims. Some priests and pastors put their lives in the line by converting Muslims to their religion and unfortunately they have killed by Iranian intelligence agents.

By the way, Mehregan is a ceremony that Iranian Zoroastrians celebrate to thank God for a good summer and cold winter during the first ten days of autumn.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Iranian Artists under influence of backward Islamic history

Iranian artists perform a scene from the Islamic story of Ashura during a musical to commemorate the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) in Tehran late on October 3, 2008.

What if these artists were not under influence of Islamic ideology? What if government wouldn't finance them? Would they spend money to perform such a backwarded story?

I wrote Ashura in west before and I think I raised my concern about exporting these kind of ideologies to free societies.

Courtesy Getty Images

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Britannica defines flogging as a beating administered with a whip or rod, with blows commonly directed to the person’s back. It was imposed as a form of judicial punishment and as a means of maintaining discipline in schools, prisons, military forces, and private homes.

Flogging is a barbaric punishment and some sort of torture, there is no doubt and unfortunately, fascist ayatollahs don't have any plan to stop it in Iran.

Some of you who disagree with what I am saying just take a look at this video and be honest yourself and feel the young man pain who gets beaten up.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Allah punishes America!

Ahmad Janati

One of Iranian top Ayatollahs, Ahmad Janati said "the U.S. economy meltdown is Allah's punishment". He continued "They are seeing the result of their wrong doings. Europe caught the same problem and it makes us happy. Their inconvenient makes us happier."

Ahmad Janati shared his views with many people during in Friday prayer in Tehran, Iran.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Censorship in Iran

Censorship in Iran is something ordinary for people because in almost in every media that you can possibly think of, regime has have different protocols to censor every part that they don't want people to watch, read or listen. Let me give you an example, even soccer matches are subject to censorship because some fans (outside of Iran) could be some women without Islamic dress code!

Ayatollahs extended censorship to every media like foreign magazines and anything that considers un-Islamic, even postal packages and parcels are subject to censorship too. Iranian postal system is government owned and therefore they destroy or cut any un-Islamic pages from magazine before delivery.

Here is a fascinating post about censorship in Iran with photos which open up your eyes about stupid and backwarded Islamic fascism that we have in Iran.