Sunday, November 30, 2008

Your name is music to my heart

There's no place for me to hide
The thoughts of all the times I've cried
And felt this pain that I have known
Because I needed just to hear that special something

And then one day
You just appeared
You said, "Hello, let's make love along the way"
Your name is music to my heart
I'll always really love you

Feels so good when I'm with you
I can't believe you love me too

With you it feels like it should feel
With you it feels so good

Saturday, November 29, 2008

President of Iran in airplane

He is President of Iran, Ahmadinejad but he doesn't act like a President at all!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Iranian women activists and Islamic law

Amnesty International Canada run a letter writing campaign to support Iranian campaigners working to end discrimination in law against women in Iran.

Just let us see what kind of discrimination Iranian women go through under Islamic law in Iran, here are some of them:

  • They are excluded from key areas of the state. They cannot, for example, be judges or stand for the presidency;
  •  Criminal harm suffered by a woman is less severely punished than the same harm suffered by a man;
  •  Evidence given by women in court is worth half that given by a man;
  •  Men are allowed to practice polygamy, and have an incontestable right in law to divorce their spouse. Women do not.

Well, this list doesn't end up here and it goes on like "women need their husbands’ written permission to travel" or even to get passport!

So Iranian women activists movement is all about getting their rights but unfortunately Iranian regime stepped-up crackdowns against the women’s rights movement and therefore

If you think so you can make a difference by sending a mail or email, do something about it. A letter can really make a difference.
some of activists have been arrested or tried for activities which are entirely legal, such as organizing peaceful gatherings or educational workshops, or petitioning for legislative change.


Three members of the Campaign, Ronak Safarzadeh, Hana Abdi and Zeynab Beyezidi are currently detained as prisoners of conscience in Kordestan Province only because of their work for women’s rights and the rights of Iran's Kurdish minority.
For more information on this letter writing campaign please go to this link.

Animated film for Amnesty: Stop Violence Against Women

This animation speaks for itself and Patrick Stewart is just brilliant:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Jews of Iran

Though this documentary produced back in 2004 but still has a lot to say about Iranian Jews living in Iran.

One thing that struck me is that previous Iranian Jewish MP believes that Baha'i faith is not a religion. He said (at 10:17 but to get a grasp, it's better off to watch from 9:26) "We believe that Baha'i is not a religion, so that was the reason that...and also the government didn't try to tolerate Baha'i in Iran."

Have you ever seen that people of older religions accept new religions?!

Here is Jews Undercover - Iran video.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Malaysian Muslims pushing towards Islamic fundamentalism

First, banning tomboys and now yoga!1 It’s just ridiculous.

I heard a lot that Muslims would say "Malaysia is the best Muslim country; you don't find usual restrictions that we have in our countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and others, in Malaysia. In Malaysia, anyone with any religion is just doing fine and no one bothers anyone about religion" and stuff like that. Generally I have replied "we will wait and see", now that's the day.

Fundamentalism is in the nature of Islam and as long as we don't tame it, it's just gonna run around and destroy everyone and everything with it. So beware, it's not gonna stop here. We have to come up with some sort of urgent action plan to stop this wave of fundamentalism as soon as possible otherwise tomorrow is gonna be too late.

1 Reference news

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Female chastity is cure for violence against women!

Speaker for Islamic Iran in the UN says "Female 'chastity' is cure for violence against women"! and irony is, the speaker is a female but fundamental one!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Degrading treatment and abusive discipline in Iranian schools

Please watch this video:

Beating, beating, beating is one word that I can repeat forever. They beat students every time that they like even for no reason. Name calling in front of all students by principal or teachers are just normal behavior in Iranian schools. Students don't know what their rights are and what they should stand for this out of mind teacher's behavior. Where on the earth teachers and principals would humiliate students? What really are they going to build out of these students?

These kids grow up without knowing what their rights are and what they should stand for. They have got beaten in school, the place that supposed to be their home with classmates and teachers to guide them to the road for better future but in Iranian schools, they learn the future is not bright when teachers beat them for no reason, merely they get tortured in schools, emotionally and physical. Today is dark for them and tomorrow will be darker because teachers didn't build courage or integrity in their students, just the beat them. They discriminate students; they humiliate them and leave them with no dignity. Who would you look for principle and integrity among emotionally stressed and beaten students?!

Now these students are part of problem and there is no one to save them.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Iranian women watching soccer just in overseas

Well, before read this post I recommend to take a look at Stop Islamic Discrimination in Iran first and then continue here.

These ladies are watching soccer game between Iran and UAE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates while they are banned to watch soccer in stadiums in home, Iran.

Photo from Karim Sahib/AFP/Getty Images

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Iranian students on hunger strike

This is Iranian student’s hunger strike against number of disciplinary decrees which banned couple of students from attending school for lengthy periods of time. This tough university decision came out after 5 university students protested in remembrance of Islamic Iran's mass execution of 1988 in prisons, while a right-wing professor had a speech in university.

Students of Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology warned university directors to stop making false claim that "these students are connected to foreign dissident groups" and leave the student activists alone.

Hat tips Amirkabir Newsletter (Persian language website)

Photos courtesy of Amirkabir Newsletter

Monday, November 17, 2008

A short file about Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I know many Iranians don't know about their basic rights so Islamic regime do whatever they want and people just obey. If there were enough resources we could educate people about their rights then they wouldn't stay silent in front of unjust and injustice.

Defend Freedom of Expression in the UN

Islamic countries in the UN are trying to redefine Freedom of speech in the UN and in fact they are destroying the Declaration of Human Rights by re-introducing blasphemy prohibition to protect religious belief itself. Please check the video to get detail story:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Islamic countries redefined Freedom of Expression in UN

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member states have voted to restrict freedom of expression on the mandate of UN special Rapporteur on the "Freedom of Expression" and because OIC members control the council thus they redefined the mandate and limited the right.

And now the OIC amendment requires the production of reports - but on so-called abuses of the exercise of freedom of expression, which they claim constitute religious discrimination.

Enough is Enough

I'm afraid things are not too good for we lovers of freedom at the moment, not only has Pat Condell's video Welcome to Saudi Britain been banned by YouTube, but now it appears that Sherry Jones' book The Jewel of Medina has been put on permanent hold after the fire-bombing of the London offices of its publisher Gibson Square Books last week. It's owner, Martin Rynja has gone into hiding. The book was supposed to be out in on Oct 15th but now only its American publisher Beaufort Books will continue as planned to publish this novel on that date. Meanwhile Gibson Square's London office remains boarded up and Martin Rynja continues discussions with security forces on how he can avoid being killed for wanting to publish a book in the free world...

Friday, November 14, 2008

3 years old girl taught to kill infidels

It seems she does have fanatic Arab Muslim parents that they taught her it is good to kill. I just don’t know what do you believe in but this is sickening to watch how kids grow up with hatred to kill somebody who doesn’t subscribe to Islam!

Text Book Segregation for boys and girls in Iran

Since Islamic revolution sex segregation has been in practice in Iran but now they are going to separate books for boys and girls. They claim that girls and boys have different sex so their books should be different and according to Islamic values!

Watch news from IranVNC about this story (in English language).

Iran manufacture arms

Iran is showing its arm manufacturing capabilities to west, in hope of stopping any serious action against its nuclear facilities. Every week Iran is showing something to scare off the world but it is not going to change anything for better. Well, it just doesn't seem that this problem is going to solve in peace.

In following video they claim they build state of the art gun called angle shooter. I didn't know anything about it so if you know more, please pass it on.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fanatic Muslims sprayed acid on school girls

Fanatic Islam ideology works strong in Afghanistan and women are the first and foremost target to those who subscribed to these barbaric believes.

Here we go again; they sprayed acid on school girls and scarred them for a life. Talibans have very back warded ideology and they try to do everything to keep women in homes. Women are forbidden to go to school or go out alone. They fear educated people by all means so they do whatever it takes to stop them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A new generation of Iranian ballistic missile

Iran tested a new generation of long range (ballistic) surface to surface missile that they call it Sajjil. It doesn't seem that we are heading for peace!

Iranian University Professor cursing student!

A university professor in Iran is cursing a student and also calls him "a foreign agent" just because he has a question. This is the dictatorship atmosphere in our universities in Iran, and if students speak up or question university and its activities, they will get remarks like this and get in to serious trouble with Islamic dictatorship law and intelligence services.

If students don’t have right to speak in university so when and where would they have right to speak?!

This video is in Persian language only, sorry no English subtitle

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Third Jihad, a documentary about Radical Islam Vision for America

It seems an interesting documentary about Islamists and their ideology. You should get to watch this one.




Radical Islam vs. Human Rights



The Oil Weapon: Petrodollars at work



Iran: Nuclear Threat?



U.S. Homegrown Terror Threat



Moderate Muslims

Monday, November 10, 2008

Poverty and lack of social security in Iran - 2

When I was kid I would get excited every time that I would see someone is selling balloons and I would ask my parents to buy me one. Now not only I grow out of it but it makes me sad whenever I see someone like this old man selling balloons, gums or anything else on the streets.

At this age and with his health, he needed more attention, even though there is not social security system in practice in Iran, some sort of senior care program would be helpful for people at his age and health.

Seems Iranian regime pay more attention to out of Iran problems than inside of Iran.

Hat tips Hamema

Poverty and lack of social security in Iran - 1

Just like this old poor man who is struggling in life and would be happy if some passersby to drop a coin or two, you can find many people like him on the streets of Tehran and other big cities.

There is no social security or any social policy in that matter to support poor people and they end up in the streets when they are old and they can't make a living.

Hat tips ghajarboys picture

Ali Kordan, dismissed Iranian Interior Minister Timeline

Kordan's previous positions in the past that I dont have dates:

He has served as:
* Deputy labor minister,
* President of Iran's Technical and Vocational Organization,
* Deputy head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) for provincial and parliamentary affairs,
* Deputy head of IRIB for administrative and financial affairs,
* Deputy minister for culture and Islamic guidance for administrative and financial affairs,
* University lecturer (of course with his fake doctorate degree)

Aug. 14, 2007 - He was one of nominees for the position of Oil Minister including Zareyi and Gholam-Hossein Nozari. With a total annual turnover of $100b, the Oil Ministry, and the Industries and Mines Ministry are in charge of affairs that account for Iran's main sources of revenue.

Oct. 11, 2007 - The acting head of the Iranian Oil Ministry Gholam Hossein Nozari has assigned Ali Kordan as his deputy. Kordan is reported to have turned down a similar offer last year by the former Iranian Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh.

Jan. 12, 2008 - A day after the return of the Iranian delegation, headed by Deputy Oil Minister, Ali Kordan, the Turkmen government cut off its gas deliveries to Iran citing technical problems and repairs to the installations and implicitly called for the cancellation of the agreement, which covers a period up to 2024.

At the time when Turkmenistan halted gas deliveries, the volume of gas Iran imported from Turkmenistan was 23-24 million cubic meters per day, accounting for some 5 percent of Iran's total consumption.

Mar. 16, 2008 - There is no negotiation underway between Iranian and Turkmen officials. "No negotiation is underway between the two sides, and parties are just working on completing or canceling the contract," Kordan said.

The gas shortfall have temporarily disrupted life in the cold-hit areas.

Apr. 19, 2008 - Ali Kordan said "Two European countries have recently voiced interest in investing in Iran's energy sector after a gas deal was signed between Iran and Switzerland regardless of US sanctions."

The National Iranian Gas Export Company and Switzerland's Elektrizitaetsgesellschaft Laufenburg signed a 25-year deal in March for the delivery of 5.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Apr. 19, 2008 - Ali Kordan said "Iran would accept a logical increase in the price of gas imports from Turkmenistan as the country sells gas to Russia at a higher price, too."

Mar. 27, 2008 - Kordan underlined that supplying energy via the 7.2-billion-dollar pipeline, known also as the Peace Pipeline, is a top energy policy of the Islamic Republic.

Jul. 29, 2008 - In a letter to the Majlis speaker, President Ahmadinejad introduced Hamid Behbahani as the minister of roads and transportation, Seyyed Shamseddin Hosseini as the minister of economy, and Ali Kordan as the interior minister.

Aug. 05, 2008 - The Iranian Parliament, Majlis, has begun debate on a vote of confidence in President Ahmadinejad's nominees to head three ministries. Ahmadinejad took to the floor to call on the lawmakers to support the government through affirmative votes for the proposed candidates. Ahmadinejad expressed his support for Ali Kordan, nominee for the position previously held by Pourmohammadi.

Ali Kordan the candidate for the interior ministry won the parliament's vote of confidence by clear margins of 169 votes to 64. Based on Iranian law, every newly appointed minister has to gain the Parliament's vote of confidence before being able to take up his post officially.

Aug. 10, 2008 - Ahmadinejad indirectly in defense of Kordan's degree said "there is no need for piece of paper to serve people."

Aug. 15, 2008 - University of Oxford issued statement about Mr Ali Kordan's degree. They said "The University of Oxford has no record of Mr Ali Kordan receiving an honorary doctorate or any other degree from the University.

The document that has been made public is not a genuine University of Oxford degree certificate.

The names of the professors at the bottom of the document are people who have all at some stage held posts at the University of Oxford. However, none of them has worked in the field of Law, and none of them would have been a signatory of any University of Oxford degree certificate."

Sep. 10, 2008 - A deal to export Iranian natural gas to the UAE is still under negotiation between Crescent Petroleum and Iran's Interior Minister Ali Kordan. Kordan is heading the Iranian delegation in this round of talks and the Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company, Seifollah Jashnsaz, is a participating member.

Sep. 15, 2008 - The fate of Iranian hostages in Pakistan and Afghanistan is to be pursued by a delegation from the Iranian Interior Ministry. A delegation of experts will head to the two countries on Monday to negotiate the release of the hostages and to discuss border security issues, said Iran's Interior Minister Ali Kordan.

In June, the Jondollah group abducted 16 police officers in a raid on a checkpoint in Saravan, in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan. The hostages were reportedly taken across the border into Pakistan. Later they claimed that it had killed four of the hostages, but Tehran said there was no evidence to support this.

Sep. 16, 2008 - Iran's Interior Minister Ali Kordan has criticized a proposed gas deal with UAE's Crescent, saying it will not serve national interests.

Kordan previously served as deputy oil minister and helped shape the Crescent proposal until he was appointed to the post of interior minister. He continues to be responsible for the agreement in the new post.

Crescent was established to distribute gas among utilities and industrial consumers in the United Arab Emirates. The firm has been discussing the pricing of gas imported from Iran for more than 18 months. Crescent Petroleum in 2001 signed a deal to import natural gas from Iran's offshore Salman field through a pipeline jointly built by Iran and Crescent. It is proposed that Iran supply 600 million cubic-feet-a-day of gas to the UAE firm.

The Crescent gas agreement created debate in Iran in 2006. Politicians and experts argued that the rate for gas purchased by Crescent should be higher, considering the increase in global oil prices.

Sep. 19, 2008 - Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has termed as unfair a contract to sell Iran's gas to the UAE-based Crescent Petroleum Company. Ahmadinejad said the contract was based on an unacceptably low price and the deal had been tarnished by corruption.

Sep. 27, 2008 - Iran's newly appointed Interior Minister in a letter to the president says he did not know that his Oxford University degree was invalid. "Over the past eight years, I never doubted the validity of the degree and that is why I presented it in the course of the confidence vote."

Sep. 28, 2008 - Tehran's Governor-General Kamran Daneshjou has confirmed the earlier reports that he has been appointed Deputy Interior Minister. Daneshju holds a Ph.D. in aerospace science and has been a faculty member at Tehran's Elmo-Sannat University. He also worked with the ministries of defense and science.

In another reshuffle in the ministry after Ali Kordan was appointed new Interior Minister, Ali Reza Afshar, Daneshju's predecessor was named as Kordan's deputy for cultural affairs.

Sep. 30, 2008 - President Ahmadinejad has provided Majlis lawmakers with a copy of Kordan's letter to ease the controversy surrounding the fake degree.

An Iranian lawmaker says it is unlikely that the Majlis would move to impeach Interior Minister Ali Kordan over his Oxford degree.

Oct. 05, 2008 - The Principalist bloc in Iran's Majlis will discuss the future of the Interior Minister amid a controversy over his academic degree. MP Ali Motahari warned that Majlis will consider the impeachment of Kordan if the government fails to take action against him. He added that more than 30 lawmakers from the Principalist bloc have called for the impeachment of Kordan.

Under the country's law, a minister may be impeached if at least ten lawmakers endorse the impeachment motion. Many lawmakers have found Kordan's explanation over his fake Oxford degree unconvincing and Kordan now is facing calls for resignation or impeachment.

Oct 18, 2008 - The Iranian parliament is set to discuss a petition for the impeachment of Iran's interior minister over his alleged Oxford degree.

Kordan, who took charge of the Interior Ministry in August, has pressed charges against a person claiming to be a representative of Oxford University in Tehran.

Oct 20, 2008 - Iran's Parliament seeks to negotiate with Ali Kordan over his future at the Interior Ministry after his Oxford degree was found invalid.

Oct 21, 2008 - Iran's Interior Minister Ali Kordan says the ministry will never issue permission for the American Iranian Council office to open in Tehran.

Kordan told reporters "It is the Interior Ministry which should make decisions on any request by countries. But no request has been submitted to the ministry to date. In case of such a proposal, the Interior Ministry will not issue the permission because of the country's interests. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is so powerful not to issue such permission for the US itself let alone an American citizen who is famous in Iran for brokering."

Oct. 22, 2008 - Speaker of Iran's Parliament says impeachment would be the last resort in dealing with educational status of the Interior Minister Ali Kordan. "This matter must first of all be dealt with by [Kordan] himself and then by the government. Dealing with this issue at the parliament is the final option. We must not jump straight to the last stage [impeachment]," Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said in an interview with Farsnews.

At one period in his career Kordan served as deputy to Larijani, who was then the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. In a recent interview, Larijani said he had never asked about Kordan's degree during that period. However, he added that Kordan was a hard-working individual.

Oct. 23, 2008 - Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordan, who was also present at the fifth meeting of interior ministers of Iraq's neighboring countries' event, cited Israel as the main source of the current instability in the region and inside Iraq. He said "while it is the US military that is present in Iraq, its mission is designated by Israelis."

Oct. 26, 2008 - Iran's Parliament is set to move for the impeachment of the country's Interior Minister Ali Kordan over his forged Oxford degree.

Ever since he announced that his Oxford University degree is fake degree, he has faced calls for resignation or impeachment from Iranian Parliamentarians.

Oct. 27, 2008 - The central committee of the Principalist bloc in Iran's Parliament has voted in favor of impeachment of Interior Minister Ali Kordan.

Oct. 28, 2008 - Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordan says he will not resign from his post, arguing that doing so does not serve the country's interest. He said "I feel that my resignation will not serve the raison d'etat. Therefore, I will not resign."

Oct. 30, 2008 - An Iranian lawmaker has reportedly beaten the government's representative in Majlis amid a row over the Interior Minister's impeachment.

In an interview with Fars News Agency, MP Avaz Heidarpour denied the report that the government representative had been assaulted in the Parliament and in turn accused Abbasi of paying 50 million rials (nearly US$5,000) in bribes to lawmakers in a bid to encourage them to withdraw their support from the impeachment motion.

Nov. 02, 2008 - Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has said that Mohammad Abbasi's involvement in the Ali Kordan fake-PhD affair is 'indecent'.

Larijani said effort by the Head of the Governments Office in Parliament, Mohammad Abbasi, to nullify the impeachment of the Interior Minister, Ali Kordan, was deceitful, according to Fars news agency on Sunday. The parliament speaker also forbade Abbasi from entering parliament.

Nov. 02, 2008 - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says impeaching the Interior Minister, Ali Kordan, over his forged Oxford degree is 'illegal'.

President Ahmadinejad told "Ministers should only be impeached based on their performance; therefore, the interior minister's impeachment is illegal and I will not attend the session."

Nov. 04, 2008 - An impeachment motion was introduced against Kordan over his fake Oxford University Ph.D degree, following which the parliament heard his testimony.

In his defense, Kordan said his impeachment has not benefited the Iranian nation and has played into the hands of Western countries and anti-Iran propagandists. "Ever since the issue of my impeachment has been brought up, tens of thousands of articles criticizing me and the system have been published by the media," Kordan said, adding that he kept silent in the face of such harsh criticism only to protect the country's national interests. "Whatever the result of the impeachment session may be, it will only lead to our solidarity," Kordan told the parliament.

After hearing his testimony, the parliament decided not to give a vote of confidence for the minister. An overwhelming 188 members of parliament voted for Kordan's removal; fourteen lawmakers voted against the motion and 45 abstained.

Conclusion about Kordan's Scandal:
Regarding to Kordan's claim about his degrees, now people know that not only his doctorate degree was fake but also he doesn't recieved any bachelor and master degree from Islamic Azad university. He has been lying from the ground up.

Just now officials who have hired him in high level government positions should respond on what grounds they have accepted his lies and fake degree!

Kordan's fake Oxford doctorate degree

Kordan looking at Ahmadinejad while even he turns his back at him and his lies from day one

Sources: Press TV, Asriran, Fars News Agency, Alef and other sources

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Iran in front of Obama

Well, finally U.S. presidential race is over and Obama came out as a winner. There is no argument that he had the momentum and this moment was predictable. Congratulations!

We, Iranians are waiting to see how Obama is gonna deal with Iran. I am not sure how Obama is gonna handle this one but I am sure of three things that Islamic Iran can't argue about them anymore:

1. Islamic regime of Iran can't say that America doesn't want to talk,

2. Obama is desirable around the world and people love him so Iran can't hold him accountable for previous administration activities,

3. Islamic Iran can't cling anymore on "Racism in the US and how black race are oppressed" in their speeches about human rights abuse in the U.S. So Islamic Iran should prepare to get some good slap on their human rights abuse every now and then.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Iranian-American student detained on national security charges

Finally Iranian Judiciary spokes person confirmed that Esha Momeni, Iranian-American citizen and student at California State University, Northridge, is accused of crime against national security. She is being held in notorious Evin prison for about 2 weeks.

Amnesty International wrote:

She had been in Iran for two months to visit her family and to conduct research for her Master's degree thesis on the Iranian women’s movement, for which she had conducted video interviews with members of the Campaign for Equality in Tehran.
Don't forget that three other women, Ronak Safarzadeh, Hana Abdi and Zeynab Beyezidi who have arrested for their activities for the Campaign for Equality are still in detention. So your signatures and letters will help these women to get back their freedom, join to their families and continue the Campaign for Equality.

The Campaign for Equality is an Iranian women's right campaign committed to end discrimination against women in Iranian law.
The Campaign for Equality, launched in 2006, is an Iranian women’s rights initiative composed of a network of women and men committed to ending discrimination against women in Iranian law. The Campaign gives volunteers basic legal training, and these volunteers travel around the country promoting the Campaign, talking with women in their homes, as well as in public places, telling them about their rights and the need for legal reform. The volunteers are also collecting one million signatures of Iranian nationals for a petition demanding an end to legal discrimination against women in Iran. - Amnesty International
To sign the petition and check the specific blog that reflects news about Esha Momeni please go to For Esha.

FYI, crime against national security charge is a common charge to shut down any dissident voice in Iran.