Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iranian militia storm Britain embassy in Iran

Iranian militia Basij occupied Britain embassy compound in Tehran for a short time, last night.

First they gathered in front of Egyptian Interests Section but then later on, they moved to Britain embassy compound and then replaced British flag with the Palestinian flag!

Then later they attacked to Benetton store because they believe Benetton is Zionists or supporter of Zionists.

Iranian media call these group of people, students which is wrong, I mean they could be students too it has nothing to do with what they have done. They are member of Basij militia and they get these orders from their headquarters. Basij is part of IRGC and IRGC (Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) is supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas. go figure. Calling these groups student, putting opposition students' movement in a same brand as these Hezbollah-wannabes are!

Unfortunately this kind of craziness wouldn't stop in fanatic Islamic Iran very soon or in 2009 that I hoped for!

This is not just a shoe that they throw to Bush’s effigy, I see stupidity there

Some days ago, I wrote about Iraqi shoe thrower get critics among Iranian bloggers but apparently Iranian leaders hale the Iraqi and specially the shoe. So here we are, nowadays in protests against USA or Israel they throw shoes against effigies.

This is not just a show that they throw to Bush’s effigy, I see huge stupidity there. In following photos, you see some students from Shahed University (which usually martyr's kids go to this university) throw shoe. See for yourself:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Iranian Combatant Clergies register volunteers to fight Israel

Combatant Clergy Society is an Iranian influential conservative Iranian clerics which seeking volunteers to fight against Israel in response to air assault on the Gaza.

Volunteers can register online and they can fight Israel through different ways like military, financial and propaganda.

This move from Combatant Clergy Society comes after Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a religious decree on Sunday that said anyone killed while defending Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip against Israeli attacks would be considered a martyr.

Iran is the main backer of Hamas so they want to protect their assets in the region but here again, they use religious martyrdomship to send young brainwashed group of Iranian militia to war with Israel. I could not be more careless what will happen to this group because these people are thugs of Islamic regime and one of the elements that clergies use them to run their religious dictatorship.

If Israel is ready to hit these groups of thugs, be our guest and please hit them bad, we will appreciate it.

By the way, here is the address of website (Persian language) for future martyrs (:P), we wish you all a fast way to be martyr :)

Hat tips AP through yahoo! News

When UN General Assembly resolution condemns human rights abuses in Iran and makes people really happy

Usually people don't get excited when there would be a resolution against their country in the UN General Assembly but Iranian bloggers were very happy after they noticed that the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution about Human Rights situation in Islamic regime of Iran and we are very thankful from countries that voted in favor of this particular resolution. Really thanks, not to let a dictator Islamic regime get away with their daily human rights' abuses.

On December 19, 2008 - In the United Nations General Assembly, the draft resolution on human rights abuses in Iran was adopted by a recorded vote of 69 in favor to 54 against, with 57 abstentions.

The draft resolution (III on the situation of human rights in Iran which approved on 21 November) call

on the Government to address concerns such as eliminating the use of cruel or inhuman punishments; abolishing public executions and the executions of persons who were under 18 years at the time of their offence; abolishing the use of stoning as a method of execution; and eliminating discrimination against women and minorities, including by implementing the report of the Special Rapporteur on ways in which Iran could emancipate the Baha’i community. It would also have the Assembly call on the Government to end the harassment, intimidation and persecution of political opponents and human rights defenders, including by releasing persons imprisoned arbitrarily or on the basis of their political views. It would further have the Assembly call on the Government to uphold the rights to due process and to end impunity for human rights violations. The draft would further call on the Government of Iran to facilitate visits to its territory of special procedures mandate holders, and encourage the Government to continue exploring cooperation on human rights and justice reform with the United Nations, including OHCHR. (Press Releases GA/SHC/3939 and GA/SHC/3940)
Thanks again for the countries that stood up for Human Rights issues and abuses in Iran and didn't let Iranian regime hide their crimes behind no-action motions.

Reference: Sixty-third General Assembly - 70th and 71st Meetings

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Russian high-tech missile defense system in Iran

Take a look at this video and let me know what do you think.

Russians say they don't plan to sale this missile defense system to Iran but would Russia eventually deliver high-tech missile defense system to Iran? What can stop it? and at the end, is this technology would stop any possible strike against nuclear facilities against Iran?!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Representative of Iran to the UN caught lying in the UN Conference on Interfaith Dialogue

At 3:08 Mohammad Khazae, Permanent Representative of Iran to the UN started to lie about Iranian religious minorities’ freedom:

Here is the full script:

Although about 95% of the Iranian population are Muslims, but the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has bestowed the religious minorities in my country equal rights, even in some instances based on privileged position and the right to freely practice their religions. At present, the Iranian religious minorities are enjoying an equal right of representation in our Parliament regardless of the size of their small population. Practical commitment of the government and people of Iran to teachings of Islam and the provisions of the constitution has resulted in shaping a constructive coexistence among Muslims, Jews, Christians and Assyrians.

As a result, all religious minorities in Iran consider themselves as an integral part of the Iranian nation and are playing a constructive role in their society and also are enjoying their full freedom of practicing their religions in more than 500 place of worship including churches, synagogues and temples.

Well, he got used to his lies and probably he thinks no one knows anything about Iran. In some degree Iran is way better than Saudi Arabia but I don't care to compare Iran to Saudi Arabia at any point. These two are totally different countries with different cultures.

Let's get back on track and pinpoint his lies. First, Iranian constitution exactly defines that the Islamic doctrine should followed is Ja'afari (Twelver) Shi'ism. Although the Constitution provides that "other Islamic denominations are to be accorded full respect," but in practice things are totally different, discrimination of Sunnis.

Second, Sufi Muslims are under huge imprisonment, harassment and intimidation.

Third, Baha'i religious groups have no right in Iran, they can not attend university, they can not even speak about their religion in public, their properties get confiscated and Baha'is get arrested arbitrarily.

Fourth, while the Constitution gives Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians the status of "protected" religious minorities but Article 4 of the Constitution states that all laws and regulations must be based on Islamic criteria. It makes it unfair and unjust for religious minorities to be treated with specific Islamic laws.

Fifth, non-Muslims can't express themselves in Iran because it considers apostasy and it is punishable by death under the revised Penal Code and it has been punishable by death under the Shari'a law.

I can go on and on and write more, from restriction on religious publishing to force conversion of Baha'i children to Islam in public schools but I just wanted to show that he was lying in the UN and that was my point.

U.S. department of state has International Religious Freedom Report 2008 - Iran, it is a throughout and accurate report about religious (non-) freedom in Iran.

Easy to forget what has been done in your name, make sure you don’t

Here is hip hop star developed following video called In My Name. Do you know what has been done in your name? Would we ever be able to end global poverty? What is your take on this?

Hat tips UN Dispatch, I'd rather this older video though and here is the petition to sign.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in THE GLOBAL ELITE list

Newsweek published their version of global elite list and called it "THE GLOBAL ELITE". Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran made 11th in the list but the problem is when you want to read his profile on the net, there is Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe photo under Khamenei's name! C'mon Newsweek, you can do better! Let me put a snapshot from the webpage.

Except photo, their comment about Khamenei was correct although they forget that power structure in Iran is not as simple as it looks. I mean it's not just Khamenei who decides for everything, specially these days. There has been power struggle going on between them but usually they keep it within.

For some of you that wouldn't know who is Khamenei, I put his photo

Here is what Newsweek wrote:

Western policymakers would do well to remember Khamenei's title: Supreme Leader. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, presidents come and go. The intemperate, Israel-baiting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be lucky if he manages to win a second term in 2009. It is Khamenei, as the authoritative communicator of God's will, who will decide how Iran chooses to exercise its newfound clout in the region. Will he push ahead with Tehran's nuclear program and move from bleeding the United States in Iraq to pricking it in Afghanistan? Perhaps. But it's also true that he's the only Iranian figure with the authority to forge a new relationship with America. No one is more key to Mideast stability.
Well, this list proves something else too that no matter what you do as long as you have power over natural resources or some destroying technology like nukes, and ready to take lives and do human sacrifices, you eventually become one of the elites; look at number 11. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and 12. Kim Jong Il.

Iraqi shoe thrower get critics among Iranian bloggers, he was stupid

I just don't think so I can call him journalist anymore. He better off with his shoes at hand rather than pen.

Moeeni (Persian language) an Iranian blogger wrote:

"They have to put those shoes in museum for remembrance of a nation who forgot they couldn't even smell their socks without permission from a heartless dictator like Saddam Hussein"
Farjami (Persian language) another Iranian asked:
Where was this shoe thrower so-called hero at Saddam era? Could he throw anything to politicians or their guests?
It seems that Iraqis have short memory, they forgot that during Saddam era they didn't make any noise because they knew he would get rid of all of them in a heartbeat. It seems they forgot that they were so happy when Saddam ran away after US came into Iraq. They forgot hails and dances on the street to the US army.

Yet again they forgot that most killings happened by suicide bombers which happens to be Iraqi, Saudi or Pakistani and from some other Arab countries. They did it by themselves and they didn't stood up to this arrogant bloody jihadist Sunni or Shiites. It is easy to target Bush now when he is leaving the office but you need to be at least a little fair here.

Iraq war didn't happen all of a sudden, all these Arab neighbors and Iran gave green lights to the Bush administration for the war, in fact Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were behind of this from day one and yet again Iraqis have amnesia.

I read that fanatic Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said:
"The shoe intifada in Iraq should not be overlooked easily, well done to the Iraqi journalist for throwing the shoes at the U.S. president.

The shoe hurling by the Iraqi journalist had many messages which the world received and the Iraqi people, too, held demonstrations afterwards. People should support the Iraqi journalist." from CNN
In answer to the Ayatollah's crazy talk, I wish he would be supportive when Iranians throw their shoes at his face and all other ayatollahs at home and they just get our many messages and get the hell out of power!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Banning Iranian dating site accused of promoting prostitution

Another dating site was banned and censored in Iran accused of promoting prostitution. Although mentioned that they considered Islamic rules but still ayatollahs couldn't let a website to compete with them.

It appears that the website risked their existence over two questions, first one about religion and second one about what they look for, Telegraph wrote:

It also asked how they felt about a partner's hijab and invited them to state their attitude towards religion. One option was "free of religion".

Another question asked if the user was looking for permanent marriage, Islamic temporary marriage or "unknown".
But the problem is not just about these two questions, it's about who certify marriage/temporary marriage or even relationship. In Iran it should be an ayatollah or a clergy man (mullah) to certify the relationship and it's the key point of ayatollah's existence at the first place. I should remind you that in Islam, non-Muslim man should convert to Islam before marriage. So if you could marry someone through a website and there is no one to ask you to convert to Islam, then the website would get banned.

Here is my proof, an up and running website belong to an ayatollah (his deep thinking photo is on top of the site...ridiculous) and that's the way it is in Iran. Either you should get ready to convert or get out!

Here is the answer from Islamonline to a Christian man who wants to marry a Muslim woman:
“It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a kafir (non-Muslim), whether he is Jewish, Christian or an atheist because the man has authority over his wife, and it is not permissible for a kafir to have authority over a Muslim woman. There are decisive texts from the Qur’an which refer to the prohibition of such marriage. For example, Allah Almighty says, “And give not (your daughters) in marriage to Al Mushrikun (atheists) till they believe (in Allah Alone)” (Al-Baqarah: 221)
And “And never will Allah grant to the disbelievers a way (to triumph) over the believers” (An-Nisaa’: 141)

That's it for now!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stop death threat, interrogation, intrusion, arrest of anti-IRI Students

It is a new facebook group against Islamic Republic of Iran's tyranny by leftist students. I am not leftist at all and I can't relate to them but this is about students and I salute them and support their cause for freedom.

In the group you can read:

On December 7 & 8, 2008, the leftist students demos dominated by revolutionary socialists confronted the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). The demos and gatherings were held in major cities and provinces, i.e. Tehran, Shiraz, Hamedan, Mazandaran, Kermansha. These protests were a turning point to a widespread terror attempt by the IRI. The IRI had attempted anything to intimidate students from such protests. They had cop maneuvers, mass executions, filtered millions of Internet sites, arrested known worker and student activists. Finally, they tried to manipulate the Student Day by the pro-IRI groups within universities.

None of which worked. Demos were held and students in effect defeated a year-long-terror-attempts by the IRI.

The IRI, first shocked, and then started a desperate revenge. They have distributed 'anonymous' leaflets, threatening that they will kill whoever organized the events. Furthermore, its intelligent service has intruded some activists’ houses, confiscating students’ computers in order to identify the activists. Also, they have so far arrested a few and have interrogated some.

This group is to raise awareness about the events and to get a worldwide support for the brave students who despite the knowledge of the consequences, i.e. imprisonment, torture and even execution, organized the events, confronted the IRI, and defeated its terror policies.

And they ask for which I am totally with it:
We have to stop the IRI from its new wave of terror attempt. Therefore, we demand:

Free all students and political prisoners immediately & unconditionally
No intrusion, no interrogation, no threat, no arrest

They have this motto (following) in the group, I just don't know what to say:
Long live students socialist movement

It sounds funny to me. I mean any "long live", "long dead", "down with" sounds funny and very very old fashion. I guess they should come up with something new, something fresh.

Here is the link to the facebook group.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sale of Girl Children in Iran

I was looking for something that I came across to this article by Sarvnaz Chitsaz and Soona Samsami called "Making the Harm Visible - Global Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls - Speaking Out and Providing Services". It's shockingly speaks about what women/young girls go through in Iran and I guess these Islamic rules are common in the most Muslim countries, so go figure.

Here I want to highlight some part of this article:

From the fundamentalist mullahs’ perspective, sexual vice and virtue are the principal criteria for evaluation of women. The most ignoble and unforgivable of all sins is sexual wrongdoing. Piety, chastity and decency are measured by sex-related yardsticks, and seldom applied to political and social realms. Fundamentalism conceives of woman as sinister and satanic; she is the embodiment of sin and seduction. She must not step beyond her house, lest her presence in society breed sin. She must stay at home, serving her husband’s carnal desires; if she fails to comply, she is compelling her man to commit sin outside the home.


The top officials of the fundamentalist regime in Iran emphasize that it is the "sacred" responsibility of a woman to serve her husband and take care of the household. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the mullahs’ "supreme leader," has declared that "women’s first job is to be a wife and mother." Khamenei dismissed the notion of women’s equal participation in social life in July 1997 as "negative, primitive and childish."

When Mohammad Khatami became president in May 1997, there were optimistic predictions that changes were on the way. Despite all the propaganda, Mullah Khatami and his administration’s deeds point to the fact that mullahs’ "moderation" is nothing but a mirage. Khatami is just as committed to the medieval system of Velayat-Faqih that Khomeini founded. His administration is no different than previous governments, and rests on the same basis of fanatic fundamentalism. In that context, his views on women come as no surprise. Speaking to Salaam newspaper on May 11, 1997, just days before his election, Khatami declared: "One of the West’s biggest mistakes was the emancipation of women, which destroyed the family... Staying at home does not mean being pushed to the sidelines... We must not think that social activity means working outside the home. Housekeeping is among the most important of tasks."

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Khatami’s predecessor, who currently heads the powerful Council to Determine State Exigencies, is on record as declaring unequivocally that women are inferior and must be treated differently under the law: "Justice does not mean that all laws must be the same for men and women... The difference in the stature, vitality, voice, development, muscular quality, and physical strength of men and women shows that men are stronger and more capable in all fields... Men’s brains are larger... Men incline toward reasoning and rationalism while women basically tend to be emotional. These differences affect the delegation of responsibilities, duties and rights."

Mullah Mohammad Yazdi, the Head of the Judiciary, also emphasizes the subservience of women: "If kneeling before God were not obligatory, wives should have knelt before their husbands." He also said: "A woman is wholly the possession of her husband, and her public life is conditional upon her husband’s consent."

These blatantly prejudiced views shed light on how discriminatory legislation against women has been proposed, adopted, and enforced in Iran since 1979. All the existing laws in Iran, which deal with the rights of women, arise from the stereotyped presumption that men are endowed with the right to dominate women. A man can divorce his wife freely and has the right to retain custody of their children. Article 105 of the Civil Code stipulates: "In the relationship between husband and wife, heading the family is characteristic of the husband." The Islamic Council of Guardians decreed that "a woman does not have the right to leave her home without her husband’s permission, even to attend her father’s funeral."

There are inequalities in punishments for similar crimes. While in most cases harsher punishments are issued for women, their credibility as witnesses and inheritance rights are half those of men. Article 115 of the Constitution specifically excludes women from the presidency. The law also excludes them from appointment to judgeships. Yazdi, the Head of the Judiciary, commented on December 15, 1986: "No matter at what stage of knowledge, virtue, perfection, and prudence a woman is, she does not have the right to rule... Even if a righteous accredited woman possesses all qualifications, she cannot assume a leadership position nor can she pass judgment, because she is a woman." In the words of another Iranian official, women are "immature" and need "guardians."
Aside above this is much more important that we notice how a fundamentalist woman in charge thinks:

Contrary to all of Khatami’s attempts to put a positive spin on the mullahs’ misogynist treatment of women for international consumption, his cabinet does not include even one woman. The appointment of a woman, Massoumeh Ebtekar, as deputy for environmental protection, was supposed to reflect "moderation" and Khatami’s attention to women’s rights. But this woman vice president is no "moderate," and is notorious as a staunch advocate of suppressing women’s rights. As a Spokesperson for the hostage-takers who captured the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979, she once told an ABC Television correspondent that she was personally willing to take a gun and kill the hostages. (The New York Times, January 28, 1998). In an interview with Die Tageszeitung on October 18, Ebtekar defended discrimination against women and medieval punishments, like stoning. In response to a question on stoning to death, Ebtekar said: "One should take the psychological and legal affairs of the society into consideration as well. If family rules and regulations are broken, it would result in many complex, grave consequences for all of the society."
Here is the shocking part that some reports say that it happens daily in Iran:

The state-controlled daily, Ressalat, reported on December 15, 1991, that due to extreme poverty and the absence of the most basic facilities, the deprived people of northern Khorassan sell their young girls for as little as $33. The buyers, mostly from Gonabad, take the girls away and put them to work on farms and in workshops. In the impoverished province of Sistan-Baluchistan (southeastern Iran), girls eight - ten years old are sold by their drug-addicted parents for $4. Children are routinely abused in the labor force, and girls as young as four are used in the brick manufacturing, carpet weaving, textile and clothing industries.

According to the penal code, a nine-year-old girl can be punished as an adult by flogging, execution and even stoning. Given the arbitrary punishments and the virtual lack of due process of law, large numbers of children have been executed, in many cases without being officially charged or even having their identities established.
This article explains and fully discovers what's going on in the mind of Muslim fundamentalists and their extreme approach to rule over Iran. You can find the article here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iran Must Respect People’s Right to Travel

Human Rights First organization wrote about Ms. Sotoudeh's travel ban. It reads:

On December 10, women's rights activist and attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh and her family went to the Imam Khomeini Airport. They planned to travel to Italy, where Sotoudeh was to receive an international human rights award.

Sotoudeh heard her name announced over the airport intercom system. Security officials approached her, seized her passport, and informed her that she was not permitted to travel.

Sotoudeh is not alone. At least four other women's rights activists have gone through the same experience: Parvin Ardalan, Mansoureh Shojaee, Talat Taghinia, and Sussan Tahmasebi. Furthermore, Esha Momeni, member of the One Million Signatures Campaign for gender equality, is still unable to leave Iran, as the Ministry of Intelligence continues to hold her passport.

Governments must grant all persons the right to travel. Human rights defenders in particular rely on the exercise of this right in order to participate in meetings with their colleagues around the world and to have access to international human rights bodies.

Please join us in calling on the Iranian authorities to end their harassment of women's rights activists and to respect the right of human rights defenders to travel.
Please stand up for the very basic right of every human being and sign this petition. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Price of Silence is too high for Human rights

These are not just words tattooed on paper
No prison cell, no border fence, no torture well will stop our plea
No stone, no stain will mar the river of our dignity
My child, for you today our voice befriends the winds-

(I don't know who is the poet though)

It seems what we have not had in Iranian society is some sort of community works that push individuals to use their talents towards common goal for community. Just take Actor and Actresses in Iran, I have never seen they come out and show that there is a better use for their talent too. It is good to earn money and donate once in a while but it is better if we there far more important things that we can take care of.

Why did I start this? Well, because I saw following video that actor Laurence Fishburne deliver the prologue of this video for Amnesty USA, seriously I have never seen any actor/actress in Iran to do anything for greater good like this; or it's probably my loose mind that can't recollect things!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More photos from student protest

Continued from Live Free or Die! viva Security

Some students wanted to come in university
but security forces wouldn't let them.
Students crashed the entry gate

Some students try to hide their face from cameras,
get their head down. Agents usually take photos
then later would arrest students.

Police just tried to stay between students in university and people outside of university and they wouldn't people to come close to university gates.

Just they watched this time, pretty weird though. I guess just they had ordered to stay away!

University gate crashed

A police finally couldn't control himself
and he wanted to beat couple of students.

It reads: "University is not prison."

Thanks to yarrinews for photos.

Live Free or Die! viva Security

On Dec. 07, 2008 National Student Day in Iran, students rallied against dictatorship and injustice. Here I just upload photos from the protest (thanks to AutNews) and translate some of their placards. I guess it would help you to know what students were saying:

The green placard read: "No to gender segregation. No to Stoning. No to executions"
Azad university in last year "more than 8 detained students, one suicide, 38 banned student weekly/monthly papers, 13 cancelation of student council, 134 disciplinary sentences, beating students by university security forces " 
The one in the left read: "We denounce gender segregation"
"Let our expelled professors and disadvantaged students come back"
One in the middle reads: "Iranian Petroleum income goes to China and Russia!!"
One in the left reads: "Woman freedom = freedom of society"
"Democracy in Iran, International Peace"

Monday, December 8, 2008

Iranian Students Shouted: death to dictator

On Dec. 07, 2008 National Student Day in Iran, students shouted some slogans against regime like "Death to Dictator" and asked from police force to be impartial by shouting "Police force! Justice! Justice” Here is the video:

Iranian police making fun of a guy

Iranian police arrested this guy for his haircut, while taking photos they laugh at and verbally threaten him. Eventually, they will take him to police station and will cut some parts of his hair which it pushes him to go to hairdresser and get a new short haircut.

It is not just about haircut and this is not a normal haircut for everyone in Iran, but it’s a matter of choice, the very basic human rights that violated by Iranian police because they consider it western-style an element of western cultural invasion.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Muslim Arab has two wives in Australia

I noticed that many Muslim Arabs living in Australia and Aussies providing good services for them. There are two major issues with Muslim community in Australia; one is gang rapes Australian girls by Muslim men and second, is establishing polygamy family and living off of tax prayers money. If you know any more, please write it down in comment section.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Iranian President Ahamdinejad was an indecent kid

Ahamdinejad was an indecent kid!
Photo courtesy of Balatarin

I didn't want to put this photo here but let me tell you, once I saw this photoshoped photo, just I cracked up. A young Iranian artist put this photo together to show that President Ahamdinejad wasn't a good boy during his childhood (refer to picture, he is asking for more boobs, oops, breast)!

Iranian blogosphere community is fed up with Ahmadinejad lies and they take on him in every possible way. During presidential campaign in government TV broadcast, on moral issues and modesty he said "What young people put on is not government's business. We shouldn't think about that girl’s hair or clothing. We should take care of country" but right after he elected as President, his moral police cracked down on youths, their decency, clothing and even haircut. So here is the result!

Wig or Veil?!

There are many things are common between Abrahamic religions and sadly their God/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah sometimes say almost same thing but in different fashion. I don't know probably one of these gods had a fancier fashion than the other one, or probably some stuff was out of fashion at time of Muhammad or Abraham.

These gods had a good reason to tell Orthodox Jewish to cover their hair with something that later on changed to wigs! so they should hide their own hair under wig and in Muslim community, Muslim women cover their hair with veil. Which god do you think was fashionable and/or smarter?!

If you find the answer let us to know :-) and by the way, this video from Reuters inspired me to write about wig or veil:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

AIDS and HIV in Iran

Yesterday, December 1, 2008 was the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, I would love to write about it but I didn't know where exactly to start. Should I write about Iranian AIDS patients or two Iranian physicians specializing in the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS who were detained without charge in Tehran's Evin Prison on late June 2008.

I guess I should have put some lights on both sections, so here we go:

1. Iranian HIV and AIDS patients go thorough unproven AIDS cures and they have given herbal AIDS treatment instead of proven and international recognized antiretroviral drugs. It seems it didn't help patients too but Iranian regime doesn't let any news to be published about the results.

According to Human Rights Watch organization:

The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, announced the discovery of “IMOD” (an abbreviation for “immuno-modulator drug”), an herbal AIDS treatment made from seven local Iranian herbs. The government has promoted the drug as a “therapeutic vaccine” and as the “first choice” for treatment in resource-constrained developing countries. The President’s Office for Technology Cooperation has also promoted the remedy and sought partners for joint marketing, clinical trials and manufacturing. According to news reports in November, the Iranian Minister of Health and Medical Education stated that all patients with advanced HIV disease—more than 1,500 overall—would be treated with IMOD.
2. Drs. Kamiar Alaei and Arash Alaei — two brothers known throughout the world for their work on HIV/AIDS — were detained without charge by Iranian security forces. E’temad newspaper in Iran has reported that the brothers are held on "suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government". Please support this campaign and sing the petition for their freedom, link.

The worst news is that huge growing number of people is contracting HIV and there is not enough proper education about how to prevent it at the first place. Dr Kamiar Alaei said once "We face a huge potential HIV problem in Iran... it is not easy to talk about sexual matters in what is still a very traditional country".

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sacred terrorism

This is Dr.Hassan Abbasi, top Iranian military strategist and is responsible for the training and the tactics of Asymmetric warfare employed by the Lebanese Hezbollah. He is the responsible for training Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Listen what he says.

English Subtitle

Iranian youth that I have talked to, they said it's not our war anymore and we won't participate in any war with any country if Iran involves. People are just fed up with this bigot extremism and they don't buy these Islamic Jihadist mottos anymore.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sexy and Provocative Hijab

I have seen ladies in real life in Iran that would cover top of their body but everything else is just out there, something like the lady in above photo!

I know that compulsory Hijab (veil, burqa) is against people will thus against human rights, so it's not going to work as it hasn't been.

Hat tips A New Dark Age Is Dawning