Monday, January 5, 2009

American University Professor stepping on flag

Hamid Mowlana, American University Professor and Ahmadinejad's advisor stepping on American flag. Hamid Mowlana has been very conservative figure and his articles have published on right wing daily paper Kayhan from a long time ago.

Iranian bloggers were very upset to see him as an American Iranian citizen stepping on American flag. But I thought first, he wouldn't care about it at all because he got Iranian president's advisor position. C'mon, you have to think alike to accept such a position from Ahmadinejad. Second, that flag is painted on the floor and he couldn't (because he works for hardliner fanatic Ahmadinejad) say "I won't step on it, this is my flag too"! or could he?!

Moral of the story is if you are a fanatic Islamist, no matter if you have lived most of your life in the US (regime of Iran sees US as natural foe), still you can be advisor for President of fanatic Islamist regime like Iran.

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  1. i love to see someone stepping onto "US FLAG".
    US is enemy of all peaceful nations.