Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ashura tent burnt before Ashura

I explained about Ashura and Muharram and it's significance in Shiite culture but before recent Ashura commemoration (couple of days ago), a huge tent that was supposed to be used for Muharram mourning in the Tehran city center next to City Theater, rumor says burnt by people.

This area is very busy place in fact a business center for itself. Businesses were not happy from the whole ceremony thing and artists were very angry at Ayatollahs because they shuted down City Theater for damages when Tehran's Municipality built a religious cultural complex in its parking lot back in 2003.

The other thing is many religious minority people are living in this region and they were not happy with the religious cultural complex and this tents too. So speculations are high and no one took responsibility yet Iranian media wrote it was an accident.

You know, I kinda liked when tent burnt to the ground because all the time they have been lying that Ashura mourning are for someone that Allah loves him so bad so Allah watches you and blah blah blah fairytales. I really love it when I see all Islamic fairytales go blank and/or any other religious fairytales.


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