Saturday, January 3, 2009

Attack to Nobel Peace Prize winner house

Following photos prove that finally fundamentalists attacked to her house and they wrote on wall "Shirin = USA", "Mercenary writer shame on you", "Down to USA and American crone".

Bunch of fanatic men and women were shouting death to Shirin Ebadi marched to the street, attack to Mrs. Shirin Ebadi's house and wrote on the wall, while Mrs. Ebadi called police and two police men were just watching them and did nothing to stop them!

Seems Iranian fanatic regime still is very angry at Human Rights defenders who their work used by UN General Assembly to issue a resolution that condemns human rights abuses in Iran.

She is in a real danger, there are some rumors suggests that she is an apostate. By spreading this rumor, they want get her killed and according to Islamic law, there won't be any penalty if a Muslim kills an apostate.

Hat tips: Campaign4Equality


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