Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does Iranian police attack and beat students?

I saw some commentators wrote under some snapshots that Iranian police just watching students’ protest and they didn’t attack nor beat students at that time. So commentators by looking at photos thought Islamic Iran is a democratic country and wrote about west propaganda and blah blah. Well, unfortunately I can’t remember where exactly I saw those comments but at least I can clarify the issue here.

If you look at recent student protests in Tehran that I have snapshots here too, you will see guards just watching students and try not to involve with them. But they didn’t want people get in university and make it a bigger protest.

Yeah, police didn’t attack at that time but here we have footage that shows in another incident guards just was waiting for night to come. Take a look at it:

Iranian police usually take photos, movies then they identify protestors and hunt them later at anytime. This is their main strategy to capture opposition in Iran.

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