Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Iranian-French journalist talks her mind about Iran and nuclear issue

Iranian-French journalist Lila Azam Zanganeh in a very passionate interview speaks her mind about Islamic regime of Iran’s nuclear issue on 2006.

I noticed some misinformation in what she said, so I thought I should have clarify them.

First, she refers to Mr. Ahmadinejad infamous 18-pages letter to Mr. Bush and considers it a waiting signal “to be addressed”; I guess she never read that letter before. Here is the letter if you didn’t get the chance to read it. In the letter, Ahmadinejad portray himself as a virtuous man who speaks from above and try to convince Bush that he has been wrong and he (Bush) is in contradiction of his religion by what he has been doing while looking back at Ahmadinejad’s presidency, he was lying from day one and Islamic regime oppressed more people than before. Ahmadinejad is not in any position to advise anybody while his government abused more human rights, oppressed more people, imprisoned people, brutally has suppressed people and so on.

Second, she said “…and part of reason why people have been talking about nuclear bomb is that gives them a sense of identity”. Here you needed to differentiate who are you talking about? Majority of Iranians don’t care about anything nuclear and they want peace and stability in their economy and society. Majority of Iranians have nothing to worry about it except simple food that they have to work very hard for it. Which people were you talking about? Many Iranians are fed up with atrocities of this regime and terrible economy situation and they wish “if America attack and get rid of this regime, we will have better life”.

But they are small minority of militia and regime and their associates and their families, they want nuclear bomb and it gives them sense of security, not identity! And I don’t call them people, they are regime and militias.

Third, you said “if there are military strikes against Iran the consequences can be devastating both for the population of Iran”. Well, Iranian people don’t think it’s gonna get worst than this if there would be a military strike. As I stated earlier many believe that a military strike actually sets them free. I don’t think so this regime would be open up to any peaceful negotiation with civilized world, or at least it wouldn’t make any difference to population in Iran. People can’t choose what to wear; economy is almost dead in Iran, people are living in fear of Islamic regime and under brutal repression, so it’s not gonna get worst than this.

Fourth, you said “we should trying open up Iran” and at the end of video you added “we have to let time run its course. I think there is a great hope for democracy in Iran but it’s not going to be tomorrow.” So you think so people should live under Ayatollahs atrocities for 40 – 50 years for the hope of democracy. Please go back and live in Iran if Iran’s current situation is something that you can live with. Don’t dictate your so-called long-term strategy for people under repression; people have had enough of this.

Fifth, you bragged about Iran’s situation like “You have women in Parliament. You have women lawyers as we know because of Nobel peace prize of 2003, Shirin Ebadi. There’s an electoral process. You have a thriving civil society in Iran”.

It’s sounds funny when some brag about something that they have no clue what are they talking about. O.K. let me clarify this section too.

Women in Parliament in Iran are all associated with regime. None of them defended any bill that rightly come form people and for people. Even in some cases like choosing “National Dress” to oppress more Iranian women, all these women in Parliament were actively participated while they should have stood by and say people clothing is not our business. So these members of parliament, all in together are just part of Islamic regime and it has nothing to do with civil society.

Shirin Ebadi was under huge pressure from day one that she got Nobel Peace Prize till today. They shut down her office and even they managed to attack to her house too. So don’t even talk about thriving civil society because Islamic regime of Iran has been abusing power to oppress all movements including human rights movements. Read this link

“There’s an electoral process” are you kidding me?! Have you ever studied Islamic regime of Iran politics during past 30 years or just you’re talking because they gave you a chance to talk? How can you call it there is an electoral process when regime has barred many people from participating in the electoral process at the first place?!

Please instead of electoral process call it “Islamic dictatorship regime electoral process”, this is appropriate term for Islamic regime so-called electoral process.


  1. Although you have mentioned some true facts, I have to remind you that no wise person will be glad to see his country in war and it is a shallow thought that any alien especially america will set a nation free and bring them democracy; you need to study a bit of history, that may change your point of view.

    In addition, there is no short way to democracy, or maybe you are hoping for another revolution. In this case, then what? after that who will manage the power in the land?

    The only solution is to have a government elected from the competition of political parties. It may take at least more 20 years but afterwards It will not be fragile. If you dont like it, stick to the revolution idea but it leads to a worse situation.

  2. Fariborz jan,

    Although you have a point, and although your ideas may seem right to YOU, I strongly suggest that you stick to your own wish of having a democratic state and present your ideas as your own, rather than expressing YOUR ideas as those of the "Majority of Iranians[']".

    Don't get me wrong. I am fed up with the Islamic regime too and I can't do anything about it. Believe it or not, at least half of Iranians are Muslims (98% nominal, more than 50% true believers). Assume that we put the idea of mandatory Hejab to vote. I think those true muslims will turn the ballots against us. (yes! I too don't think Hejab should be mandatory). This is just an example.

    your points:
    1. There is no doubt that Ahmadinejad is politically illiterate. But I think writing that letter was a smart move. When I put his letter into the context that Bush thinks of himself as the representative of god, I don't see anything wrong with the letter. Anyhow, there is nothing wrong with him expressing himself.

    2. First, let me correct both you and Lili: It is not about N Bomb, it is about nuclear technology. It is certainly my wish for Iran to have nuclear technology. It has definitely been the plan since long before revolution, and it well in Iran's interest to pursue it. It has nothing to do with this regime, or the Shah, or any future regime; It is a strategic plus to Iran's interests. Also, please don't put words into others' mouth. (Ashkan's comment is a good example)

    3. Again, refer to Ashkan's comment. Democracy is not a short trip. It takes years. People got rid of the Shah for the hope of better, but it got worse. Your wish may be even worse than the current regime, you never know.

    4. I am sorry that both of us had to grow up in such conditions in Iran. But guess what makes the conditions more unfavorable? WAR. You really want bombs to fall on your head, ask for war. You wish your kids, grand kids and grand-grand kids to have cancer, ask for depleted uranium bombs. You wish Iranian hospitals to run out of drugs, ask for war....

    5. Whether you like it or not, Iran is the second best democracy in the Middle east after Israel (if we don't consider its Arab population). It DOES have a thriving society and we (yes, you included) should nourish it. Have you used your right to go to your region's representative to tell him what you want? I suggest you start doing it. Ask your friends too. Your vote (along with others') is the only type of lever people have in a democratic society. Try to use it. Tell your representative that you'll only vote for him (in the next election) if he actually communicates your voice to the parliment. Your your power.

    6. Those chadori women got elected mostly because we usually don't cast our vote. In Rasht (where I am from), there was once an election for 'Shoraye Shahr'. There was a 'daash-mashti' guy with 'Kolah Shapo' who was running against some mullahs. Guess who got elected? Yes! the 'dash-mashti' guy. We can express ourselves, but we need to vote and use the opportunity that our neighboring countries (except Turkey) don't have. Did you vote?

    Again, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that Iran is a perfect place to live. But Iran is on the path towards democracy. Let's not be fooled by shortcut signs and mirages.

  3. Amoo says
    Lila it was much better for you to have a finishing touch on your rhinoplasty.
    It is not done in accordance with your facial structure.

  4. Well, Ashkan as I stated people didn't ask for war but they were in favor of military strike.

    In fact, in 2 years ago we had a cyber questionnaire from Iranians (more than 80% from inside of Iran) and almost 65% asked for the very same thing. I am not judging here, it's wrong or right, just I wrote what I have been hearing and data that we got.

    I know it's not something that to be proud of, but it shows people are fed up. we can't sit down outside of "beloved country" that's hellhole under rhetoric of Islamic regime then ask people to stay put someday something good will come along. Who knows?! is there any guarantee?! For sure it's not and also probably those wishes won't change anything either when there is not a leadership in forefront, but still remains intact as a wish of people under brutal oppression whether we share same wish or not.

  5. Amir jan,

    I just wrote what we have got as facts. when I stated people have been asking for “if America attack and get rid of this regime, we will have better life”. Probably it sounds strange to you but it's very simple to try, just ask from everyday people.

    As I wrote in above comment to Ashkan, in 2 years ago we had a cyber questionnaire from Iranians (more than 80% from inside of Iran) and almost 65% asked for the very same thing. And again, I am not judging that whether is wrong or right, it's what it is.
    Majority of Iranians don’t even think of nuclear issue while they have to try hard to survive under skyrocketing inflation and terrible economy and they wish for peace in their society first and foremost. In fact this is not my idea, just by reading news and reports nowadays and people's reactions to terrible economy you get the base fact that people are looking for in their life, just set aside regime's propaganda for a minute or two.

    “Believe it or not, at least half of Iranians are Muslims (98% nominal, more than 50% true believers). Assume that we put the idea of mandatory Hejab to vote. I think those true Muslims will turn the ballots against us. This is just an example.”

    That’s the wrong assumption to take it at the first place. People’s personal belief wouldn’t come into this context and I suggest you not to even thinking about something personal. Also with more than 20 some million young people, those true believers can’t get a chance to turn anything against youth!

    I don’t know if you have any picture about Khatami’s first election then you would know what I am talking about. Nothing could stop that young force who thought Khatami is different than other ayatollah’s dynasty.

    So don’t even go there and just don’t give us your imagination of what true believers can do with ballots because I have seen that they can’t do anything when majority of people wishes something else.

    1. I just don’t think it’s fair to compare Bush with Ahmadinejad specially in the “representative of god” belief section. As I remember Bush just once (or at top twice which I can’t recall) said something like what he thought of himself and after critics bashed him, he never ever said anything like that. But look at Ahmadinejad’s record on assuming himself godly or being assigned by 12 Imam and stuff like that. There is no an end. Anyway, yeah, as you said there is nothing about expressing himself but it is wrong to assume oneself being assigned from 12 Imam and write letters with the very same imagination.

    2. I know it’s not about nuclear bomb but there was a point as Lila mentioned that people were talking about nuclear bomb and those people that she talks about were and are regime and militias.

    By the way, it is for sure is in the best Iranian people interests to have nuclear technology to use. Personally I know that we can’t trust to current regime on nuclear technology but let’s just stay on topic and issued that you raised.

    3. For sure democracy is not a short trip and there is no chance that a dictator regime would let democracy to flourish because simply it’s against dictators will but they will give up on dictatorship when they don’t see any further chance to take appointive positions.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting revolution, well, besides I don’t consider 1979 Islamic revolution, a revolution though. It looked like a contract behind the scene to me, but anyway, I am not gonna go there.

    4. Even for a military strike against Iran, there are many things should be arranged and it is not something for me, you or any other single person to decide. It would be a collective decision and we are not decision makers. What I wrote was just stating a fact, I didn’t provide solution neither you. If we love Iran we need to come up with solution, staying where you are, good things will happen in next 40 – 50 is not a solution for current crisis, it is just gonna take us to destruction path and at the end only people would hurt.

    5. Comparing Iran with Arab countries and/or some neighboring countries who happened to be more dictatorship or many sort of war, just won’t make us look better. We are in 21st century and if you want to compare Iran, you better off to compare with first world standards. This is my country and I want the best for this country. I never ever come to this to compare ourselves with some Arab countries!

    Let’s get back to your comment; honesty I would love to call our society thriving society but with back and forth, well, mostly back, I fail to see thriving society.

    “Your vote (along with others') is the only type of lever people have in a democratic society” I guess I should remind you once again, there is no democratic electoral system in Iran. So I can’t find people that I can vote for because they have been barred from nomination so I don’t have any representative because I have not casted vote for preselected nominees. And this is not only about me, this is the problem that people don’t go waste their time and ballots on preselected nominees.

    6. Those chadori women got elected mostly because people didn’t find any nominee interesting. Above argument applies here too.

    And in your example, people had choice between 'daash-mashti' guy and a mullah. But it was a rare situation, in Islamic regime you find nominees either are from IRGC or mullahs. You can’t show me real opposition (not Mosharekati) nominees in the past; let’s say just past 12 years because if you could, then you were right about “thriving society” or “being on the path towards democracy” but sadly, it is not like the way it should be and makes it more difficult place to live in considering there is a dooming economy and terrible government management, what do you expect from people?!