Monday, January 26, 2009

Iranian leader didn’t have feeling for his country

In the video reporter asked from assistant of late leader Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, "What does Khomeini feel about going back to Tehran?" just remind you that he was going back after he spent more than 14 years in exile.

He answered: "Nothing. No feeling. Don't answer them." but his assistant translate it "doesn't make any comment".

I don't know didn't he have any feeling for Iran? or didn't have any feeling for people who waited long time in airport to greet him? or didn't have any feeling for the country who he wanted to destroy during his leadership until his death? When I look at the result, he has done more destruction than construction. They have executed in mass many young and educated Iranians under his belief and his alike Islamic so-called scholars. Nasty things happened under his league. It is not something that you forget or forgive; they have been destroying this country, masses and brainwashing of millions under Islamic sharia.

On February 1, 1979 he returned to Tehran and greeted by several million Iranians and shortly after on February 11 Iran's military declared itself "neutral" then Islamist took power in Iran.

Since that moment millions of Iranians are displaced all over the world in exile and people inside, still dream of those old good days before Khomeini.


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