Friday, January 30, 2009

Iranian President’s advisor in the US talks about right approach to Iran

Whenever I hear or read that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has a plan to travel outside of country, I know he would say something crazy that could hurt more Iranian people because unfortunately he is representative of our country, Iran whether we want him or we don’t, which neither I want him nor other previous presidents.

Hooman Majd was Ahmadinejad’s advisor during his trips to the U.S. and by listening what Hooman said during interview, I picked up some issues which apparently Ahamdinejad would share same issues. Let me get to my points on this interview:

At 4:34 he says:
“well, as far as their concern the cost was worth it because at that point they didn’t think either the United States or Israel was going to war with Iran over those words; or their calculation was right.”
Does it mean that Iranian regime wrote Ahmadinejad’s speech before his travel to Newyork? Did they really calculate that a war wouldn’t happen over “wiping Israel off of the map” sentence? Did they forget more sanctions and shame for Iranian foreign policy during so-called calculation? And if we take Hooman Majd’s account into consideration, so Iranian regime managed for all international outrage, disgrace and shame and well, sanctions on their owns?! On what purpose? In fact, Iranian regime didn't gain anything and unfortunately people has been suffering from these sanctions, so tell me what Iranian regime did benefit out of Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric?

At 5:20 he says:

“I think the government is very well aware of it and that’s one of the reasons I think the government isn’t as restrict, um...with social behavior as they would like to be sometimes.”

Let me see that I got it straight, did he say that Iranian government wants to be restricted more than this? So what exactly they have in mind? Do they want to turn Iran like Taliban era? I guess it would be their ideal, isn’t it?

And here at 5:50 he contradicts himself by saying:

“and it also means it’s an opportunity for the United states because these young people all watch American Television, they all have satellite dishes, they all are on the internet.”

He continues at 6:11 about Bush administration:

“The people of Iran we love them and he says then I wanna talk directly to the Iranian people. So he goes on voice of America Television which is run by the US government but it considered by even young people at Iran as a propaganda device of the US government. President Bush, if he had wanted to talk to the Iranian people, to these young people who would actually be quite receptive to what he has to say, all he had to do is go on Iranian Television.”
It is full of contradiction, first he admitted that Iranian young people watch American Television but then later said, “VOA considered by even young people at Iran as a propaganda device”! Let me clear this one, anyone who has access to satellite dishes which most people use satellite dishes and it’s due to boring TV shows in government TV channels. About political debates, VOA considered as a reference among Iranian people and anyone who got satellite dishes and a bit of interest in politics, they wouldn’t miss VOA. So Bush was right to address Iranian people on VOA. There are some young people, usually brainwashed by ayatollahs or member of government, militia or IRGC, they consider VOA as propaganda and that’s true but it wouldn’t make any difference for them if even US president would come on Iranian TV much because they are under Islamic Iran propaganda that considers Bush as evil or worst.

Last but not least, a president advisor specially public advisor should has strong knowledge about body language and manners in political conversations which unfortunately he lacks which obviously you can see throughout in the video clip but at 7:30 he shows how he is clueless in what is he saying and how he should say it.

No wonder why Ahmadinejad behaves strangely, aside from his own lack of political knowledge, he packed with advisors who are clueless as much as himself.


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