Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keffiyeh in support of Hamas in Amsterdam!

On 3rd of January, Some people in Amsterdam gathered in a demonstration against the Israeli attacks on Gaza and protest veteran Mohamed Rabbae criticized Dutch politicians for largely failing to act.

Protesting against war and death tolls in war are great, it shows that people would love to stop these evil things, but hey where these groups have been when Hamas would attack Israel with missiles?! Honesty, I hate to see any civilian people get killed in the middle of crossfire between Hamas and Israel but why don't you guys, ask Hamas to get out of city and leave people alone?!

The demonstration is good but you need to ask yourself, why didn't you say anything when Hamas using missiles against Israel? I am not taking side; just I am asking you to be fair for a minute.

By the way, during demonstration they were selling Keffiyeh for 2 euro and it’s not a good sign. To me, Keffiyeh is a sign of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian supreme leader and IRGC; just like they were showing their support for these fanatic groups.

Hat tips News from Amsterdam & photo on flicker


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