Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ayatollahs play intimidated with Obama’s dialog policy

Kal's cartoon from The Economist

On the above right side of the cartoon reads: “Careful! The Great Satan is opening his claw!” and in the bottom right reads: “and he is no doubt reaching for our throats!!”

Indeed, this is very interesting cartoon. I found two comments that explain a lot and save our time.

Here is the first comment: "I can understand the cartoon, because the Iranian religious leaders are worried that a friendly US will lead to the West’s way of life seeping into Iran and weakening their strangle hold on the Iranian people. The only weapon these leaders have to unite the Iranian people now is the common enemy - the USA. When that disappears (as it is under Obama) freedoms will very slowly creep into Iranian society."

And the second one: "Sadly Kal correctly portrays Obama as meaning them no harm. Should the US be friendly with the Iranian regime? They sponsor the violence that prevents peace in Palestine and Lebanon. They have done their best to increase the bloodshed in Iraq as they oppress their own people at home. Need I mention their nuclear program or that they deny the holocaust. The Iranian regime ought be treated as a pariah.

Our problem with Iranian regime is not rooted in a misunderstanding. It can not be talked out or salved over. At best we can hope that the mullah’s power will crumble under the weight of their own duplicity, incompetence, and immorality, as did the Soviet’s.

It is the ideology of the Iranian regime that governs their actions, not a response to American speechifying. The mullahs don’t care about Obama or Bush; they care about the 12th imam. They will continue to act as they have before, proving my point."

Oh by the way, did I forget to mention that Islamic fanatics welcomed Obama by setting his effigy on fire not long time ago in Iran? Here is the link and photos.

Hat tips The Economist


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