Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fanatic Islamic Iran bury bodies in university with violence

Protest by students at some point
when they were burying martyrs

Yesterday Feb 23, 2009 Islamic Iran’s armed forces buried unknown martyrs inside Amir Kabir University in Tehran despite long protests and outcry from students during past days.

Students didn’t let them to go easily bury those so-called unknown martyrs, where the hell they got martyrs anyway?!! Finally security forces, police, campus police, fanatic Islamic organization members, plainclothes officers, IRGC and Basij militants violently attacked student protesters to make some time to bury martyrs.

University president and security forces predicted that there would be protest and to prevent that they arrested four students’ activists and banned 12 students, couple of days ago. They taught it would scare off students and they would back off. Security forces even called some other student protesters families threatening them. They wanted to bury dead bodies (or just some bones) without protest but students didn’t want to have cemetery in their university. Atmosphere was very tense in the university between student activists and Basij militants.

Students slogan was shouting “Death to dictator”, “Dictator makes martyrs an excuse”, “Death to Taliban, in Kabul or Tehran”, “Run away Basiji”, “University is not a graveyard” and many other strong slogans against regime’s dictatorship and oppression using militant force. IRGC and Basij members used knives, iron knuckles, batons and bats, pepper sprays, tear gas, and some other martial arts tools. More than 60 students wounded and 20 students hospitalized, 3 students are in critical condition and many students arrested. Amir kabir newsletter reported about 70 students arrested.

One day we take those graves out of Amir Kabir University and other universities. Burying so-called martyrs in universities and even in streets in big cities is a project run by regime to invade every little corner that people can get by, specially universities at large are against regime’s policies (read regime not just government) and students have been source of unrest in Iranian society even so-called reformists (remember Khatami and his colleagues?!) still keep quite about this violent attacks and students protests.

The day before burying in university

Hat tips: Amir Kabir Newsletter, here and here (Persian language)


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