Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Iranian content sharing website got hacked website which is basically a dig like Persian language content sharing website that people can share links finally got hacked. has blocked by Iranian authorities long time ago in Iran because people would publish their links and could get more audience for their blogs and in some cases people have exposed and shared information about injustice, hypocrite officials, their disdain with regime and ayatollahs through this website like former Iranian police commander who was with couple of prostitutes while he enforced very strict moral crackdowns specially on women, sex scandal in university by ranking school official, sex scandal by an ayatollah and so on.

I forgot to mention that you could find links from Iranian atheists, agnostics, humanists, gays, lesbians and any concept that’s banned, even has death penalty and people couldn't even imagine to discuss them publicly in society, they could find them on the by Iranian blogosphere community. Although I should mention that people wouldn't dare to unveil their identity because torture and prison would be their least problem and death penalty the last one. was the most popular website among Iranians. It reserved top of the chart of ranking websites like Alexa after getting popularity and although it was blocked and harder to reach inside of Iran but people always find ways to get around filtering machines and find their interesting news and blogs from

I found last message of management team in twitter:

Our domains have been hacked by people who don't like what we do. We are working on it. Stay tuned.
Islamic Iran couldn’t take it anymore with everyday content against regime, Islamic and religious ideology; they wanted to take this website down and they did it. The current page on the has no sign of active content sharing website that Iranian bloggers, news readers and in fact any Iranians who wanted to grasp on some fresh news from Iran, would get together to share their thoughts.

Update 1: Fars News Agency (Persian language news) accused Balatarin to be biased about Islamist links, disregarded links related to the recent issues about Gaza during the 22 days war and has been biased to User IDs that had Islamist names or known fanatic Muslim martyrs. It suggested that it hacked by unknown hackers. Fars New Agency is considered close to the Iranian judiciary.

Update 2: A group of fans developed a website to support against Islamist hackers who shutdown their favorite website that they could share links, comments and in fact their thoughts. Iranian secular blogosphere views hacking of Balatarin as a last resort to oppress their voice and freedom on the cyber space by Islamic regime of Iran.

4Balatarin supports Balatarin users who feel homeless at the meantime by providing discussion groups.


  1. This is so sad, so sad...
    Thank you for your interesting article about this
    The news should spread about Balatarin!

  2. Thank you for the news. I thought this is just a technical issue which happens time to time.

    By the way I just found out that how addicted I am to!!!!

  3. yeah, I thought so it would get back up and running again soon but it seems not.
    it's weird though!

  4. I never knew that balatarin is so important to me, till it was hacked

  5. It is just sad situation that a resourceful website like Balatarin shutdown even temporary.
    I hope it gets back up and running asap.

    E.g. usually this blog posts dug in because it has English language content. Some nice people translated some of my posts in too.

    Also there is well I would say it basically has more features and works well enough.