Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Khaled Meshal looking into sugar daddy’s eyes

hugs and kisses!

I couldn’t find any better title than the one that you’re reading. In fact it is the best thing that I could have come up with. Islamic Iran exactly like a sugar daddy has supported Hamas (and others) and these groups has been sucking money out of Iranian resources. Irony is, Iranian industrial infrastructure is old and already frustrated, economy is in terrible situation and people are poor and as a day goes by they get poorer. There is no point investing on Hamas-like while Iranians are in need.

Khaled Meshal spoke at Tehran University and he said: “I thank Iran for its official, unofficial and public support. You are our partner in this victory.” Oh no, Sir. You have know clue how Iranian people go ballistic when they hear anything about Palestine and their issues. In addition to ayatollahs in Iran, they are fed up with your kind.

Do yourself a favor; don’t go on street to meet up with everyday people in Tehran.


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