Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man set himself on fire in front of Parliament

He was Iran-Iraq veteran due to his injuries during war he was disabled. He set himself on fire on Saturday February 14 after lawmakers refused to discuss with him after over and over try. He died in hospital.

Later Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani said he wasn’t war veteran; he was ex-convict and drug addict who had mental problems. Now he is taking heat over his big lies. Police investigator said “He wasn’t addicted nor ex-convict. He was just looking for a job to support his family.”

With dooming economy we will see more tragedies ahead of us but what wonders me to see that authorities, lawmakers and ayatollahs would blame people over regime wrongdoings and these kinds of remarks have happened by many authorities on different occasions.

Enough guff Mr. Larijani! At least show some respect.


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