Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hand-holding under the table in Tehran

John Austin wrote a good piece titled "Iran's revolution heads into uncharted waters" on ABC News. He painted society in Tehran very well in his written article. It is a good read and I like it how it ended:

In Tehran, taxi drivers wrap their woollen scarfs tighter against the sub-zero chill, parents are treating their children to a night out at Super Star, reporters on the late shift in the national newsroom down the road try to second guess their political and spiritual overlords. Inside the hotel, the young lobby pianist segues from 'Lara's Theme' to 'Strangers in the Night'. For the new US President a world away puzzling over what to do with his country's traditional foe, and for his Iranian rival planning his own risky path, their future may well lie somewhere between sneaking some hand-holding under the table and an impossible love affair bound to end in tears.


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