Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why some people rally during 30th anniversary of the revolution in Iran? Find your answer in photos

Some people participate in rally to mark anniversary of the revolution in Iran every year but there is reason behind of it, besides that small percentage of people are there to show off their support but most people attend because first there is no entertainment in Iran and second for following reasons:

1. Poverty: poverty makes people to become peddlers.

2. Free Food: People need to eat and if they can get a free food, why shouldn't go to rally? Just watch the line out and how struggle to get some free food:

3. Presents: This is relatively new idea, they didn't have gifts in rallies back then. It shows that people don't go to shout "death to america" anymore for free.

By the way, here someone found a
good use of Palestine flag in Iran

4. Free cakes:

5. Some others to sell or buy stuff:

6. Last photos but very interesting ones. It shows people step on Iranian dead leader Khomeini, supreme leader Ali Khamenei photos and even flag and revolution messages and mottos. People just don't care to revolution, leader or supreme leader anymore; they want to get what they came for:

I have to thanks with deepest gratitude from my friend, Yozpalang a fellow Persian language blogger who captured all these photos and put them together on his weblog. (of course Yozpalang is not his real name, it's just a handle).


  1. Emmunah
    Thanks! I know the people in Iran are good people and I want only to be friends.

  2. Dorood. Mamnoon